Triple Crown Amateur SX | Rounds 3 and 4 | Troy Lee Designs

By Billy Rainford

Presented by Troy Lee Designs

Along with the Rockstar Tripe Crown SX Tour was the Parts Canada Amateur SX Series that allowed amateur riders in a few classes to race the same track as the Pros.

Results and final points aren’t available, so here are a few shots and some points from my little note pad.

Round 3 – Friday

#610 Savannah Lance tried to chase #75 Lindsey Bradley out front in the Open Ladies class.
Lindsey Bradley and a couple of the other faster riders were doubling their way around the track. Lindsey took the win.
#403 grabbed the early lead but #751 Donald Turner was the fastest Open Vet rider on Friday.
Maybe my best shot of the weekend.
#138 Dylan Rempel was the class of the Open 85 class all series, but #25 Riley Clapp has a lot of potential too.
Watching the control Dylan has at such a young age is impressive.
#9 was fastest in the youngest class, the 50cc (4-6).
#109 took the 50cc (7-8) win.
The 1-800-COLLECT replica.

Round 4 – Saturday

#158 Nathan Snelgrove was back and in control of the Open 65 class.
#25 Tristan Dares took the Open Junior class, but there was some great racing behind him.
Chris Pomeroy was on Tyler Medaglia’s race bike for a story and took the Open Vet win on Saturday.
#110 Breanna Rose in the Open Ladies class.
Lindsey Bradley through the rhythm section.
Great choice of gear since we’re supposed to be at the MXON right about now.

I hope everyone made it through that safely and got some valuable experience on a Supercross track.