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By Billy Rainford

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I found out it was Jess Pettis‘s birthday today, so I decided to go back through some old files to see if I could find an old photo of Jess from when he was on small bikes.

My search led me back to where it all started — MX Forum…”The Pink Palace.”

Although the photos now have a big “Photobucket” logo on them since I’ve stopped using them as a site to host files, the photos were all still there from the Photo Report I did from the final day of the 2011 TransCan GNC at Walton Raceway.

Only the second photo is of Jess, after winning the Supermini class, but it let me copy/paste the entire thing with a simple click of the buttons, so I thought maybe we’d all enjoy a little trip down memory lane.

With that said, please enjoy this photo report from 10 years ago! Also, how interested would you be if we brought the Forum over to DMX?

Check out some of these names!

Bigwave’s “TransCan Finals” Photo Report

Post by bigwave  Thu Aug 25, 2011 11:06 amImage
I realized that I still have pictures saved on my laptop from Saturday, so I wanted to go over who won what.
These pics/results are in the order they were run on Friday and Saturday.

1) 39 Jess Pettis 2) 463 John Boyle 3) 55 Nick Jones

Plus 25
1) 2 Julien Bill 2) 126 Josh Woods 3) 105 Chuck Mesley

Vet Master
1) 105 Chuck Mesley 2) 107 Ryan Gauld 3) Matt Crown

1) 126 Josh Woods (2005 CR 250 2-stroke) 2) 47 PO Lavigne 3) 61 Davey Fraser (got landed on)

85 (12-16)
1) 78 Westen Wrozyna 2) 39 Jess Pettis 3) 28 Maxime Pepin

Proud mom.

65 (7-9)
1) 198 Nicholas Cryer 2) 57 Josh Duerksen 3) 75 Joey Zacchigna

Vet Junior
1) 76 Rick Argue (despite some a-hole filling his tank with sugar) 2) 23 Ross Thompson (won final 2 motos) 3) 58 Frank Watson

MX3 Intermediate
1) 27 Stanley Clair 2) 215 Zack Deiana 3) 111 Bradley Dool

MX2 Junior
1) 630 RJ Marnoch (Yamaha Factory Rider Award) 2) 828 Mitchell Godkin 3) 571 Danny Mathe

RJ Marnoch Interview courtesy of Yamaha Canada:

RJ Marnoch earns a ‘Yamaha Factory Ride!’

August 24, 2011. Toronto, ON – A month before the Parts Canada Walton TransCan, Yamaha Motor Canada announced a brand new award to the event: a Yamaha Factory Ride, which includes a 2012 YZ of the rider’s choice plus a $2500 parts and accessories credit. It would be awarded to the amateur Yamaha rider who scored the most points in their respective classes. After crunching the numbers, it was Coldwater, Ontario’s RJ Marnoch who topped the chart! We caught up with Marnoch shortly after his big results at Canada’s ‘Biggest Dance.’

Hello RJ, congratulations on winning the ‘Yamaha Factory Ride’ award at this year’s Walton TransCan!
RJ Marnoch: Thank you.

How many times have you raced the TransCan?
About 5 years now.

Is this your best year as far as results go?
Yeah, definitely.

What clicked for you this year at Walton?
Riding the big bike, my YZ250F, helped me out a lot. I’m a little too big for an 85cc, and I feel more comfortable on the 4-stroke.

You raced a 125 2-stroke in the Schoolboy, and a 250F in MX2 Junior. What’s the biggest difference for you between the two bikes?
Probably my corner speed; it’s way easier to roll-on the throttle on the 250F compared to the 125. I only got onto my 250F a few weeks ago, and now I’m wishing I had of been on one sooner.

You’ve had great results all summer. Are you the type of person who sets goals, or do you just go out, ride and let the results come?
I just go into it with my head held high, try my best and take it moto by moto.

Regarding the ‘Yamaha Factory Ride,’ which includes a 2012 YZ of your choice and a $2500 parts and accessories credit, have you given much thought to which bike you’ll choose?
Probably another 250F.

How did you get into motocross, RJ?
I started riding when I was 4 years old, when my parents got me a dirt bike for my birthday. A friend down the street was into racing, he was friends with my dad, and we started going with them to the races. We just kept getting a little more serious every year. I’ve been on Yamaha’s since I started racing 80s.

Do you have a certain type of track that you prefer, or that you’re riding style suits best?
I like loam with lots of jumps.

Oh really, so Walton probably isn’t your favourite track but you still won!
Yeah, not really but it’s still a good track to ride. I like Sand Del Lee, and down in the states Area 51 is pretty fun.

Aside from racing, any other hobbies or interests?
I ski in the winter and race in the summer. That’s about it.

I know your dad, Roddy, is very supportive and enthusiastic about racing, and you have many other people helping you out. Who do you want to thank for helping you in 2011?
My whole family, Stouffville Toyota, DMX, Renegade Fuels, Fox Shox, Progressive Lighting, Lime Nine graphics, and everyone else.

Yamaha is planning to bring back the ‘Yamaha Factory Ride’ award to the TransCan and other amateur events in 2012. So keep your results up next year and you could win another Factory Ride!
That’s awesome, thanks!


85 (7-11)
1) 157 Cole Dekoninck 2) 456 Jean-Christophe Bojold 3) 279 Cedric Fournier

These motos were awesome!

Plus 40
1) 45 Matt Crown (5th in a row) 2) 715 Gino Alary (impressed everyone!) 3) 26 Dan Tricco

Next year, Joey.

50 (4-6)
1) 22 Hunter Scott 2) 381 Mathis Ouellet 3) 11 Connor Stevenson


MX1 Junior
1) 202 Matthew Davenport (GPF/Scott Recovery Award) 2) 257 Taylor Arsenault (Bronze Boot Award) 3) 134 Justin Roney

1) 1W Denaye Giroux 2) 94 Kate McKerroll 3) 79 Kassie Boone

Look how small that silencer is!

As always, on guard for your protection. Great job! :!

MX1 Intermediate
1) 111 Bradley Dool 2) 176 Ryan Derry 3) 732 Michael Bugg

He almost won the MX3 Intermediate, too, but fell near the last turn.

Late in the day, the skies started to get a little frightening.

Schoolboy (12-16)
1) 371 Alex O’Dell 2) 187 Jessy Vallieres 3) 539 Dylan Wright

50 (7-8)
1) 20 Jeremy McKie 2) 527 Jake Tricco 3) 116 Evan Clarke

65 (10-11)
1) 84 Tanner Ward (tied for lead going into moto 3) 2) 279 Cedric Fournier 3) 46 Marco Cannella

MX2 Intermediate
1) 215 Zack Deiana 2) 807 Drew Roberts (Rick Joseph Award) 3) 517 Bryton Allison


DMX Total Devotion Award
#107 Ty Shemko

See you at the races…
PS Ask her to tell you her ‘tractor story.’ :wink:

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Oh, and before I forget…Happy Birthday, Jess!