2015 Mini O’s Photo Report – Monday

By Billy Rainford

After a rather interesting trip south that took us through Bowling Green, Kentucky, for the first round of the AX Tour and then the waiting room of an emergency department in the same city, we made it to the 44th annual Thor Mini Olympics.

I haven’t been to the event in a few years and wasn’t sure what to expect this go-round and was extremely excited to see so many racers and motorhomes – the place is JAMMED! It’s great to see the sport is back and strong.

We have a nice handful of competitive rider here this year. The weather is supposed to be perfect all week long and it should be a week to remember. Actually, tonight it’s dipping down close to the freezing point so we’ve turned tail and run to Gainesville and grabbed a hotel room instead of camping, like we’re planning to do the rest of the week.

Oh great, internet problems! I’m now at the Starbucks where, a few years ago, I was having trouble with the connection speed and Mitch Goheen famously chimed in with, “Ya, me too. I’m having a hard time streaming this video!” Um, don’t stream a movie when I’m working as fast as I can to head back to the track! It was pretty funny.

Anyway, here’s a look at how some of the racing went from Day 1 of the #2015minios.

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It was great to see how strong the event is again. The place is full right to the back this year.


Some photos just braap for themselves…


Young Tanner Stack bows his head before the racing action gets underway.

The start straight was full of grass before the first gate drop. It didn't last long.

The start straight was full of grass before the first gate drop. It didn’t last long.


He’s heard it…


As always, every race and moto winner gets interviewed for Motoplayground. Haiden Deegan is a very likely future champ.


Young Tyler Kirby is from Chute a Blondeau, ON. He finished with a 22nd in 51 (4-6) Ltd. I wasn’t familiar with this little guy but I made an assumption with the red on whites.


Carter Stuart finished a couple places behind him in 24th.


Peterborough’s Ben Mistelbacher isn’t being shown in today’s results, but I definitely saw him out there today.


Yep, there he is now. We’ll fix it all tomorrow, Ben.


#101 Bramptons Matthew Cemovic is also absent from the results. We’ll get ya tomorrow, Matt.


The progression of Hannah Hodges continues but she’s definitely not the only female with future potential.


#33 Kylie Fasnacht took the first moto win in Women (14+).


Our old buddy, #35 Joey Crown, didn’t have the results or luck he wanted on Day 1. He had the speed, just not those other two things.


#486 Chase Sexton was slamming the heck out of the track but had issues of his own. Watch for his results to improve as we move through the week.


As expected, #214 Austin Forkner is going to be tough to beat in the A classes. two firsts today.


#494 Thomas Rendall and his dad have been to a lot of these big events.


The Ottawa rider’s results aren’t listed tonight either. We’ll get him tomorrow.


Last time I saw #444 Justin Cokinos he was about half this size, I think!


One of the best races of the day was between #70 John Grewe and #31 Barry Carsten. They went at it the entire time.


I just assumed #46 Marco Cannella was a Mini O’s veteran. Nope. First-timer.


He was leading a moto until #23 moved across about 3 ruts and took him out in a left corner. I think I was angrier than Marco was!


He should have a fun and successful week.


#961 Bradley Taft was out front in the A class until he threw it away in this tricky little finish line approach section.


#553 Nick Denniston getting ready for a C class race.


Two doors down, #424 Austin Watling takes a more laid back approach.


Watling with a great start.


Nick finished up near the front.


Austin finished AT the front. It was cool to see a Canadian win a race today.


I don’t know anything about #587 Aiden Tijero, but he was slamming the absolute bejeebus out of this corner every lap.


Checking out the hot lines before a moto.


Mitch Goheen didn’t make it onto the track today so he helped Marco out at the gate. He got a terrible jump in this one but his gamble on the inside paid off and he came around up in 4th.


I think the thing that has caught everyone’s attention most is the Motoplayground Sidewinder course. Harold said they had over 400 riders try to top Forkner’s time today. What a great idea. Who’s listening up in Canada?


OK, thanks for having a look. Don’t worry, we’ll get you more tomorrow.