A Few Photos of #20 Jeremy McKie on His New Kawasaki 450 Ride

By Billy Rainford

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A stopped into WW Ranch just west of Jacksonville, Florida, on my way home from Daytona to check out #20 Jeremy McKie on his new WLTN Kawasaki Seven 450 ride. We posted a short video already but here are a few photos of him doing a little testing and riding to check out.

Jeremy and his dad, Jason McKie, bolting on a new set of bars for Jeremy to try out.
Which bar bend do you think he likes?
His younger brother, Jacob McKie, has decided to step away from racing and works for his dad doing construction now. And does anyone have a connection at NINEBOT scooters? I really need something to get around on at the races and tracks!
A few quick adjustments to the bar position and Jeremy went back out on the track.
I think we all pretty much assumed he was a 450 guy, and after watching him out there, he looked very comfortable on it.
He’s a bigger rider and will benefit from the 450, no doubt.
Jeremy’s 450 teammate, #84 Tanner Ward, is coming back after having ACL reconstruction from his crash in Future West Moto Arenacross.
WLTN Kawasaki Seven Jeremy McKie WW Ranch
Their 250 teammate will be none other than #891 Justin Bogle. I haven’t seen Justin on a 250 outdoors in a long time, but I remember that he absolutely ripped on one!
It will be interesting to see how this team does under new owners Brett and Mel Lee from Walton Raceway.
It may not seem like a big deal but seeing a Pro rider mess around at a track tells me they still enjoy riding, and that’s a good sign.

Thanks for letting me hang out and pester you for a couple hours, guys. Good luck with the rest of your prep and the upcoming Canadian Triple Crown Series MX Nationals.