Brock Leitner Injury Update

By Billy Rainford

20170112- Brock Leitner

Canadian #497 Brock Leitner will miss A2 this week after sustaining a type 2 AC joint separation | Bigwave photo

After coming extremely close to making the night show in San Diego (he was 2nd alternate and the 1st alternate got in) #497 Brock Leitner crashed hard during Supercross practice at Lake Elsinore Monday.

Brock described his crash like this:

I was heading into the rhythm section by the entry road and was trying an inside line to go roll, double, triple when I got some wheel spin on the face. I flew through the air and landed hard. The end result is a type 2 AC joint separation.”


Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 11.31.42 AM

Brock is OUT for A2 but hopes to be able to try again as early as the Phoenix round – Saturday, January 28. He will go to see an acupuncturist Wednesday. The prognosis is to wear a sling this week and just take some time off. He will try to begin some exercise at the end of the week and has a follow-up with the doctor this weekend at A2.

The family will stay in the area unless they don’t get clearance to ride and race in which case they will head home to Summerland, BC.

Good luck, Brock.

20170114 Brock Leitner

Best of luck, Brock. We hope to see you back on the starting gate for Phoenix | Bigwave photo