Faces at the Races | FWM AX | Rounds 3 & 4 | Presented by 100%

Photos and Captions by Billy Rainford

Presented by 100%

Here’s a fun and often sarcastic look at some of the people who were at the races this past weekend at Rounds 3 and 4 of the 2020 Future West Moto Canadian Arenacross Championships at Chilliwack Heritage Park in Chilliwack, BC.

Kyle Beaton has been designing killer tracks for the FWM series for years.
Christine Gibbs is in charge of the staging area. You don’t mess with Christine Gibbs when she’s in charge of the staging area.
Enter the building and you put on a face mask. At least now people are starting to get a little creative with their looks.
Masks have actually become a fashion accessory. I can’t even see this one…
Almost wearing a mask and almost wearing his toque.
I can name quite a few people who hate wearing these things. Dean Keast is high on that list.
Talk about a young kid with loads of swagger! Save some for the rest of us, man.
Time to go!
Dyeson Flundra will hate me for this now, but if he ends up as Canadian champ one day, how amazing will this be to look back on?!
I’m rooting for you, Dyeson! You can get your revenge in two weeks.
It’s so great to see multiple generations at the races.
#23 Matteo Giusti visualizing a good Tyke race. He’s one of the many fast young riders coming up out of Calgary.
Young Hudson Turcotte has extreme sports in her blood.
There’s Brett Turcotte now on his…thingamajiggy…
If you’re looking for fast kids out west, all you have to do is spot the #15’s. This one is Fisher Bentley. And yes, another 50cc rider with a great name.
Even Crew likes the look of his name!
Helping her stay focused.
I get the feeling young Travis Gibbs could take MX as far as he wants.

Sorry, I don’t have a shot of anyone saying, “Let’s Go!” …but have I told you I saw the Ramones in concert a couple times from about 5 feet away from Joey himself?! Not bad.

Tyler Yates ready for his turn in the barn.
Casey Keast is smiling because he’s leading both classes as we head into this break.
Keylan Meston is in the battle for the Open Pro class (down 1 point) but he said he’s not 100% sure he’ll be back to close out the series. Will he return or is he “gone, gone, gone, he’s been gone so long…” (Google it, Bowker!)
When Julien Benek does his impression of Chris Pomeroy doing his impression of Kevin Moore (RIP), people pay attention. (You’ll need to be old to get this one)
It was great to see that Teren Gerber and his dad made the trip from Calgary. They said they will be back for more in a couple weeks.
It was sunny this past weekend but that always means it was also cold.
Cold but beautiful!
Morning track walk.
Save some for the track, Brody Arishenkoff!
You’re going to see this face for many years to come, assuming Blake Davies keeps climbing through the ranks like he should.
I asked Dexter Seitz, “Bacon or no bacon?” He said, “Bacon!”
I tell you, the sport is in good hands when you watch some of these young riders.
Kevin and George Lepp making memories.
Troy Smith from Maple Ridge Motorsports threw a leg over a bike and did some AX. I think he even made it to work this week, but I can’t confirm that.
It’s been great getting to know a few more of the young western riders coming up through the ranks. Enjoy the off weekend and we’ll see you back in the barn on November 7-8 for rounds 5 and 6! PS What’s this peak called and who’s been to the top? See you at the races…