Mini O’s Photo Report | Thursday MX

By Billy Rainford

Presented by FXR Moto

Wow, with over 5700 entries along with friends and families here at the 50Th Anniversary edition of the Mini O’s at Gatorback Cycle Park in Newberry, Florida, the cell service took the nosedive of all nosedives today. I haven’t been able to get any information up all day. The Instagram posts I tried to do early in the day just sat there spinning and just now went through as I’m finally to solid wifi.

We’re all finished the Supercross portion of the week and we’re heavy into the Motocross racing on the slightly shortened track. The fastest times on the new set up are around the 1:51 mark. It should help us get through all these motos, but we may still be here racing on Sunday. I wasn’t here but last year they had to go to an extra day but we’ll see what happens.

We’ve got a solid contingent of Canadian racers here. We’ve had quite a few podiums and even some Main and moto wins. It’s been a really good week, so far.

Unfortunately, our old friend #12 (normally #101) Matthew Cemovic injured his wrist and won’t be lining up the rest of the week. I didn’t even get any photos of him or his swollen mitt!

As I type this, they’re celebrating Thanksgiving all over the pits. I figured I’d just get the heck out of Dodge before the chaos started. I had an amazing plate of spaghetti and meatballs at the Saarela pits not long ago followed by a coffee and a piece of pumpkin pie with the Brunos. Don’t worry about me.

OK, let’s have a look at how our peeps did today.

The day started out with #667 Tyler Kirby in the 85 (9-13) class. There were 2 Divisions which means they take 18 from each and another 4 or 6 in the Consi. If there are 3 Divisions, they take 12 each.

He got out to around a top 10 start and came around in 19th on lap 1. He knew he needed to make some moves and managed to finish 16th and go straight to moto 2.

I finally got to see #198 Antoine Poirier in a race. He was up next in Schoolboy 2 Div 1. Unfortunately, in these super tough fields, a poor start won’t cut it and that’s what Antoine found himself dealing with.

Because of that, all he could muster was a 27th finish. He’ll head to the Consi in this class.

#292 Payton Morningstar was also in this one. He was close to a transfer spot off the start and put in a solid moto.

They were taking the top 18 in this one and he was sitting 18th on lap 3. Unfortunately, he crossed the line 19th and will head to the Consi in this competitive class.

#3 Mike Brown is here and putting it to all the usual Vet class riders. He’s making it look pretty damn easy, too.

#626 Ethan Darrach from Moncton, NB looked good in his Mini Sr. 1 Division race and crossed the line in 8th.

#28 is Ryder Snelgrove in the 65 (7-9) Ltd. class. He wasn’t in a transfer spot early on and will have to go to the Consi in this one. There are some smoking fast 65cc riders here!

This can only be one place! That’s #161 Justin Burge in 450 C Ltd. moto 1. He got out of the gate in the top 10 and crossed the line 9th.

Our Canadians are making names for themselves in the C (Junior) classes here again this year. #95 Evan Stewart grabbed the holeshot in the 450 C Ltd. first moto and didn’t look back. That’s him dropping into the iconic gator pit.

#46 Tanner Scott was in the other 450 B Ltd. Div and I totally missed it. I talked to his dad, Jim Scott, and he said he was up in 5th but got taken out by another rider. He dusted himself off and clawed his way back to 7th at the flag.

I enjoy watching Ethan Darrach ride. He’s got an aggressive style and just launches off the jumps. He was up in the 85 (12-13) Div 1 race and got off to a poor start but was, as I have written in my little note pad, “ripping!” He made it up to 16th so he’s through to moto 2.

#14 Kai Saarela was up next in 250 C Junior. There were 3 Divs so he needed to be in the top 12. He wasn’t up there early but kept pushing until he made it up to the all-important 12th at the flag.

#409 Brennan Schofield was also in this one. He picked the 2nd from inside gate and was in 12th place early. He’s been one of the fastest riders in this class and made it up to 6th place at the flag.

We had a couple Canucks in Div 2 as well. #716 Noah Larkin was 18th early and heading out on the final lap, but crossed the line in 20th. He’ll head to the Consi.

The other standout C class rider has been #95 Evan Stewart. He got out to 5th off the start but, by the time the checkered flag waved, he was alone out front for a nice win. However, they’re all in tough against Loretta’s C Class champion, #448 Keegan Rowley, who is apparently a mountain bike racer.

Tyler Kirby was on the track again, this time in the 85 (9-11) Div 1 of 3 race. He was 9th on lap 1 and fought all race to cross the line in 7th.

#158 Nathan Snelgrove hit the track next in 85 (9-11) Div 3. He got out to a 10th place start but came around to complete lap 1 in 12th. He managed to pass his way back up to 11th and head’s straight to moto 2.

250 A was up next and there are some extremely fast riders in this one! #212 Sebastien Racine got off to an amazing start and headed into the gator pit up in 3rd place. Unfortunately, when came around to complete lap 1, he was dead last.

He managed to pass a bunch of riders and took the flag in 26th place.

#20 Jeremy McKie was the other Canadian in this class. He didn’t have a good start and was well back early on. He was up to 22nd on lap 3 and then pushed to take 18th at the flag.

#21 Chance Hymas took a very convincing win in this one. I’m also told that he had a flat tire late in the moto!

Payton Morningstar was up in 250 B Div 1. He got out to around a 15th place start and charged for a solid finish in 11th place.

On a side note, don’t do these if you can’t do the tymes…

#26 Tanner Scott was in the other 250 B Division. He got out to a top 10 start and came around in 11th on lap 1. He made it up to 9th and looked to be closing on the dude who took him out earlier in the day. He didn’t make it up to him but I was ready!

I don’t know exactly what he was working on, but if it helps the cell service get better, have at ‘er!

#161 Justin Burge was up in the first 250C Div. He was 9th on lap 1 and then took 8th place with 9th all over him in a great battle.

We had 3 Canadians in the next one. Noah Larkin ended up 29th in this one and heads to the Consi.

Evan Stewart was 5th off the start and worked his way up to 2nd by the flag behind another Canuck.

#409 Brennan Schofield grabbed a juicy holeshot and took a nice win accompanied by some nice arm swag.

Then this guy came out and did his thing again.

Tanner Scott came out next in Schoolboy 1. He had a great start and came around on lap 1 up in 6th. At the flag, he was 5th with 6th on him for a good portion of this one. Check out his never-give-up attitude in this next sequence.

Not today, #19.

And how do you like this never give up attitude shown by #107 Jordan Renfro?! He managed to move this mess up to 7th place by the flag.

Ryder Snelgrove in a late afternoon 65 (7-9) Div race. He finished 22nd and heads to the Consi.

We finished the day with a bunch of Canadian content in 450 C. #14 Kai Saarela was one of 3 in the first Div. He was up in the top 10 early and in a big pack. He crossed the line in 11th and makes it straight to moto 2.

Justin Burge was in there, too. He was up in the top 5 early and then came around in 10th. He managed to make it back to 8th at the flag.

Brennan Schofield made this one look and sound easy. He’s found his rhythm on this track and looks really good. He had a nice lead by the end of this one.

Antoine Poirier was in the final race of the day and got out to a mid-pack start in around 18th or so. He pushed hard in the setting sun and grabbed a solid 10th at the flag to move on.

And with that, we said Happy Thanksgiving and headed for turkey. We’re back at it bright and early Friday morning. See you at the races…

Full results can be found HERE