Faces at the Races | Gopher Dunes | Presented by KTM Canada

Photos and Captions by Billy Rainford

Presented by KTM Canada

It’s time to dig into the sarcastic side of things with our weekly ‘Faces at the Races‘ column where we stay off the track and show you some of the people under the helmets and around the pits. Let’s have some fun looking around Rounds 3 and 4 of the Canadian Triple Crown Series MX Nationals from Gopher Dunes.

Love it, Ben.
Jack Wright got the short end of the stick when he and Westen Wrozyna came together after the mechanics area. They sort of said it was tit for tat…and they were both cool with that.
If this whole moto thing doesn’t work out for #147 Hayden Jameson, I think he’s got a future in the movies. Dude looks like a movie star or maybe a rock star?
I never watched the show, but, if I did, I’d be quoting Emanuel Lewis here.
And Jake Webster is fine with that.
I had a Red Bull KTM umbrella in the van as well as this cute polkadot number. Guess which one I gave to James?
Dylan Kaelin doing some real world testing on his Tear Off Gaskets.
I wish we would have seen Oliver Benek on the track last weekend.
Heal up, Logan Leitzel.
Tyler Gibbs will have had a full week of testing in this week at Sand Del Lee.
It sounds like we’re going to see what #212 Sebastien Racine can do in the Pro/Am class this weekend. He’ll be top 10.
I didn’t even try to get Jack in focus.
#292 Payton Morningstar has to be the tallest rider out there.
With Racine racing Sunday, #164 Wyatt Kerr has a battle on his hands for Top Intermediate honours this week. And it was great sitting with Andy Kerr for a morning coffee. We really got in touch with our feelings, didn’t we?!
It’s great to see Jocelyn Facciotti back on the track and having some fun. It was fun, right Jocelyn?
I call this one “Pipe.”
Moto dad.
We can all just blame Greg Poisson helping Eric Jeffery for my struggles on race say. I’m glad one of us is smiling. LOL Watch out for that bus, Greg! Haha
Game thumbs from Justin Barnhardt.
Thumb up from Bryce Wadge, too.
It was cool of Frank Schuster to walk the entire line and shake everyone’s hand before the first moto.
Hub bling.
Um, you’re not fooling anyone. Oh wait, you were on the track, so…
Darien Sanayei conferring with Chad Goodwin.
Blair Nauta ready to go.
He’s sponsored.
Ani Ferguson heading back to the pits.
This title is Eve Brodeur’s until she decides to walk away from the sport. She’s putting up championship numbers that are going to be tough to beat.
#241 Sarah-Kim Villeneuve is getting closer.
Ethan Ouellette had a front row seat to my 30-second fall. Hey, I saved the cameras, at least!
In the immortal words of Westen Wrozyna, “Just keep swiping right and sort them out later...”
Maff was the first top rider to pull his goggles. He paid the price.

A few after-race black and whites:

Jess pointing to that one rough section on the track…
That’s the look of a guy who just knocked the monkey off his back.
OK, we’ll see you at Sand Del Lee this weekend. *cough cough*