Faces at the Races | Canadian MX Nationals Round 2 – Drumheller

Photos and Captions by Billy Rainford

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OK, I’ve had a good sleep and a big cup of coffee, so let’s hit some Faces at the Races from Round 2 of the 2022 Canadian Triple Crown Series MX Nationals at DORVA MX in Drumheller, AB. You’ve been warned. Haha

I want to start this one off on a sad note by expressing my deepest condolences to the family and friends of Greg Bell. Greg passed away and will be missed by everyone who knew him. Wherever he was, he made things a lot more fun. RIP, Greg.
First things, first. It’s always a sad day when we finally leave the mountains behind us and head east. I took advantage of a nice day in Canmore and went for a ride on the Scott Addict 10. Uphill into the wind towards Banff meant 50KPH cruising back!
Hey #174 Zane Mellafont, what round of Faces is this?
Amateur Day at DORVA MX had some good racing, but the numbers weren’t up where I would have liked to have see them. Even the 250 Junior class had spaces left on the gate! However, there were some fast riders, including #09 Annalyse Lopushinsky and #574 Charles Charlton. Unfortunately, Brandon Davies found himself with some spare time.
His son, #58 Blake Davies crashed in practice and ended up breaking his upper arm and will be out for up to 6 weeks. The Junior classes at the Walton TransCan may have just caught a very small break. No pun intended.
When you want to use both 666 and 69, you come up with this “bad example” of a number. See what I did there?
White fencing and that backdrop make for pretty easy, usable shots.
I seem to be taking a lot of shots of Lexi Pechout and Cale Foster canoodling at the races. I’m worried they may be getting…over-exposed. (I’m feeling it, today!)
Tyler Medaglia assumes the Moto Dad stance while young Talon “Meta-Gilla” is on the track.
Scott Tokley took me up on the sky lift, but I just wanted to get this shot of him from up there. lol
I was setting up to take this shot when his dad called him to get to the line at exactly the right time.
The SSR TLD GasGas guys walking the track on Saturday.
Charlie Charlton keeping a close eye on the #574 out there. Hmm, maybe a new GasGas 250 would do the trick?
That’s a big name to fill the boots of, young fella. Are you ready for this?
I saw him at the KJSX race in Phoenix, I believe.
Everything about this is perfect…except the focus…
I’m not sure I’ve ever seen this usage before.
Easy, Derek.
Here’s another name I should be typing and saying for a long, long time.
One day, this will be used as a Throwback Thursday photo. Can someone remind me in my old age?
Daryl Murphy’s dad getting some insider info before his moto while Daryl captures the moment for Sask MX posterity.
Brock Leitner and his dad surveying the land. We’re all here for you, guys. Keep Brock in your thoughts after that horrific crash he had during qualifying on Sunday.
See what I’m saying about this backdrop?! PS I’m still here!
It seems you’re either sheltering from the sun, the wind, or the rain here in Drum. I can’t even imagine what the winters are like out here!
Donk has been at almost all the same races I’ve been at, so I need to have one in here that I can look back on to keep the streak alive.
Hardest working man in Canadian Moto? Julien Perrier from the Partzilla PRMX MX/SX team has got to be in the running!
#281 Tanner Merrick down from Dawson Creek checking out the approach to the big single before a moto.
If this isn’t the best photo you’ve seen in years, you haven’t been around the sport long enough! Great to see you two, Lori and Brent Allison.
You know what it took for #18 Parker Eales to not be riding all alone out there? A first turn pile-up that saw him charging through the field had him in close company, for once.
#36 Anthony Spadaccini has quietly been taking care of business out there on the track. He’s got top 10 speed in the 450 class and is a rider to keep an eye on.
Dammit, Jess! Jess crashed on the first lap of the first moto and the word on the street is an injured arm at the elbow. This sport is not for the weak.
Engine builder Alan Brown assuming the position along the fence.
The beer garden is open! If you haven’t tried a beer from Valley Brewing, ask for it by name.
Lexi Pechout took the WMX win this week after an exciting battle with Eve Brodeur.
You should have seen the shot one shutter click before this one where I had the lens zoomed in. I really have nothing to say about Cale here other than that. Hi, Cale.
Eve stayed classy in her podium speech but she let us know she wasn’t happy with her second moto being cut even shorter than they were told it would be. That last lap could have been a doozy!
I didn’t see Mitchell Harrison and Jake Piccolo do this after their motos, but I may just have been in the wrong place.
I also didn’t see 3 dudes still in their gear cheering on the podium at the end of the day.
I was a little bummed not to see Danika White out there on Charlie Johnson’s 1996 Honda CR 250 again this week, but she said she probably would have whiskey throttled out into a hoodoo here on that thing.
I stepped away from the sport briefly and don’t remember Marty Madsen, but he was a blast to watch on his YZ125 out there in the FXR PreMix class.
However, Jayden Riley didn’t cut him any slack out there. Old age courtesy be damned!
There’s the podium: Lane Kretzel, Jayden Riley, Marty Madsen.
He was pretty pumped to be able to share the moment with his daughters.
Woah, you scared me there, Julien!
Any time I see someone pointing like this, it’s hard for me not to make a ‘Better Off Dead’ reference, but I won’t this time…
Justin Roney happy to see Jake Piccolo and Tyler Gibbs smiling after Kamloops. To be honest, I have no idea what or who Jake is smiling at.
What I do know is that Jeremy McKie’s dad is not smiling at me! Don’t worry, he did as soon as the camera stopped clicking.
I just asked him who I make the invoice out to! Sheesh, forget all about it, Troy Smith from MRM.
#515 Clayton Schmucki with the classic pre-moto forearm stretch. It worked because the Intermediate rider from Red Deer was pretty impressive!
Look at all the colours, maan. (Said in my best Tommy Chong voice.)
That’s #579 Brandon Kowalczyk knowing damn well this would end up here. Thanks for playing along, Brandon.
If the pattern fits… That’s Seth Wilde from Sundre, AB.
Matthew Leblanc isn’t worried about losing the title, but this hair style is coming close.
Tallon Unger was at the races but he’s not lining up this year.
Look at those arms and tell me Reece Rendall wasn’t a good cyclist!
I’m willing to bet I have 9 of these shots before the summer is over. That’s Wyatt and Andy Kerr. Wyatt is closing in on a break-out performance in the 250 class. And I still have to get you your Ryno Power from Kamloops!
Pre-race focus is key.
Cory Wilson was classic beyond belief over in Italy at the MXON last year. Good times. Cool to see him on the circuit this season.
#64 Ryder McNabb could only muster a 4th place in Drumheller and is now 11 points out of first. It’s not panic time, but he’ll be looking to rebound HARD in his home province this week.
I know, Mitchell Harrison, seeing these two beside each other on the line after Kamloops makes us anxious too.
I still get a kick out of Steve Beattie saying he’s not doing the entire series this year.
Quinn Amyotte was in a heated battle all day in Drum. He’s sitting in 6th place and is ready to “bark” with the podium riders, to put it in terms the kids are using…
#12 Julien Benek was in those same battles and sits 9th. The 250 class is a blast so far this season.
I’ve been impressed with #510 Marcus Deausy this season, but he had an off weekend in AB, finishing back in 15th. Hardpack must not be his thing. Watch for him this week.
#66 Tyler Yates is another rider on his way to breaking it in the 250 class. He’s sitting 14th and the Duncan, BC rider is ready to crack the top 10.
I see you, #991 Brandon McKee. We’re heading through his home province this week, so watch for some improved results this week.
#574 Charles Charlton bought the MVP GasGas 250 from Al Dyck and looked good on it immediately. He’s yet to earn points in the Pro class but that’s coming.
We know, #80 Mikael Savard, Zane already told us.
I wasn’t used to seeing LT McDonell on a #623. I thought it was Cink out there! He had some struggles at Round 2 but caught up to snag a top 20 result. Great job. LT.
I’m not even sure I’ve seen this font before.
#117 is Easton Genest. He’s fresh off a broken hip and took 33rd this week.
Lining the fences at DORVA MX.
First turn sewing club…
Beer garden a but later in the day.
Hey, where’d you ladies get those fancy hats?
Keeping a close watch on the #3 WMX rider Malia Garant.
Speaking of the WMX, Rick Bradshaw (left) from Schrader’s in Yorkton, SK has been behind our ‘Out of the Blue’ column since the beginning, so be sure to support someone who supports the sport like he does.
I see your new haircut, Oliver Benek.
#138 Dylan Rempel trying to stop his head from exploding after a turn 2 crash and a late race fall hampered his finishes in Drumheller. 5-17-22 for 16th was not what he was shooting for. Watch for a top 5 result in Manitoba from the youngster.
Ryan Lockhart being serious on Sunday. “Serious Sundays” is a thing.
#44 Zach Ufimzeff was in some great upper-end battles Sunday. He even fought through a rear flat in one moto for 11th on the day.
Winning does that to your face. That was some of the best racing we’ve seen in a long time in the 250 class!
And a close second has a tendency to do this.
Ryder not happy after losing the red plate.
Hey Brad from Automotoco, I can slow this down so much you’ll think it’s not moving at all!
Who’s your money on for the #1 plate in 2023? This is going to be a great season!
I’m not sure why any of us would be surprised that a former Factory Rider from the USA would be in this title hunt.
Young speedsters.
I like these shots because I have one that includes a very young Jess Pettis reaching for some swag, so you just never know what or who you’re going to capture.
Shawn Maffenbeier back one week after dislocating his shoulder. 3-3-2 motos make it even more impressive. He still sits 3rd in points, just one up on #573 Chris Blackmer.
Fitting in nicely here in Canada.
“Ya, I’m not really sure what you’re asking me, Kyle Thompson.”
Kevin Tyler: the human hoodoo.
Derek Schuster brought down a delicious lunch bowl on Sunday. With the pits being 900 metres away, uphill both ways, of course, it made it difficult to find time to go up there to mooch! Thank you.
Dylan Wright showing nothing but 1’s so far. If it’s going to happen any year, this could be the one, but I’m not going to sit here and yell, “Shutout!”
I told you they’re fitting in! The kids love Mitchell.
Dylan had another yard sale at the podium.
Tyler made a young fan happy, too.
And thank you to #732 Jared Stock for hanging out with me over at Valley Brewing in downtown Drumheller for the FXR Race Review we did.
See everyone in Pilot Mound, MB this weekend. And have you seen the forecast? Mid-30’s and humid. Bring your talc!
I know Kourtney Lloyd likes these columns and this 2014 shot of Summer Knowles cracks me up, so here ya go. See you at the races…