Faces at the Races | Walton MX National | Presented by Yamaha Motor Canada

Photos and Captions by Billy Rainford

Presented by Yamaha Motor Canada

It’s time for a look at some of the people who were at Walton Raceway for the final round of the 2021 Canadian Triple Crown Series MX Nationals.

It was a cool morning so Daryl Murphy donned these “cool” red tights. I was afraid I didn’t have a photo of them!
The Tylers checking out the morning track prep.
Sarah-Kim Villeneuve did everything she could, but 2-2 behind Eve Brodeur is where she landed. She’s close.
#818 Cindy Trudel says hello and good-bye to racing the Nationals. At 43, she was still one of the only riders to hit the Natural Double and the step down every lap.
#9 Lindsey Bradley keeping things light on the line.
I was surprised to see American rider #184 Carrie Davis on the line.
No matter how many titles you win, pre-race nerves never go away. Eve won her 6th title.
Brennan Schofield finishes his battle rap with a classic arm cross.
Oriana Fraser’s 250 2-stroke has power to spare.
Ruben Springman does live in the Pacific Northwest, so a Bigfoot line would be fitting, but I’d never do that.
#43 Brock Kelly checking lines and sag settings before a moto.
Future Pros checking out the Sunday action.
MRM’s Troy Smith.
Extreme close-up with FXR’s Dawn McClintock.
Knuckles between Dylan Kaelin and Sam Gaynor after some Pre Mix battles.
How it works when you’re the older sibling.
#259 Taylor Ciampichini.
Marshal Weltin ready for battle. Dude can cycle, too.
“Is this think on? Julien? Julien, I don’t think you gave me batteries…”
Mitch Cooke showed up and finished 7-8 for 8th in the 450 class. He’s prepping for the World Vets at Glen Helen.
#958 Jamie Mason filled in on the MX101 team and finished 24-22 for 24th.
Dylan Wright fan club.
All that mattered was how far ahead of 4th Jake Piccolo was on Sunday.
That’s for #100 Westen Wrozyna on his 150 2-stroke.
For Jamie Powell.
Wyatt Kerr kept pushing for 19th (15-18).
Darien Sanayei ended the season with a win.
Ryan Lockhart making sure he spelled “BREATHE” right. Oh, wait…
Dylan Wright puts his goggles on one strap at a time. The only difference is that when his goggles are on he wins championships. (More Cowbell reference.)
#737 Tee Perrott took a hard fall in moto 2 after a solid 9th in moto 1. He’s been checked out again back home in Alberta and it turns out he’ll need surgery on his back.
Robert Filipek pretending to be on a phone call so he couldn’t talk to me…
It was great to see the infield so busy. There were bouncy castles and this portable climbing wall.
It was an interesting week for PRMX’s Julien Perrier.
Tallon Unger had a long way to push when his bike let go.
Marco Cannella took the moto 1 win but had a rear wheel issue take him out of moto 2.
Team Manluk.
The Piccolos celebrate title #1.
Al Dyck and Andrew McLean join in on the action. That’s #6 for Andrew!
Scott Jeffery ready to get a shot for Club MX.
I bet that never gets old.
A hug from mom.
Congratulations, team.
Dylan grabs James Lissimore’s camera and starts clicking.
I hope this dog puts my camera to good use…
Good thing these boards are individually replaceable.
That’s got to feel amazing for Al.
And then it was time to party!
The Interlaced Productions crew says, “See you at the races…