Friday at Sand Del Lee

By Billy Rainford

In what seems to be the new norm, it’s been sunny all week and we’re expecting rain on Saturday morning for the races. We’re going to have another mudder tomorrow. It looks like it’s supposed to clear up for Sunday, but we’re in for some fun tomorrow.

There wasn’t a whole lot going on today at the track today, but I wandered around and shot a few photos anyway. Here’s what was up.

#777 Tim Tremblay will fill in for #16 Cole Thompson while Cole gets his illness sorted out.
Tim is happy to be back at the races and was all smiles as he walked the track this afternoon.
#208 Logan Leitzel has been calling his cargo trailer home while racing here this summer. We grabbed him for a “Rig Tours” video and he showed us around. Check it out.
Local Kevin Reynolds jumped in to help him out this weekend.
#36 Parker Eales with a nice change-up to some grey for this weekend.
#9 Dylan Wright heads into Round 4 with a 22-point lead over #54 Phil Nicoletti in the 450 class.
#33 Yanick Boucher spent the week in the area and hit the MTB trails a few times.
#77 Casey Keast is feeling better with an extra couple weeks for his wrist to heal.
Josh Snider got back on a dirt bike last week and eded up breaking his jaw! Long story, but it’s actually good news. Ask him to explain.
The MX101 pits were busy and they have a new sponsor
Marc Dionne filling up Jess Pettis’s bike. Jess has a 22-point lead over #19 Marshal Weltin in the 250 class.
There’s Jess now. He actually made it home to Prince George, BC last week.
#3 Shawn Maffenbeier looked great at Walton 2. Let’s see if he can keep the ball rolling in the mud this week.
#5 Tyler Medaglia shouldn’t be the only Medaglia at the races this weekend, but we have yet to put eyes on Jeremy…
#117 Michael DaSilva returns to action this week. He’s been working and going to school. There’s a pair of crutches in their pits, but they aren’t for either DaSilva brother…

OK, we’ll see what Mother Nature deals us in the morning. We’ll try to give updates but I really struggled with my Rogers cellular service today. It’s all up to Greg Poisson… No pressure.