Frid’Eh Update #44 Presented by Grubwear

By Jeff McConkey and Billy Rainford


Week # 44 belongs to Connecticut rider, Josh Clark. – Bigwave photo

Welcome to week #44 of the Frid’Eh Update. This week the Update is brought to you by Grubwear and belongs to 2015 #44 Josh Clark. The Connecticut rider has been racing Pro down in the USA since 2009 and has finished as high in the standings as 29th in the 250 class in 2011. His best finish was a 17th overall with moto scores of 21-14.

He headed north to Canada a few years ago and immediately impressed the fans and the rest of the riders. After competing in the eastern rounds, he earned himself a ride with the Devil’s Lake MX gang out of Alberta. After snagging #23 in the 2012 overall standings he headed west and then raced the entire CMRC National series in the MX2 class.

He showed up at the Wastelands in Nanaimo, BC and was a factor right away, going 8-4 for 5th overall. After another 5th at Whispering Pines in Kamloops, BC, Josh made it onto the podium at Wild Rose MX Park in Calgary, AB with 4-4 motos for 3rd overall.

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 10.14.08 AM

Josh Clark on the Calgary MX2 podium in 2013 with Austin Politelli (1st) and Topher Ingalls (2nd). – MX Nationals archive photo

In 2014, Josh returned to the team and was ready to take on the field and go for his best results yet. He earned #12 at the end of the 2013 season, after taking 2nd overall in the MX2 class. He struggled at the first round in BC going DNF-15 for 19th in Nanaimo.


If you know Josh at all, you know two things: 1) He’s a really hard worker, and 2) he’s a man of few words…and as a bonus, #3 you get ZERO BS! – Bigwave photo

After heading home to continue training, Josh got hit in the eye and that was the end of his 2014 season. He has struggled to regain full vision in the eye and we didn’t see him again in Canada. His message to me from July 10, 2014:

“I got injured at a local race got hit with a rock and injured my eye! Currently have blurry vision in my left eye. Going to a specialist tomorrow to see what’s going on and how long I’m out for.”

If you know Josh at all, you know two things: 1) He’s a really hard worker, and 2) he’s a man of few words…and as a bonus, #3 you get ZERO BS!

We grabbed Josh Clark for a quick chat Friday and here's what he had to say... - Photo supplied with permission by Josh Clark

We grabbed Josh Clark for a quick chat Friday and here’s what he had to say… – Photo supplied with permission by Josh Clark

I got in touch with him today and he said this:

“Doing okay. Trying to work full-time and ride and work out all at the same time! Definitely trying to to come back next year.”
I asked if he had full vision in that left eye yet:
“Not at all! Just doing what I can with what I got! Probably got 25 %. It’s just gonna be hard because I’ve got no support for next year.”
I asked him if his hope was to head north to Canada or stay south:
I definitely want to come to Canada! It’s just hard without any help, you know. I could definitely be a title contender with the right support and help. If nothing comes up, I’ll be up there in my van showing everyone what a real champion looks like, with one eye and doing it on my own,  since no team wants to give me a shot.”

He also plans to do some of the eastern Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Nationals too. He added, “Got a person trainer at JBallestrinifitness. Comin’ in hot!”

He finished with:

I know with a good solid bike and supportive team and program I can win! Hands down I know that!”

I think our series needs guys like Josh Clark. You know what you’re going to get every week, and that’s a 100% effort with no excuses. Good luck with your training this winter, Josh, and hopefully, a team sees this and realizes you are very deserving of another chance to prove your speed either north or south of the border.

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This week’s Update is brought to you by Grubwear. Check them out online to improve your on-street coolness factor.

Jeff McConkey

Hey, guys. Crazy weather here in Ontario lately. It’s just too bad all the tracks are not open still!

Canada AX Tour

AX Tour LogoThe last rounds of the Canada AX Tour go off tonight and tomorrow in Calgary. The action will be hot and you can count on some serious bumping and banging. For their first season, I believe the AX Tour crew has done a great job and has a great foundation for indoor racing in Canada to grow.

Jimmy Decotis Signs with Geico Honda Team for Supercross

Hard work pays off! Jimmy Decotis has signed on the race SX with the mighty Gieco Honda team. Jimmy has always had the talent, but recently he finally figured out that fitness is key. Not often do you get to see a rider that has been passed over make it back up to a top team. Congrats to Jimmy for putting in the hard work.

You can read the Press Release HERE.

Bobby Kiniry Makes Retirement Official

Long time fan favorite Bobby Kiniry announced his retirement this week. Bobby was one of the hardest workers out there. Known for being one of the hardest guys to race against on the track, he was also one of the most genuine and nicest guys off the track. Thanks for all the great memories and best of luck in the future.

Top 5 for Kiniry in MX1 – Top 10 for Grey in MX2 Top 5 for Kiniry in MX1 – Top 10 for Grey in MX2

Short and sweet for me this week. Check out my ‘Out of the Blue‘ with Élizabeth Lavoie. And if there is anyone you’d like to see featured in an Out of the Blue or On the Radar, drop me an email at Have a great weekend and always #smileforBC!

Billy Rainford

Short and sweet AND you touched on most of the topics for the week. What more can I say? Good thing there isn’t much else to talk about (publicly) because I’m up to my eyeballs in Canada AX Tour fever out here in Calgary, AB! Behind the scenes, there are some major issues being tackled and decided but I’m not one to ‘rumour monger’ so I’m going to leave them alone until they are decided and official.

We flew out to Calgary from Toronto yesterday using the Steve Anderson standby connection just like we did in Penticton. Fortunately, I didn’t spend 24 hours getting here this time and it went very smoothly. Both Steve and Ryan Gauld got bumped up to first class and I could see them being pampered non-stop from by seat just two rows behind them. As I got denied pretzels or even a single cookie, they were enjoying steak that didn’t require a knife, garlic mashed potatoes, champagne, Baileys in their coffees, ice cream, fruit bowls, and bottomless mixed drinks! I fell asleep watching a movie on a system that had screwed up audio. Oh well, we made it here and I didn’t have to sleep in the airport like last time.

They held a very small Press Day yesterday here at the Agrium in Stampede Park. Only Monster Energy Thor Kawasaki riders Chris Blose and Jacob Hayes were putting in laps. Keylan Meston had bike issues, Brock Leitner and Cole Thompson got there late, and the other riders may not have known about it.

Here is a really short video showing what most of the track looks like:

Canada AX Tour – Thursday Press Day from on Vimeo.

Here are a couple shots of the two and the arena:


These guys are traveling with the crew and helping out so they can ride all of the rounds. Watch for Austin Watling and Tanner Ward to battle bar to bar again here this weekend. Unfortunately, Mitch Gohhen’s injured shoulder will keep him out of the action again this week.


#100 Jacob Hayes is in contention to win all three titles AND the $100000 bonus for winning 3 of the final 4 Clash for Cash mains from Parts Canada!


His on track battles with Royal Distributing Fox KTM’s Cole Thompson have been epic, and I don’t just toss that word around! This weekend could get intense.


#100 Chris Blose has been no-nonsensing his way through the series and could steal a win or two here in Calgary.


I saw them both at the hotel just now and they each say they really like this track and the facility.


The Agrium may just be the perfect venue for Canadian Arenacross.


High ceiling, big floor space and tight crowd. It will be good.


A bunch of the riders went to watch the Calgary Flames beat the Philadelphia Flyers Thursday night.


Hayes and Blose talk things over with motor guru, Frenchie.


Local photogs were in the house last night. Hey, where was John Meanie?


Jacob explains something as Frenchie partakes in a staring contest?


Nope, he was listening.

Youthstream visits Charlotte Motor Speedway for MXGP preparation Youthstream visits Charlotte Motor Speedway for MXGP preparation2015 Thor Mini Olympics are Coming!

63aad759-fdc4-47d2-bd6f-e0a7ebb99e8dTHOR Brings You the 2015 Thor Winter Olympics

(Gainesville, FL) – THOR is pleased to once again bring you the THOR Winter Olympics; held at the famous Gatorback Cycle Park just outside of Gainesville, Florida on November 23 – 28. This year marks the 44th running of this prestigious Amateur National.

THOR will be on hand showcasing a sampling of our 2016 Race Apparel and Protection; as well as looking after our factory amateur team. Stop by the THOR truck and have a look at the new Prime Fit Kit. New this year; it embodies all of the qualities of our top of line jerseys with a compression fit sleeve for a supreme athletic fit and the ultimate in moisture wicking. Since 1968, THOR has been at the forefront of the MX apparel industry.

Don’t forget to come by on Thanksgiving Day for a delicious turkey dinner brought to you by your friends at THOR. Everyone is invited.

About Thor Winter Olympics

One of the premier amateur motocross racing events the Thor Winter Olympics, presented by Pro Circuit, brings together the best amateur riders from around the world. During six days of supercross and motocross racing, riders battle it out during the week of Thanksgiving to see who will be crowned this year’s Olympiad Champion.

Check out the complete event schedule and more information on our website at
Like us on Facebook
Follow us on Twitter @UnlimitedMX
Follow us on Instagram @gatorback_cyclepark
Official Event hashtag: #2015MiniOs

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 10.07.16 AM

Future West Arenacross Gets Back Underway in Cloverdale, BC

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 12.37.53 PMFW AX Schedule Revised

Add a couple more riders to keep an eye on when the Monster Energy AMA Supercross series heads east!

PRMXDave Blanchet and Logan Karnow Sign with PR-MX to Race Supercross

IMG_4010PR-MX is happy to announce that Ohio rider Logan Karnow  (right) and Québec rider Dave Blanchet (left) will lining up for the Monster Energy AMA Supercross Series.

Logan will be doing the East Lites and Dave will be doing the SX class in the East.

We are proud to be one of the only Canadian-based teams chasing the AMA SX series.

This program would not be possible without our sponsors:
Strikt gear
Pelletier Kawasaki
Ohlins (Stacey)
Evo motosport
DnD moto (Dan/Dusty)
Big mx radio
Golden Tyre
Moto Tape
And more to come…

That’s going to have to do it for this week. Thanks for checking us out. Watch for lots of coverage of both arenaross series in the next few days. Have a great weekend and don’t forget to tune into the Valvoline AX Tour LIVE broadcast tonight from Calgary when Andy White, Chris Pomeroy, Ryan Gauld, and I give you the play by play live!


Extreme close-up, Mitch Goheen, says, “See you at the races…”