ICYMI | Catching Up with Jason Benny

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In case you missed it, we caught up with Jason Benny. | Bigwave photo

It looks like Jason Benny has decided to forego racing this season to concentrate on his growing motocross school. Here’s what he had to say when we got in touch with him this week:

Direct Motocross: Hello, Jason. Seems like we haven’t seen you in a while! Let’s go back to the beginning to let people get to know you. How did you get started racing Motocross?

Jason Benny: Hi, Billy. Yes, feels like forever for me also! How I got into racing, I always wanted a dirt bike since I can remember. My dad told me if I could ride my bike without training wheels he’d get me a dirt bike. I was 2 and half and he bought a 3-wheeler instead. Still asked for a dirt bike then got a 4-wheeler at 4 years old. Then I got my first bike when I was 7. A nice PW80.

By the end of the summer we switched it for a KX65 at my local dealer Moto Ducharme. The KX65 scared me until the winter where I got to grow a little and the very next summer we went all in into racing doing all the provincials!

Jason has a good story about how he got his first number. | Bigwave photo

What was your first number and why did you choose it?

My first racing number was #50, and I have no idea why I chose this one. But 2nd year of racing I had to give 3 options for the CMRC to choose. I gave #50 as my first option and #199 like Travis Pastrana in second, but my dad did a mistake and wrote 99, and I ended up racing the #99 for over 10 years.

Who did you come up through the ranks battling there in Quebec?

In amateur I was battling a lot with Jonathan Parisé or Alex Laliberté and a lot of others also that gave up on racing before getting to big bikes, but Parisé and Laliberté were my biggest rivals.

My 2019 season went great. I got some good results in outdoors and really improved in Supercross.

What did you get up to after the racing season ended last year and through the winter?

Last race in QC Supercross I tipped over in the double double section and broke my scaphoid. I only got to take my cast off beginning of March so I haven’t done much in the winter. It was taking forever to heal. Got to ride my backcountry sled a little in the spring, at least.

Jason is busy with his motocross school but he’ll be back for another season of racing. | Bigwave photo

And now we didn’t see you on the line at the Nationals this summer? What have you been doing?

No I didn’t feel ready for racing. I started giving lessons over here and it’s been going very good, so I thought I should focus on teaching for this summer.

Can you tell us more about these schools? Where are they? How often do you do them? How can someone get in touch with you if they are interested?

I move a lot around: Maxbike, SRA motocross or Xtown for big tracks and for the kids on small bikes I do a 2-hour class at a small track 15 minutes away in Berthierville. Usually, people get in touch with me through Facebook, we fix a date and meet at the track, as simple as that.

Have you been doing any local racing?

No, I haven’t touched my race bike all summer. I went to Xtown last weekend to see my students and look at the races. It felt good to see familiar faces I haven’t seen in a while!

What are your future racing plans?

I’m still young and healthy. I’ll get back to racing for at least another year for sure when I’m ready!

Jason at the Montreal Supercross. | Bigwave photo

Looking back on your racing career, what is the highlight for you?

When I got my podium at deschambault for sure. I only have good memories of racing, even in bad times we kept going and kept having fun through the seasons!

What’s your favourite track?

My favourite track is Maxbike. Every time I go train there I always get to practice something either technical or fast rough sections, an awesome track!

Well, hopefully we see you somewhere down the road. Thanks for taking the time with us. Is there anyone you’d like to thank, while we’ve got you here?

Yes, first, thank you, Billy! I’d like to thank Moto Ducharme, Kawasaki Canada, Fatalee-T racing, 100% Ryan Lockart, Gourlay performance product, Twice production. Everybody who helped me get to where I am today. Also, I’d like to thank everyone who came to my classes this summer, I really appreciate it!

Thanks, Jason. Good luck with your schools. See you at the races sometime soon.