Photo Report | 2016 Mini O’s | Wednesday SX Finals

By Billy Rainford

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It was one final after another today on the last day of racing on the Supercross track at Gatorback Cycle Park. The weather has been warming up steadily as the week moves on and the morning was actually above freezing for the first gate drop of the day. I’m sleeping in a tent, so I really appreciated the rise in temperature. 

37 main events were run, so let’s get to the action…


It was the final day of SX racing and probably the last time I’ll be standing on this side of the banners.


Every race was a main event today.


The day started with the national anthem and then the gate dropped on the 250 A class.

20161123-img_0725 Tim Bennett

Is it OK if we start now, Tim Bennett from TCD?

20161123-img_9880 Jordan Bailey

They do an optional sight lap for anyone who wants it at 7:30am ant then the racing start. Jordan Bailey was ready.

20161123-img_9888 Challen Tennant

Would #71 Challen Tennant be able to hold off Sean Cantrell?

20161123-img_9904 Challen Tennant

Tennant got out to the early lead and didn’t look back. Actually, he gapped the rest pretty well for the win.

20161123-img_9922 Sean Cantrell

Behind him, #37 Cantrell and #133 Bailey battled it out like this to the checkered flag with Cantrell taking 2nd and Bailey 3rd.

20161123-img_9920 Brandon Hartranft

#402 Brandon Hartranft raced RJ’s this year and was way at the back at the start of this one. He pulled off for a DNF in this one.

20161123-img_9928 Nolan Heppner

Remember #44 Nolan Heppner from Regina this year? He was leading and then crashed his brains out in the whoops and that’s when all that kerfuffle about the red cross flag. He’s an A class rider full time now and took 11th.

20161123-img_9940 Austin Winslow

#50 Austin Winslow took the 250 B LTD win.

20161123-img_9947 Hannah Hodges

Hannah Hodges was in that 250 B Ltd. final but pulled out after crashing and hurting her wrist a bit. She was in the very next moto, anyway!

20161123-img_9955 Estrella Cemovic

Canadian #25 Estrella Cemovic was in this one too, the Women 14+ final.

20161123-img_9981 Estrella Cemovic

Cemovic had some troubles but got up quickly and finished 12th.

20161123-img_9982 Hannah Hodges

Following the script, Hodges took the win pretty easily.


The 85 (9-11) final hits the first turn with Canadian #22 Preston Masciangelo being forced well wide.

20161123-img_0006 Preston Masciangelo

Preston is scored a 30 in this one.

20161123-img_0001 Matthew Leblanc

#329 Matthew Leblanc took the win.

20161123-img_0020 Evan Ferry

#75 Evan Ferry (yes, that Ferry) was 4th and looked solid.


That’s #70 John Grewe and #31 Barry Carsten bar to bar for a change at one of these things. Grewe took the win. Carsten took Vet 35+ though.

20161123-img_0025 Earl May

Earl May was 3rd.

20161123-img_0029 Carson Mumford

#122 Carson Mumford with the holeshot in the Supermini 1 final.

20161123-img_0036 Matthew Cemovic

#101 Canadian Matthew Cemovic moved up a few places to 25th.

20161123-img_0043 Ethan Mann

Remember Ethan Mann from the TransCan? He was 10th.

20161123-img_0054 Carson Mumford

Mumford was untouchable and took the win.

20161123-img_0039 Seth Hammaker

Actually, #510 Seth Hammaker was pretty close to him in this one.

20161123-img_0056 Matthew Cemovic

Cemovic takes the checkers.

20161123-img_0060 Luke Fauser

Luke Fauser took 51 (7-8) Ltd.


#930 Seth Dennis took the youngest class.


Hang in there!


Can’t you just picture the high side that should follow this position? He hung on.


This little rider had to be the smallest racer of the week. And check out the cool name: Kayky De Pinho.

20161123-img_0122 Lance Kobusch

#99 Lance Kobusch was up next in Schoolboy 2. He held off #382 Tanner Stack for 2nd.

20161123-img_0134 Tanner Ward

Canadian #184 Tanner Ward battled to a 13th.


Kobusch and Stack.

20161123-img_0406 Max Filipek

I missed #343 Max Filipek earlier in the week.


Here he is with Austin Watling.

20161123-img_0850 Max Filipek

#343 Max Filipek on the motocross track. Max finished 21st in 450B and 15th in 450B Ltd..

20161123-img_0421 Max Filipek

He was in some good bar to bar racing.


Nobody could touch Muh-muh-muh….Jo Shimoda. (The Knack reference. Sorry)

20161123-img_0149 Jo Shimoda

Holeshot, check out. That’s how you do it, Jo.


450 A was next. Hartranft was on Cantrell in his heat so he was hoping for another shot at a win.


Tennant had his pre-race game look on lockdown.


Shameless sponsor plug!

20161123-img_0213 Sean Cantrell

Let’s cut to the chase. Cantrell won it…and I’m not too proud to scoop someone else’s photo set up.

20161123-img_0187 Parker Ross

#2 Parker Ross was 3rd in the 65 (7-11) final.

20161123-img_0214 Haiden Deegan

Haiden Deegan took the win ahead of #12 Kyle Smith.

20161123-img_0220 Tim Bennett

Tim, there’s more!


85 (12-13) Ltd. hits turn 1.


That always sucks.

20161123-img_0235 Thomas Rendall

Canadian #494 Thomas Rendall was in this one and took 19th.

20161123-img_0255 Thomas Rendall

He got better and better as the week went on, looking much more comfortable.

20161123-img_0243 Jett Reynolds

#79 Jett Reynolds was solid, taking 2nd in this one.

20161123-img_0231 Nathanael Thrasher

#428 Nathanael Thrasher took the win.

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20161123-img_0280 Hardy Munoz

#73 Hardy Munoz is an exciting rider to watch. He was 2nd in Schoolboy 1 but 1st Hardy.


Marcus Phelps was out front and looking good but suffered bike problems and took a DNF.


#352 Jalek Swoll took the win.

20161123-img_0317 Jalek Swoll

Jalek gets his time on the mic with Kevin Kelly.


Phelps when his bike slowed on him.

20161123-img_0290 Munoz


20161123-img_0311 Kyle Smith

#12 Kyle Smith won the 65 (10-11) Ltd. class.

20161123-img_0320 Malcolm Stewart

As the week wears on at the Mini O’s, you always see a growing number of establish Pro superstars on hand, like Malcolm Stewart.

20161123-img_0353 Jessica Patterson

Jessica Patterson.

20161123-img_0322 Stephan Watling

The 450B Ltd. final was next but there was a short break for track maintenance…Stephan Watling really should have gotten more comfortable.

20161123-img_0324 Robert Filipek

Hey look, it’s Robert Filipek!


The short break became something else.


Just waiting…


Almost, fellas…


Sorry, you’re not the Herb we’re looking for… (old commercial reference)


I actually shot video of this one, so I don’t have any pics. Austin Watling (left) was 17th and Max Filipek was 14th.

20161123-img_0465 Nathanael Thrasher

Thrasher also took the Mini Sr. title.

20161123-img_0464 Thomas Rendall

Rendall was 16th.

20161123-img_0491 Preston Masciangelo

#22 Preston Masciangelo was 24th in 85 (9-11).

20161123-img_0526 Sean Cantrell

250 Pro Sport hits turn 1.

20161123-img_0569 Sean Cantrell

Cantrell took this one with Tennant on him the whole time.



Tennant got around Bailey and went after the lead.

20161123-img_0560 Jordan Bailey

Bailey took 3rd with Hartranft behind him.

20161123-img_0578 Brandon Hartranft



That’s how close it was!

20161123-img_0369 Kyle Chisholm

Baby Haven Chisholm with the happy parents. Kyle is still working on his Supercross program for 2017.


I always joke how it’s a bad idea to talk about politics down here…and then we start.

20161123-img_0605 Carter Halpain

#128 Carter Halpain has had a solid week so far. He took the 250 B class title.

20161123-img_0617 Austin Watling

Watling got out to a top 15 start and was charging in the 250 B final.


But then a rider fell right in front of him and took him down.


Like a true Canadian, he got his number.


Then stood up and almost took Tanner Ward out!

20161123-img_0618 Tanner Ward

Tanner was way at the back off the start and fought up to 14th at the flag.

20161123-img_0621 Marco Cannella

Marco Cannella was up in 5th off the start and had a good battle going with Tanner Stack.


Stack eventually got by him.

20161123-img_0597 Marco Cannella

I had Marco down for a top 5 in this one, but they’re showing him in 9th?

20161123-img_0659 Carter Halpain

Halpain was pretty happy about the win.


Matthew gets set for his Supermini 2 final.

20161123-img_0731 Carson Mumford

Carson Mumford took the Supermini 2 win…and Mini Sr.

20161123-img_0736 Carson Mumford

Even wheelying like this, he grabbed the holeshot!

20161123-img_0693 Matthew Cemovic

Matthew was 19th.

20161123-img_0604 Tanner Ward

Tanner Ward was 25th in 450 B.


20161123-img_0597 Marco Cannella

Marco had a solid ride and took 6th.

20161123-img_0799 Barndon Gourlay

#327 Brandon Gourlay said he enjoyed the Supercross for his first try.

20161123-img_0806 Brandon Gourlay

He was 13th in the College final but said he felt much more at home when he hit the mx track for practice.

20161123-img_0770 Kyle Regal

Hey, I forgot to tell Kyle Regal he missed his Frid’Eh Update week.


It’s all about the motocross track for the rest of the week. See you at the races…

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