Jake Piccolo Injury Update

Jake crashed hard at Sand Del Lee. | Bigwave photo

From Jake:

Total bummer to the season but I wanted to give everyone an update. I had a practice crash a couple days before Sand Del Lee where I went down pretty hard. I hurt my hand as well as my knee and foot. Needless to say, I went into the weekend a little beat up, but determined to put my head down and make up some points.

First moto was decent, finishing second. Second moto I was leading with a comfortable gap I was managing and I hit a section that kicked me a little funny.  I just couldn’t hold on to the bike like I normally could have and I went down again hard, further injuring my hand. I guess with the adrenaline running I was able to finish my race and salvage some points. I knew shortly after the race there was definitely something going on with my hand.

From there we drove 12 hours east to River Glade MX and during the week I tried getting my hand checked out. I sat in emergency for over 7 hours and wasn’t able to be seen. They’re extremely short-handed and I wasn’t a priority case. I hoped with taking it easy during that week my hand would be good enough to make it through the weekend.

Jake trying to ride through the pain at River Glade. | Bigwave photo

During qualifying I realized I just couldn’t hold on to the bike. I discussed it with the team and we decided to pull the plug rather than risk further injury. I thought with the time off between Deschambault and Walton I would possibly be good to finish the last round of the series.

Further attempts to get my hand looked at after River Glade failed. Emergency rooms were still backed up and not having a family doctor out east made it tough.

We decided to head home and get my hand looked after with the hopes of returning for Walton. That turned out to be a good decision because the x rays showed some damage that will unfortunately end my season. Definitely not the way I wanted to finish my first year with a new team but unfortunately that’s where we’re at.

The injuries will end Jake’s title defence season early. | Bigwave photo

I’d like to thank KTM Canada for being incredible to work with this season. Sorry I couldn’t deliver but we’ll keep building from here. Also, a big thanks to Mat, Justin and Nico for all the hard work on my bikes. It’s been a rough season for injuries, especially to the BC boys.

I wish everyone the best.