Kate Kowalchuk in Europe | MXGP of Trentino

Canadian Kate Kowalchuk from Calgary, Alberta, checks in from the MXGP of Latvia at Kegums.

It was a great weekend to jump into the MXGP series round 5 in Arco, Italy. There is not much that can compare to the scenery and atmosphere of this particular race in Italy. With the series being all over Europe, it is quite incredible some of the views you get from the tracks, but you can’t beat a track that looks like it is dropped in the middle of the mountains.

With the riders being from all over the world, every race usually has a “home” race for a factory rider and Arco happens to be known for “Gajser Hill” as pictured below.

Tim Gajser at “Gajser Hill.”

There is a hill on the track that is packed full of dedicated home fans for #243 Tim Gajser. With smoke bombs going off the whole race you can’t even see the majority of the people on the hill and you definitely cannot hear anything else going on at the race with the chainsaws going 24/7. It makes for quite the sight and entertainment at every race seeing the “home” fans of the riders. Combined that with everyone else and you feel like you are attending an MXON every time you watch an MXGP race. The moto community is like family and the passion is clear and known every time you attend an event. When something happens you see everyone rally together in support from all over the world. 


This was a bittersweet weekend for Factory KTM as this race last year the late Rene Hofer won his first 250 race onboard his Factory KTM. Rene Hofer was a very promising young rider in the MXGP circuit who was expected to be a championship contender this season in the 250 class before passing away due to an avalanche accident in December of last year.

Tom Vialle.

While keeping their late teammate in their hearts, Factory KTM team and rider Tom Vialle had a great weekend going 1-1 and taking over the red plate points lead in the 250 class. Tom Vialle was on top in what also happened to be an entire WP Suspension podium sweep in Arco with #74 Kay De Wolf and #11 Mikkel Haarup rounding it out.

Jago Geerts.

Previous red plate holder #93 Jago Geerts had a tough second moto with a few crashes ending in a DNF and losing the red plate to #28 Tom Vialle. 


Tim Gajser and Glenn Coldenhoff.

Even with the amount of action in the 250 class in Arco the MXGP class still put on quite the show for the fans! With last year’s top two championship contenders #3 Romain Febvre and #84 Jeffery Herlings out with pre-season injuries and #222 Antonio Cairoli retired the field is still widely stacked with talent.

This weekend was a 1-1 sweep by points leader #243 Tim Gajser, but not without a tough wheel-to-wheel moto 2 battle with #259 Glenn Coldenhoff.

The MXGP class podium rounded out with #959 Maxime Reneaux and #61 Jorge Prado who also happen to be a part of the top 3 in MXGP championship standings.