Out of the Blue | Jaden Carlson | Presented by Schrader’s

By Jensen Amyotte

Presented by Schrader’s

Name: Jaden Carlson

Date of birth: March 6

Hometown: Troy, Michigan

School/grade or occupation: Graduated Oakland Community College this year and Full-time Automotive Painters Assistant

Race number: 817

Bike: YZ250 2-stroke

Class(es): Women’s & 250C

This week, we feature #817 Jaden Carlson from Troy, Michigan. | Dee Carlson photo

Who got you into the sport of motocross? 

My neighbors had kids that rode when I was little so my folks thought it was cute to put a little girl on a dirt bike when I was 3, until I started racing and it got less cute. Haha.

What do you like to do when you’re not riding or racing?

Mostly work, continuing school, reading books, and hanging out with friends.

As a racer, are there any obstacles you feel a female racer has to deal with that maybe a male racer does not? 

I think mostly just not being as built as a male or as tall is an obstacle, but that’s never stopped us women from going out riding and giving our best, and it still won’t.

Jaden’s favourite track is Bulldogs sand track in Michigan. | Dee Carlson photo

Who is your all-time favourite rider?

Ricky Carmichael or Travis Pastrana. I can’t choose just one.  

What is your favourite track/ kind of dirt to ride on and why?

A track called Bulldogs because it’s always a challenge with it being deep sand. 

What event do you look forward to most every year, one you don’t ever want to miss?

I liked the week-long race at Walton in Canada that I did last year which made me not want to miss it this year, but “adulting” is getting in the way with a full-time job, sadly.

Who has been your biggest inspiration/hero on and off the track?

Ashley Fiolek has always been a big inspiration to me. 

Ashley Fiolek has always been an inspiration. | Dee Carlson photo

Did you achieve the goals you set for the 2019 race season? What are your plans for 2020?

So, my 2019 race season I didn’t really race much because I was trying to finish school and I also went through a year of vision therapy (due to a lazy eye) to be able to see one line and not one-and-a-half or 2 of the same rut. To say the least, 2019 was more of a learning curve again.

For 2020, I plan on practicing a lot and doing local races and maybe trying to hit some races in Canada again.

What are your biggest accomplishments to date?

My biggest accomplishment was turning Women’s Pro and making 10th in the series in 2017.

What is the biggest lesson that motocross racing/ off-road has taught you so far? 

The biggest lesson that motocross racing has taught me was that if you want something to never give up and keep pushing yourself.

Jaden really enjoyed the Walton TransCan last year, so maybe we’ll see her again in the future. Good luck, and thank you for taking some time with us this week. | Mad Moose Photography photo

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself working, traveling, still racing for fun, and maybe looking to settle down.

Who would you like to thank?

I would like to thank my parents, family, friends, and my sponsors for everything that they have done for me and their support that they have given me. 

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