Photo Report | Friday at the TransCan | Presented by Yamaha Canada

Photos and Captions by Billy Rainford

Presented by Yamaha Motor Canada

OK, so, we had another perfect day, weather-wise. The wind picked up and that gave the crew a tough time keeping water in it during the afternoon, but I don’t think there were any complaints.

We had a bunch of 2nd motos and then we crowned 7 champions. Here’s a look at each class:

It seemed like nobody wanted to win the Open Intermediate class! Julien Benek got out front and then went down. And both #164’s, Wyatt Kerr and Ryder McNabb, took turns struggling. Julien finished 2nd.
Ryder McNabb is a professional well beyond his years. He was on a Supermini last year, don’t forget. He gathered himself and went on to take the win.
#54 Ben Leclair grabbed the lead in Youth Beginner/Junior but #46 Tanner Scott made the pass and took the win. They had a really good battle until TJ pulled him a bit on the last lap.
Ryan Gauld won the 40A moto and wasn’t all that thrilled with how deep the track was in the morning.
#17 Les Nemeth took 40B.
#58 Blake Davies is the stud of the younger 85cc class. He took another decisive win.
#10 Keylan Meston looked great from start to finish in the Youth Intermediate/Pro moto. Neither Phil Nicoletti or Matt Goerke raced today and Keylan said he wished they had. You can watch the full podium on our Facebook page.
By the way, I guess we’re calling him The Cowboy now. “…on a steal horse he rides…”
Not sure if you’ve heard, but #2 Sebastien Racine is the fast kid in the Junior classes. He took the Open Jr. moto.
#182 Jacob MacDonald was looking good until he went down while running 3rd and dropped back.
#9 Chandler Powell took the 50 (4-6) moto ahead of his tough rival ##114 Ryan Taylor (PS That’s the most normal name you’ll find in the young classes…)
Braxton Zeitner is 1-1 in the 50 (7-8) class.
#11 Davey Fraser had a great battle with #64 Liam O’Farrell in the 30A class. Liam made a last lap pass to take the win.
#95 Bill Wallin tried to hold off #26 Dan Tricco but Dan came through for his 2nd straight win in the 50A class.
#138 Dylan Rempel had to hold off the charge of his nemesis, #95 Evan Stewart, to take the win in the 85 (12-16) moto.
JC and I were impressed with the way #15 Dexter Seitz made the lines where he wanted them…until it almost bit him. He took another uncontested win in the 65 (10-11) moto.
Don’t forget to line the fences tomorrow for more excitement in the Two Stroke class. #807 Drew Roberts came away with the moto 2 win ahead of his brother, #810 Justin Roberts, and #17 Josh Bryan. Something happened to #24 Comeron Wrozyna and he was a DNF.
Eve Brodeur took another seemingly easy win in the Ladies class. #33 Malia Garant was 2nd. PS Only Eve and #818 Cindy Trudel were doing the Natural Double that I saw. Nice one, Cindy!
#24 Cameron Wrozyna got his bike fixed by the Rockstar OTSFF Yamaha guys and was back to win the Schoolboy moto.
#71 Dustin Burbridge from Nova Scotia finished 3rd in the 2nd 65GP moto.
Dexter Seitz is 1-1 in the class.
Sebastien “Sweet River Baines” Racine took another win in the 450 Junior class and is headed toward the Bronze boot for 2020. Oh, Google it, Bowker!
The first championship was handed out this afternoon and it went to Ryder McNabb in the 250 Intermediate class.
The 30B class was a lot of fun to watch as the final moto would decide the title between #738 Steve Simms and #206 Devin Train. They battled right to the flag and Simms took the win. That’s 3 30B titles in a row for Steve.
1-1-1 for Braxton Zeitner in the 50GP class for the title.
#33 Malia Garant took the win in the Girls (9-16) class. #27 Maya Legare crashed in the Ladies moto and cut her head. She didn’t line up for the Girls class.
#46 Tanner Scott was leading the Supermini moto until he fell with a lapper and #95 Evan Stewart got by and took the win. TJ got up and finished a close 3rd behind Rempel.
#27 Alek Guadagno won the 65 (7-9) class with 1-1-1 motos.
#2 Sebastien Racine took the final moto of the day, the 250 Junior win and title, ahead of a nice battle between #441 Colby Older and #17 Josh Bryan.
OK, we’ve got one more day to go here at the 2020 TransCan. Get some sleep, and we’ll see you at the races…

Full results HERE.