Photo Report | True North Motopark Cup

Photos and Captions by Billy Rainford

Presented by Yamaha Motor Canada

I made it up to Motopark for Round 2 of the 2021 True North Motorsports Motopark Cup in Chatsworth, Ontario. The pits were full and Carl Bastedo told me they were up around their highest number of entries for the event.

Round 1 was the day before, but I wasn’t there. The weather held up perfectly and the crew kept the track challenging but dust free.

Here’s a look at the winners in each class. I didn’t make it over to the PeeWee track where Sam Gaynor and his dad, Jeff Gaynor, were running the show, so I apologize for not having photos of the winners over there.

True North Fleet Motopark Cup.
Let’s have a look at the class winners.
Austin Kukielka after a dominant day on the track.
Austin won the 50 (4-6) class with 1-1 motos.
The older 50cc class (7-8) was won by #109 Cody Meatherall. You’re going to want to remember those two names for the future.
#130 Merrick Maguire took the win in 65 (7-9).
#22 Jonathan Bergeron was untouchable in the 65 GP class. It’s cool to see a couple of these younger riders also riding the younger 85cc class.
#619 Zachary Owczarzy launching the big jump to win 65 (10-11).
Bergeron also raced 85 (7-11) and won it, too.
#7 Bobby Gravel is right on pace. He took the win in the 85 (12-16) class (2-1) when #613 Cole Pranger faltered in the 2nd moto.
Pranger and Gravel put on a great show in the Supermini class with Cole taking it 1-1.
#161 Jamieson Macdonald put himself in the conversation with 3-2 motos for 2nd. We’ve got some fast youngsters to keep an eye on.
#96 Crayden Dillon looked good, taking 2nd in Schoolboy with 2-2 motos.
#46 Tanner Scott was the rider to beat in the Schoolboy class, taking both motos on his 2-stroke.
It’s fun to watch former top 10 pro riders rip on a 125. #324 Dylan Kaelin took the win in the 2-Stroke class.
He traded wins with #58 Cooper Larche.
Of course, my cameras kept a close eye on whatever #818 Davin Grose was doing out there. He finished 4-3 for 3rd.
#444 Daniel Lindo took the win in the 250 Beginner class by staying consistent with 2-2 motos.
250 Junior went to #199 Noah Jones (1-1). He also took the win in the Open Junior class (1-1).
450 Junior went to #14 Kai Saarela after trading 3-1 motos with #29 Griffin Dietrich.
#46 Tanner Scott has made the move up to Intermediate and gave the riders fits. He traded motos wins with #164 Wyatt Kerr and took the class, so you know he’s moving!
Open Intermediate went to #292 Payton Morningstar (1-1). Payton is a big kid and his future surely lies in the 450 class.
The top class at the MotoCup is called the MP Cup Open class. #324 Dylan Kaelin was on a borrowed 2015 450 and took the class with 3-1-1 motos.
#164 Wyatt Kerr finished 2-2-2 for 2nd overall.
#46 Tanner Scott took the first moto win and then seemed to ease up in the final moto. His 1-3-3 put him 3rd.
#14 RJ Roy is back and looked pretty good. He finished 4-4-4 for 4th.
#110 Breanna Rose lost a go karting bet to Dylan Kaelin and had to run #69 for the day. She rode well and took the Ladies A win (1-1). NOTE: Had Dylan lost, he wasn’t going to be able to wear pants or a shirt, I heard.
#30 Dakota Cornwell took the Ladies B class win with 1-2 motos.
There were only 2 riders in the Girls (9-16) class and #887 Hannah Dubois took both motos for the win.
#751 Jason Flury took the win in the Youth class after trading wins with #199 Noah Jones.
+25 went to #58 Cooper Larche (1-1) over #911 Richard Chater (2-2).
#122 Mike Judge only stayed in the +40A class on Sunday because he didn’t want to leave the one other rider on his own. Guess what? The other rider didn’t race so Mike was on his own.
#234 Gary Michael is the holeshot king in the +40B class. He held on for both moto wins but had #45 John Ledbrook hounding him.
#67 Nic Wallace looked very comfortable on the jumpy track in the +50 class. He took both moto wins.
It was a great day of racing.

Full results can be found HERE.

We’ll let a bruised Dan Tricco say it. “See you at the races…