Photo Report: Women’s West Nationals|Kamloops Round 1

By Billy Rainford

The Women’s West Nationals kicked off a busy weekend here in Kamloops, BC. Last year’s champion, #1W Sara King, was back to defend her 2015 title, but it was not going to be easy. Women’s Motocross has been invaded by fast off-road riders! The addition of returning competitor #50 Shelby Turner and Endurocross star #151 Lexi Pechout is going to make this a long, drawn out battle all the way to Regina.

It was an extremely hot day in the North Thompson/Okanogan and it kept most riders looking for shade and fluids all day. The track crew had their hands full trying to keep water in the track as the sun and wind did all they could to turn it into a dust bowl.

Here’s a look at some of the action from Round 1:

Dave McGregor

Calgary’s Dave McGregor is helping out Lexi Pechout for the season.

Shelby Turney

#50 Shelby Turner may well be the happiest person you’ll meet at the track.

Lisa Matechuk Ron Matechuk

It’s a family affair in the Matechuk pit. That’s Ron and Lisa Matechuk.

Rachel Springman

Rachel Springman didn’t race but she helped out #397 Summer Knowles.

Darryl Danyluk

Did I mention it was almost 40 degrees C this past weekend?! Darryl Danyluk can attest to that!

Kevin Tyler

Kevin Tyler was one of the guys who got talked into getting things underway. Kaven Benoit also took a turn as 30-second board guy.

Sara King

#1W Sara King grabbed this huge holeshot in the first moto but #50 Shelby Turner came flying up and got past her quickly.

Kassie Boone

Kassie Boone is out west on holidays and checked out the first round.

Let’s give you the top 10…

Madi Watt

#7 Madi Watt finished 10th with 9-10 motos.

Jamie Munro

#6 Jamie Munro grabbed the 2nd moto holeshot (if my sister’s internet was better, the video would already be posted…) and finished 9th (10-7).

Kate Lees

Saskatchewan’s #9 Kate Lees had a very solid first moto and took 8th overall with 5-9 motos.

Courtney Stelter

#30 Courtney Stelter from Leduc, AB was 7th (6-8).

Kirstin Tse

#138 Kirstin Tse charged hard all day in the heat and took 7-6 motos to 6th overall.

Brittany Danyluk

#3W Brittany Danyluk should be there each week and finished 5th overall (8-4) after a tough first moto.

Dominique Daffé

#5 Dominique Daffé couldn’t wipe the smile from her face after taking 4th with 4-3 motos. She seemed just as happy for everyone else, too.

Lexi Pechout

Don’t get used to mistakes from #151 Lexi Pechout. After winning the first moto, she crashed hard in the second and fought to salvage points for 5th and 3rd overall.

Lexi Pechout

That is not an easy bike to race! Danny ‘Magoo’ Chandler, anyone?!

Sara King

#1W Sara King had to be impressed with the riding of the off-road gals. She knew she couldn’t win the series at the first round and is looking forward to some of the other tracks. 3-2 motos put her in 2nd overall.

Shelby Turner

#50 Shelby Turner is back and means business. Her 2-1 motos drew first blood and gave her top spot.

Kirstin Tse

Kirstin Tse took the Hard Charger Award for making the most passes.

Sara King

Sara King getting her RTR Holeshot Award money from moto 1.

Jamie Munro

Jamie Munro got the cash for the 2nd moto.

Brittany Danyluk

Brittany Danyluk with some 5th place face time on the stage.

Dominique Daffé

They always come up with unique awards. The top 5 got the axes as trophies. This is Dominique Daffé getting hers for 4th.

Lexi Pechout

The girls kept everyone laughing with their witty speeches. Here’s Lexi Pechout cracking us up and getting 3rd.

Sara King

Sara King taking 2nd place and moving so fast my camera couldn’t focus…

Shelby Turner

When Shelby Turner was explaining a crazy moment in a moto, announcer Brian Koster asked her to repeat it and she quickly replied, “Sorry, it’s a one-time thing.”

Women's West Podium - Kamloops

Women’s West Nationals Round 1 top 5: Shelby Turner (57), Sara King (52), Lexi Pechout (51), Dominique Daffé (48), Brittany Danyluk (41). I guess the math wasn’t sorted for the podium presentation?

Lexi Pechout

See you this Saturday in Nanaimo!

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