Photos Report | Canadian SX Points Heading into the Final Weekend

By Billy Rainford

Presented by KTM Canada

We’re two rounds in and have two rounds left to go to decide the 2020 Rockstar Triple Crown Supercross Series champions at Gopher Dunes.

Derek Schuster and the gang will give the riders a new track for this coming weekend, and it looks like they will be clamping down on the number of bodies on the property. Last week, the practice tracks and trails were open and there was the final AMO race on the Sunday, so it was a busy place.

Here’s a look at the top 10 in both classes and we head into the final races of our Pro season. Keep in mind, scoring is done like MX with 2 Mains per round.


10. 118 Christopher DaSilva YAM 46 points

Christopher has finished 9-10 and took a pretty hard crash on the first weekend. He’ll stay in the area and try to improve on his finishes this week.

9. 21 Quinn Amyotte KTM 50 points

Quinn had that spectacular start straight crash with Jeremy McKie and is also riding in some pain. He was last year’s Most Improved Rider, so he’ll need an extraordinary weekend to do that again. 10-8 at 1-2.

8. 164 Ryder McNabb HON 51 points

Ryder is just about to turn 15 and expecting wins from him is a little unfair. However, he is an extremely fast 14-year-old! I think this SX series is about getting some experience, but watch out in 2021. 8-9 heading into this weekend.

7. 41 Jeremy McKie KTM 53 points

Jeremy was in that crash with Quinn and is totally beat up along the right side of his body. He’s riding hurt and will benefit from this week to heal. He’s also still young and will be a podium threat for years to come. 11-7 with two rounds to go.

6. 25 Tyler Gibbs HON 58 points

Tyler came back from BC to race on a Honda he’s borrowing from the GDR team. He’s got lots of indoor experience so watch for him to benefit from some more seat time this week. He finished 7-6 at 1 and 2.

5. 55 Guillaume St Cyr KTM 64 points

Guillaume has gotten off to some great starts but he’ll need to pick it up a tiny bit to catch the riders ahead of him. I think he’s got the riders behind him covered, but we’ll see this weekend. Consistent 5-5 rounds heading into the final weekend.

4. 22 Jyire Mitchell KTM 74 points

Jyire should be battling for this title right now but that crash in the whoops while trying to overtake Marco Cannella has set him back after taking a DNF 12th. He’s 19 points out so it’s a tall order for him, but there’s still a chance for a podium. 3-4 with 4 Mains to go.

3. 18 Tanner Ward HON 82 points

Tanner has been impressive this SX series. He’s got the speed to win this thing and is currently tied in points with his arch rival, Cannella. He’ll need some starts and is 3-2 going into Round 3.

2. 46 Marco Cannella YAM 82 points

Marco has also shown he’s got the speed to win and will also need to grab a couple great starts to pull it off. He sits tied with Tanner and is 2-3 heading into this weekend.

1 19 Marshal Weltin KAW 93 points

Marshal has shown his whoops speed is making a huge difference. He’ll be hoping they have another tricky set at the final two rounds. He’s had to come from the back of the pack and still enjoys an 11-point lead with two rounds to go (4 Mains). 1-1 heading into the final weekend.
Place – Name
Number – Hometown
Total Points
1st 1st 93
#46 – OTTAWA, ON
2nd 3rd 82 (-11)
4th 2nd 82 (-11)
3rd 4th 74 (-19)
5th 5th 64 (-29)
7th 6th 58 (-35)
11th 7th 53 (-40)
8th 9th 51 (-42)
10th 8th 50 (-43)
9th 10th 46 (-47)
#26 – QUEBEC, QC
6th   28 (-65)
#66 – OTTAWA, ON
  11th 21 (-72)
#223 – OTTAWA, ON
  12th 19 (-74)
12th   10 (-83)


10. 57 Dario Zecca HON 41 points

Dario is a rider who was smiling on the line and said, “I just love riding my dirt bike!” 15 seconds before the gate dropped. You have to appreciate that. He’s got 41 points heading into the final rounds after going 12-10 at 1 and 2.

9. 83 Tommy Dallaire YAM 47 points

Tommy is staying in control on the track and will try to move up the ranks a spot in these last 4 Mains. I’d like to see him get a start up with the leaders and see what he can do when he hangs it out a bit. 9-9 going into this week.

8. 43 Ryan Derry HON 51 points

Ryan has been quietly going about his business out there and is in 8th place in the series. He was riding on his own in some of the Mains, but will need to push the envelope a little if he wants to move up a position. 8-8 last week.

7. 208 Logan Leitzel YAM 55 points

Logan is enjoying his opportunity with the factory team and should really benefit from a full week of practice. We’ll have to wait and see if he’s got the pace of the riders ahead of him, but I also don’t think he’s in any danger from behind. 7-7 heading in.

6. 3 Shawn Maffenbeier YAM 65 points

Shawn has said that he just hasn’t been comfortable on the SX track, so let’s see if he gets the situation sorted out this week. He’s got lots of experience indoors and finished on the podium in the MX series. I expect a different Maff this week. 5-4 at 1 and 2.

5. 10 Keylan Meston HQV 66 points

Keylan came back from a crash and then hung with Dylan Wright in a Main, so he’s moving out there! He got great starts in MX, so let’s see him start up front this week and battle with the leaders ahead of him in the points. 5-6 with a 3rd in one Main heading in.

4. 26 Josh Cartwright KAW 70 points

Josh will be the first to tell you that he was just a little too comfortable out there. He’s hoping to show a bit more aggression this week and will need it to keep the two riders behind him in the points at bay. 4-5 with 4 Mains to go.

3. 2 Matt Goerke KAW 82 points

Matt’s whoops speed means that a holeshot/check out Main isn’t out of the question. He crashed after the whoops and hurt his foot, so he’s riding in some pain, but the fact that these are the last two rounds of Pro racing of his career should motivate him to go out on top. 3-2 at rounds 1 and 2.

2. 9 Dylan Wright HON 87 points

Dylan is 7 points out of the lead and will be going for wins in each of the final 4 Mains. We knew he and Cole Thompson would make this interesting and we have not been disappointed. There is no love lost between the two so be sure watch this weekend. 2-1 usually beats a 1-3 but not when all Mains count for points.

1 16 Cole Thompson KTM 94 points

Cole is still fighting his illness but is also still leading this fight by 7 points with 4 Mains left to go. He and Dylan are in each other’s head out on the track and I don’t expect anything to change this week, no matter how hard they try to “just race.” This one is going to be fun to watch!
Place – Name
Number – Hometown
Total Points
1st 3rd 94
2nd 1st 87 (-7)
3rd 2nd 82 (-12)
#26 – QUEBEC, QC
4th 5th 70 (-24)
5th 6th 66 (-28)
6th 4th 65 (-29)
7th 7th 55 (-39)
8th 8th 51 (-43)
9th 9th 47 (-47)
12th 10th 41 (-53)
#64 – BRANT, ON
10th   23 (-71)
#577 – ARISS, ON
11th   21 (-73)
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