Quebec Press Release | COVID-19 Pandemic – ATV and Motocross Practice Allowed

May 24, 2020

COVID-19 Pandemic – ATV and Motocross Practice Allowed

Quebec, May 24, 2020 The Ministère des Transports (MTQ) announces that the practice of mountain biking and motocross is permitted throughout Quebec. Thus, the followers of these recreational sports can practice their leisure.

As the health and safety of Quebecers is a priority, it is essential for fans of these sports to comply with the health rules decreed by public health authorities during the COVID-19 pandemic. The MTQ also wishes to reiterate that it is important to respect safety rules and adopt good behavior in order to reduce the risk of accidents on the trails.

During the pandemic

The Ministère des Transports (MTQ) continues its operations while remaining on active watch and following the evolution of the pandemic.

The MTQ’s mission remains at all times to ensure, throughout the territory, the sustainable mobility of people and goods through efficient and safe transportation systems that contribute to the development of Quebec.

The MTQ encourages anyone who wishes to learn more about COVID-19 to consult Qué / coronavirus or to call 1 877 644-4545.