Some Things to Know about FWM Arenacross in February

Some things to know about AX:

– Spectators are permitted in the building as long as they are double vaxed and wearing a mask.

– Riders do not need to be vaxed.

– Rider’s mechanic does not need to be vaxed.

– All non-vaxed people are permitted to watch the race outside the building wearing a mask.

– Everyone on the premises is required to wear a mask at all times when leaving their trailer.

– FWM has arranged with Heritage Park to use the indoor floor space to store bikes in between the weekends. You must bring a piece of cardboard to put under your bike to prevent any oil drips on the floor.

– There will be no indoor pitting.

– Your RV/trailers can be left at the park in between race weekends.

-There will be no charge for this service if not plugged in.

– Plugged in trailers will incur a $35 per day charge to be prepaid.

– Please do not arrive at the gate prior to posted times. You will be turned away.

– RV/trailers parked on the premises prior to gate opening will be towed by Heritage Park.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Let’s Go Racing!!