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RJ’s National|PODCASTS

RJ’s National|PODCASTS We speak with a whole bunch of riders after the final round of the 2016 Rockstar Energy Drink MX Nationals at RJ Motosport Park in Barrie, Ontario. MX2 #529 Broc Loftus #17 Dylan Wright #20 Jess Pettis #101 Mark Worth #15 Shawn Maffenbeier #34 Westen Wrozyna MX1 #6 Cade Clason #28 Keylan Meston #800 Mike Alessi #19 Morgan Burger #56 Nathan Bles #26 Riley Brough #68 Taylor Ciampichini

McThoughts|Deschambault National|MX1 Class

McThoughts|Deschambault National|MX1 Class By Jeff McConkey Photos by Billy Rainford The second-to-last round was a good one. Early on, it looked like it was going to be Mike Alessi‘s day as he threw down a heater in qualifying that was a full second faster than anyone. Unfortunately, Mike had a fuel pump issue in moto 1, then proceeded to hit the dirt hard twice in moto 2. Davi Millsaps was

McThoughts|Deschambault National|MX2 Class

McThoughts|Deschambault National|MX2 Class By Jeff McConkey Photos by Billy Rainford Round 9 went off this past Sunday and we crowned our 2016 Rockstar Energy Drink MX Nationals MX2 champion a round early. Cole Thompson was the heavy favourite all season long, for good reason. He was simply the best guy and earned himself a championship. No disrespect to the others, it’s just that Cole was better this year. I don’t

Video: Kaven Benoit Wins Deschambault

Video: Kaven Benoit Wins Deschambault This video takes you through #11 KTM Canada Thor Racing rider Kaven Benoit‘s day as he goes on to win his first-ever MX1 moto and overall at round 9 of the 2016 Rockstar Energy Drink MX Nationals in Deschambault, Quebec.  

Photo Report|Deschambault National

Photo Report|Deschambault National By Billy Rainford We made our second of two stops in Quebec this past weekend at the rough sand track just west of Quebec City, on the north side of the St. Lawrence River in Deschambault. Most riders you spoke to on Saturday named it as one of their favourite tracks on the circuit. Unfortunately, the track came to life and bit a few of the riders

Deschambault National|PODCASTS

Deschambault National|PODCASTS We speak with several riders after round 9 of the Rockstar Energy Drink MX Nationals from Deschambault, Quebec. MX2 #36 Davey Fraser HSK #34 Westen Wrozyna KAW #20 Jess Pettis YAM #17 Dylan Wright YAM   MX1 #68 Taylor Ciampichini HON #78 Michael Fowler YAM #71 McCoy Brough and #26 Riley Brough #45 Brock Leitner KAW #529 Broc Loftus KAW #1 Matt Goerke YAM