The Story Behind the Photo: #27 Nick Wey|2015 Detroit SX

By Billy Rainford

When rumours started circulating that Michigan native #27 Nick Wey was considering retiring from touring the professional circuit last winter, I knew the 2015 Detroit SX was a big deal. I spent most of the morning trying to capture a shot that would sum it all up – that’s not always easy!

He may have seen me at races over the years, but he was probably wondering what I was doing creeping around his every move that day. Actually, he probably didn’t even notice me. Anyway, I really wanted to get a shot with him and the Detroit sign in it. I was fortunate enough to capture this moment when he had his back to the sign and his head down in sort of a ‘walking off into the sunset’ position. I knew it may be the last time we ever see Nick racing at this level at his ‘home’ Supercross.

This ended up being one of my favourite shots of the year, if not my photographic career for its poignance.


#27 Nick Wey walking off Ford Field in 2015. – Bigwave photo

From Nick Wey’s Instagram:

I’m not a good quitter. So I’m going to just say it before I change my mind.. I am not going to be racing full time in 2016. I’m a bit reluctant to say I’m retired because I will ride and occasionally race the rest of my life.

This picture was from one of my best days as a professional. I led briefly and held second to James Stewart for nearly ten laps. Chad eventually passed me but I finished third that night in Anaheim. I had an injury that required surgery the next weekend and this was my last podium finish. 
I had plenty of good races and a win in the Lites class but I had always wanted to race with the best. This night ended up being my most competitive run at a win. I have had some great races since but the feeling I had that night at Anaheim is what kept me fighting to get back to. I have so much respect for all of the guys I raced against. I love the long days at the track and training. I’m thankful for every sponsor that dropped me, every crash and surgery. Those tough times are going to help me teach my kids to be strong and appreciative. The great people I have met during my career, I will be forever thankful for. Every team owner, team manager, mechanic, and sponsor that has supported me over the years, thank you. 

Two Seven

If this is really the end, congratulations on one of the most illustrious and fulfilling motocross careers ever.