1st Annual ‘Most Influential People in Canadian MX’ | People’s Choice

Most Influential

I was talking with someone the other day, and I didn’t even know they knew anything about motocross. They actually asked me what JSR was up to because they remembered seeing him win all the time on Sportsnet a bunch of years ago. When I told him he’d been retired from Pro racing for several years now, he asked what he was up to. I explained his position over at KTM Canada and he left me with the question, “So, he’s still one of the most influential people in the sport then?
That got me thinking, “Hmm, I wonder what other people would answer to this question if we put it out there?” So, that’s what we’re going to do. Let’s see who you would put at the top of the First Annual ‘Most Influential‘ list here in Canada – People’s Choice.
So, we’re asking you:

Who is the most influential person in Canadian Motocross?

1. You can only choose one person.
2. You can choose whoever you want.
3. We will keep track of the votes and tabulate a TOP 20 list and post it up.
4. Email your choice to billy@directmotocross.com with the subject ‘Most Influential‘ OR post your answer publicly on our Facebook/Instagram/or Twitter pages.
5. If emailed, we will not make your name public.
6. We will accept names until MIDNIGHT EST DECEMBER 31st
7. The list will be published New Year’s Day.
8. You can only vote once.
9. Every vote counts, so start thinking!
10. Nominations will be accepted, starting….NOW!
This could be both fun and educational. Who do you think the winner will be? Let’s hear from you!