2016 Most Influential People in Canadian MX | People’s Choice | RESULTS

By Billy Rainford

Most Influential

The results are in for our 1st Annual Most Influential People in Canadian MX | People’s Choice.

We put it in your hands and asked you to vote for any person you feel worthy of this award for 2016. Judging from the results, the fact that this is to be an annual award was missed, but, no matter, you cast your votes and we have the results. So, without further ado, here is the Top 10 as chosen by you:


  1. ROSS PEDERSON – the most decorated racer in Canadian history
  2. RYAN GAULD – runs the AMO racing series and his online blog, Guaranteed MX
  3. AUSTIN WATLING – Intermediate racer from Corunna, Ontario
  4. BRENT WORRALL – runs Canadian Moto Show and announces races in the west
  5. CARL BASTEDO – multi-time head of Team Canada MXON and former Motopark owner
  6. CHRIS LEE – former owner of Walton Raceway and founder of the Parts Canada TransCan
  7. KYLE THOMPSON – former racer and head of Frank Fit Canada
  8. JSR – multi-time Canadian champion and head of KTM Canada’s racing effort
  9. STEVE MATTHES – Pulp MX and Racer X
  10. STU MCQUEEN – head of MCQMX in the west

Thank you to everyone who participated and cast their vote. We got a very long list of nominees but these are the top 10. It was actually very close from 1-10.

Let’s all pay attention in 2017 and do this again next December. Thank you for reading the site and we hope everyone has a great 2017!