25 Days of Christmas | Day 14 | Scott Solace Road Bike

By Billy Rainford

25 Days of Christmas

If you’re serious (or getting that way) about motocross, you need to train off the bike, and that means road biking. If you want to compete at the sharp end of the competition, you will need to be able to push 40K in around an hour. If not, you’re not in good enough shape and your youthful exuberance and natural talent won’t get that done. It’s time to get serious about cycling.

Santa may not look like he rides a lot and that’s because he doesn’t. The roads are only clear 3 weeks of the year up at the North Pole so Santa just loads his Scott Solace Carbon Bike onto his bike rack and drives around like a poser. He’s not pounding out 25-30 minute motos in 100-degree heat like you are, so looking good is 100% his goal.

  • Rough roads, marathon races, long days in the saddle- all things that the Solace 10 Disc was put on this earth for. Its HMF Carbon Fiber frame was designed with two zones, a Power Zone and a Comfort Zone, resulting in a stiff and responsive bike that will take a beating all day long without you doing the same. Equipped with Shimano Hydraulic Disc Brakes, you’ll be able to put in those long miles regardless of weather conditions. Find your Solace.

If you’re looking for a dealer near you, click the DEALER LOCATOR and go get yourself one of these comfortable rocket ships and get into shape when you head south to ride this winter. You won’t be disappointed and your results will reflect your effort.

Thanks for the support over the years, Mica Sport Canada and Scott Sports. Scott bikes keep me fit so people keep guessing just how old I really am! Older…