25 Days of Christmas | Day 3 | Atlas ‘AIR’ Neck Brace

By Billy Rainford

25 Days of Christmas

Santa Claus has been known to be in a bit of a hurry as he stops in at almost every home in the world in one night. It’s a fairly big task, but he knows he will be as safe as can be if he ever has a deer run out in front of him (see what I did there?).


You’re never going to be 100% safe in our sport but you can be an awful lot closer with an Atlas ‘AIR’ Neck Brace on.

All braces distribute force. This one make’s it unnoticeable

Flexibility is the key to injury prevention. It works for our bodies, and it’s the focal point of our design. Flexibility helps absorb impacts, rather than transferring them to the body with little or no reduction. It can even help mimic natural body movements. The combination makes wearing an Atlas Brace unnoticeably natural.

Suspension. Times 3.

All new stiffer front suspension features an increase in travel from 10 to 30mm. Why? It helps dampen a wider range of impacts, and helps keep your head in controlled rotation. Commonly referred to as “tuck and roll”, this motion can potentially reduce possible injury caused by your head coming to an abrupt stop during an impact.

New Smart Mounts. Reversible + angle adjustment.

One mount, 6 possible positions. Reversible to adjust for chest thickness, and choose from a -10, 0, or +10 degree back support angle in either size position to fine tune for your body type. Thin builds will want an inward angle, medium builds will want a neutral setting, while large builds will want an outward angle.

Easy Open. And close.

All new Easy Open system allows for quick, repeatable entry and exit with a simple push of a button, in any weather condition. Simplicity and Security.

Choose your height.

Choose from two possible height adjustments to create the best fit for your body type, helmet choice, and sport requirements. The new shim design sits between the frame and shoulder pad, adding height but keeping the pad shape and comfort the same.