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Nathan Bles to Redemption Racing in MX1 for 2015

Nathan Bles to Redemption Racing in MX1 for 2015 Bayfield, Ontario, rider and 2015 national #10 Nathan Bles has signed on with the Redemption Racing Fly GP Bikes team for the upcoming Rockstar Energy MX Nationals. Bles showed last season that he is a rider that deserves to be on every team’s radar after almost grabbing a podium at the Ulverton National late last summer. The friendly and personable rider

McThoughts: 2015 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Series

McThoughts: 2015 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Series By Jeff McConkey It’s finally here!!! A1 goes off tomorrow from Angel Stadium in snowy California. Yes, I said snowy. Let’s hope the weather doesn’t ruin the great action, as this is the most stacked 450 class ever! I’m still pretty pissed at the FIM and their handling of James Stewart and his suspension. The series will still be amazing without James, but

Welcome to the New Face of Direct Motocross!

Hello, and welcome to the all-new Direct Motocross site. January 2015 marks the 6-year anniversary of DMX and, with that, we thought it appropriate to launch this newly-designed and revamped site today. We know from watching other sites go through changes that these things are never taken lightly or without forethought, so although we wanted a few major changes behind the scenes, we were leery to make the DMX experience

$2 Tuesday: 2009 Whispering Pines National

Man, where do I start with this story?! 2009 was the summer I spent crossing the country in a 1989 Buick Electra Estate Wagon. I flew out to BC to take this road hog off the hands of Darren ‘Pillow’ Pilling who, to this day, always has great ideas for how others can work harder. It was also the summer we put what affectionately became known as ‘Pirate Radio‘ together.

Chisholms, Lindsay, Hampshire & more on Pulpmx Show Tonight

Chisholm’s, Lindsay, Hampshire & more on Pulpmx Show Tonight The Pulpmx Show presented by comes in hot just six days before Anaheim 1 with a show that will “kill it”. Host Steve Matthes is joined by Britney Chisholm to talk about the live of a SX wife, the Chiz’s plans for this season, bench race a bit and try to entertain you guys. Of course her husband Kyle will

Brief Bonus Frid’Eh Update #53

Somehow we find ourselves with a 53rd Frid’Eh Update this year (It could be argued that ’53rd and 3rd’ was the first-ever ‘punk rock’ song). I (Billy) find myself driving home from the Great White Northern town of Kirkland Lake, Ontario, and have no time to post anything of my own. With that in mind, we’d like to dedicate this Update to all of the readers who have helped keep

Out of the Blue: Leah Ricard

Name: Leah Ricard Birthday: June 25, 1999 Hometown: Oshawa, Ontario School & Grade: Msgr Paul Dwyer C.H.S Number: 72 Bike: CRF 250R Race Club: MMRS, BRMXS Classes: Ladies A, Junior     How did you get started in racing? My dad used to ride, and he got my brother and me into motocross at a very young age. When I was 5 my dad got me a KDX 50 and I rode

Atlas Signs Jason Anderson

Welcome to the team, Jason. Atlas is proud to welcome Jason Anderson to our rapidly expanding team! Jason will join a growing list of top professionals who take safety seriously by opting to wear a neck brace for the 2015 season and beyond. “I’ve always been a neck brace guy,” said Anderson. “They have changed so much in the last few years, they are way better than ever before. And

James Stewart Addresses Penalty on Instagram

We’ve been waiting to hear what the man himself had to say about the 16-month penalty (retroactive to April 2014) and now we’ve heard from him. Here is what he had to say about the situation on his Instagram @JS7: The last 8 months have been very tough & honestly devastating to a degree. The Love & support Ive received from the industry & my sponsors has been truly amazing.