Faces at the Races | 2022 River Glade MX National | Toys for Big Boys

By Billy Rainford

Brought to you by Toys for Big Boys

Let’s have some fun with people shots from Round 7 of the 2022 Canadian Triple Crown Series MX Nationals at River Glade in Moncton, NB. There’s even some real information worked in from time to time! It’s ‘Faces at the Races.’

The iconic finish line section at River Glade. It’s a welcome section for some and the cause of nightmares for many others. It looks very easy when done well, but…
Earl Doucette picking rocks on Saturday morning. It seems like every track around the world has an Earl – he’s been around forever and will still pick rocks when necessary.
Goggle prep before the action starts in the MX101 pits for #26 Westen Wrozyna.
#3 Shawn Maffenbeier getting those clear lenses spotless.
But the pin may be a little short when he tries to get 21 tear-offs on there. Special tool not included.
Canadian Moto mornings are pretty casual. Riders go from pit to pit shooting the breeze. That’s Mitch and Quinn Amyotte chatting with Westen. They’re from the same area of Ontario.
Meh, I gave it a shot.
This curious little fella shoved his arm down every hole he could find. He was also making mud pies in a puddle just out of this shot.
Sales for these kits were brisk after #533 Josiah Natzke took the win in 250 moto 1.
#474 Hunter Vaughan wondering what the hell is going on after going down in the dusty first turn.
Paul Kingsley called out 2 names that weren’t in attendance at the riders meeting. There was also a pretty well-attended managers’ meeting on Saturday that saw riders and team members alike listen in at the beginning. When I got there everyone was laughing and smiling so I guess it all got worked out.
I don’t know who this gentleman is but he has a headset and looks pretty serious. I’m just gonna say, “Great job, sir.”
Yep, I stopped by the GasGas Cobequid Callus pits and got the same hat. I only had mine signed by guys named Mitchell though.
I think we may have a full-on “Weekend at Bernie’s” situation going on here.
And then, down the line, Breanna Rose thought to herself, “We’re gonna be here all day if that guy keeps asking questions!” That guy was Max Filipek and we were there all day. (Channelling my inner Gary Larson)
That’s one of the Mitchells who signed my new hat!
I don’t even know if we’re allowed to call Dave Hewitson by his old nickname anymore?! Nobody wants to get cancelled!
Keeping an eye on a Toys for Big Boys rider.
Genetics. As they said so clearly in Team America, “It is inevitable.”
How can you not cheer for a dude who drives all the way to Moncton from Michigan alone in his van, sleeps in it, and rides a 2-stroke?! That’s #168 Cale Kuchnicki. I was cheering for him.
“Seriously, you just click on Direct Motocross, add it to your favourites, and then get all your information from there when you need it. You should see his Weekend at Bernie’s reference in this week’s Faces at the Races! I laughed till I cried.”
Dave’s ‘Princess and the Pea’ moment caught on…tape.
He said Captain, I said wot… (There’s a Captain Sensible reference for your tally in combination with Captain Morgan. It’s all in there…)
SKV senior.
#73 Brooke Merrow got caught up in that first turn crash with #8 Maya Legare in moto 1. She showed me her hand and it looked like she may have broken a finger.
We had a bit of a miscue last week when Andy Kerr said it was Week #7. We got it all sorted out.
The CMS pits were a smash hit with the locals at River Glade.
It was great to see #98 Melanie Harvey back at the races. She was in a wheel-to-wheel battle with #29 Melissa Harkin in both motos. It was some of the closest action on the track!
SKV. She is so close to running with Eve and Jamie.
Young #18 Hannah Cole is up on a big bike now. It was great to see her continue to improve. She was 5th with 5-5 motos.
Did you know there were only 16 WMX riders last week and 1/4 of them were named Brook(e)? That’s #121 Brooke Johnson from Truro, NS. She was 7th (9-6).
And to think he tried to step out of the shot. Pfft, come on, man, get in there! #798 Danielle Nowlan was all 13’s on Sunday.
#42 Derek Hamm is back in Ontario nursing that horrible gash in his arm. #70 Travis Barrette stepped up to help #10 Breanna Rose. She finished 6-7 for 6th.
This Brook, #5 Brook Greenlaw, was in some pain but toughed out a solid day going 8-8 for 8th.
We’ve all been there. The missed hand shake. And now so has 3rd place FXR PreMix racer, #244 Brock Landry.
Whatever Donk and Maff were looking at last week followed us to River Glade.
It’s #24 Tommy Dallaire’s thing. I remember my dad used to tie knots in each corner of a napkin and wear it like this. I’ll show Tommy the technique this week at Deschambault.
“So, we just look everywhere else but at his camera? Is that the way this goes?” “Yes, just do like I’m doing.”
It was great to see Nick Evennou this week in Moncton. He lives in the area now and still does tons of cycling. I got the whole calf muscle story from him. It was a good one.
It was nothing but 2 450’s in the MX101 pits this weekend. Austin Jones is still out with injury and, depending on who you listen to, Marco Cannella is hurt or not hurt.
I’ve been doing this since Shawn turned Pro many many years ago. I just point the camera at him and wait for the magic to happen. Maff and Tyler Medaglia are just dying to break the streak that Dylan Wright is on, but they’re running out of time.
It was hot in Moncton on Sunday. No, not quite Manitoba hot, but you had to think about cooling yourself down and being hydrated. PS I loved the old school strap look of the back of #84 Tanner Ward’s chest protector.
Just ask #573 Chris Blackmer. He figures he spent so much time trying to get fluids in himself that he couldn’t help but throw up during that 2nd moto.
How about this guy? Solid performance by #20 Logan Leitzel to finish 6-6 for 6th. Let’s see if he can keep the ball rolling this week.
We didn’t see a whole lot of #11 Davey Fraser this week at his “hometown” race. After all the hopes of another fist pumping holeshot, this year wasn’t his time as he’s coming back from injury.
One of the smarterer guys at the races, #19 Ryan Derry will answer any and all of your engineering-based questions for you. Ryan went down in the mud in moto 1 but came back for a much better result in moto 2 with a 16th. Look for him to get over these past couple weeks this week in Quebec.
#991 Brendan McKee as in a great battle with Tommy Dallaire this week. He finished 19-11 for 15th overall in the 450 class.
Dario Zecca and Lindsay got engaged this past weekend at Hopewell Rocks. Congrats, you guys.
You also have to cheer for #328 Talan Hansen who is from northern Wisconsin and flew all the way out to ride a borrowed bike that was a different brand than his usual. I don’t think he was super-comfy and his results showed it. Either way, kudos, man.
Ooh boy, #37 Max Filipek finished a solid 11-12 for 12th but that’s not the story here. They blew a truck motor and are right now in the middle of getting it replaced. There are a lot of moving parts to this story and it involves the kindness of a few other Canadians. Good luck, guys and thanks for the Czech beer!
Joe Kremkow, just because you’re on Julien Perrier’s team doesn’t mean you have to put your hand on your waist like he does. Sorry, I had to…Greg Poisson made me!
#17 Yanick Boucher rode looser than I think I’ve ever seen him this week. He was getting all sideways off the second jump along the finish straight and it was cool to see. He didn’t have a good day back in 18th (16-20) but he looked more comfortable than I’ve seen him during practice and qualifying.
#150 Brett Young has been the hot young prospect out of the maritimes for a number of years. He said he doesn’t have much interest in chasing the series across the country, but I think we’re going to see him in Quebec this week. He finished 14-15 for 15th in the 450 class.
Eve and Jamie Astudillo split wins again this week so they are still close heading into this weekend.
I have a Members Only jacket that would set this outfit off perfectly. OK, OK, I know it just means “beach” in Spanish…or does it?
I saw more rear flats this year than I can remember at River Glade.
Which way to the playa?! Even with broken ribs he sustained practicing out here before this round, Dylan Wright has kept his perfect season alive. There’s just no such thing as a “saying shutout” curse so you can get out of here with all that BS.
If that were an old film Minolta camera, the author of this photo would have to be none other than Bill Petro! What a lid!
Who’s betting against #64 Ryder McNabb to take the 250 title? If you are, I’ll take some of that action! He’s now up by 20 points over Mitchell Harrison.
There we go. We got it right this week. We have a streak of our own to worry about!
Speaking of big bores. What’s up with #31 William Crete’s starts lately? He’s money in the bank! They helped him to 5th place this week (4-8). Go ahead, tear him down. I dare you.
It’s great to see #12 Julien Benek getting back to his old self again after his leg and head injuries. He finished up in 6th place and was in some heated battles. I don’t know where he’s going with his lid, but at least he has options!
I sort of got used to #533 Josiah Natzke dominating so it was a bit weird to see him actually get beat again. He split wins with McNabb for 2nd overall this past week.
#33 Jeremy McKie ready to go out and grab his first Pro overall podium.
When #14 Quinn Amyotte got out of shape, his right leg went between the back wheel and the rear fender of McKie. His left leg was still on the bike and he found out the hard way that he couldn’t do the splits. He didn’t feel Jeremy let off the gas as quickly as he should have. Quinn ended up 5-20 for 13th.
#30 Sebastien Racine is the only rider under the factory KTM tent now. With Jess Pettis still out and now #1 Jake Piccolo likely gone with a broken hand, Sebastien has a lot of people and resources behind him now. He was 4th with 7-4 motos.
#22 Tyler Gibbs is out with a broken T4 and T12 and a separated shoulder after his crash with fellow Mission, BC rider #130 Devyn Smith. Devyn suffered a torn bowel and had to have some emergency surgery. Pretty rough day for two of the fastest BC riders we have travelling the series.
#315 Jordan Melanson is a rider I remember from many years ago. In fact, I have a photo of him I bet he hopes I’ve lost. Anyhoo, he is a good up-and-coming Intermediate rider from the maritimes and he finished 19th (16-23).
#300 Kevin Sullivan was getting as sideways as anyone over the big jump this week. It was fun to watch. He went on to finish 17th (19-16).
Oliver Benek rocking a dew rag. I told you it was hot out!
As soon as I remembered I’d left my chair under the tent beside the stage I regretted it. Post race riders really did a number on it. After getting my other one stolen at Walton, this is my last chair!
Both GDR riders are riding through some issues, but they will likely bring home both titles despite it.
I had no idea Melanie Harvey was doing this until I was going through my photos today. Classic.
OK, one more riding photo is sneaking in here. Tommy, would you care to repeat what you were yelling at lapped rider #143 Taylor Delarosbil as you were battling McKee here? That was a good battle for a while!
Great crowd at River Glade. Easily the biggest of the season so far.
Tyler Medaglia was Steady Eddie again with 2-2 motos for 2nd. He’s got 4 more tries to stop the streak.
Dylan’s goggles headed out to find a new home.
As did his shirt.
Liz Burke (left) was on the WMX podium last time we raced here. She didn’t race this year but says she’s definitely not done racing.
I won’t let Tyler see your pick for his finish this week, Derek Medaglia.
Jeremy McKie stepping onto the stage for his first-ever Pro overall podium.
But things got a little frosty when the Amyotte camp showed an angry pit board up at him from across the crwod.
“If looks could kill you would be an uzi.” (It’s Salt N Pepa, people!) (Google it, Bowker!) I don’t care Jeremy, you got your first podium so you’re saying it this week…”See you at the races...”