Frid’Eh Udpate #44 | Zach Ufimzeff | Brought to You by KTM Canada

By Billy Rainford

Brought to you by KTM Canada
Wee #44 belongs to Zach Ufimzeff from Lake Country, BC. | Bigwave photo

Welcome to Week #44 of the DMX Frid’Eh Update this week brought to you by KTM Canada. The Canadian Triple Crown Series is officially over and we’ve crowned champions. We still have some Future West Moto Arenacross out in Chilliwack, BC to look forward to, but we’ll turn our attention to other parts of the world for most of our racing action until next spring. Canada is closed and heading to the hockey rink for a few months.

Not so fast! We’re having a really strange and warm fall here in my neck of the woods – southwestern Ontario. In fact, records will fall tomorrow as we look to hit 22C on Saturday! That means we’re still able to ride like it’s summer around here, but more on that later.

Zach Ufimzeff from Kelowna, BC (Lake Country, more specifically) is #44 for the 2022 season. Zach’s dad grew up right here in the London, Ontario, area (Byron, more exactly) so we’ve got a lot of stories from the past we can talk about to bore Zach to tears.

Zach has been one of those fast and smooth riders we’ve been watching since he was a youngster on little bikes. He recently turned Pro and has been improving at almost every race we see him at. He’s got the style and potential to go far in the sport if he keeps at it.

He had a couple glitches in his results this past summer, but he really should be fighting well inside the top 10 every time the gate drops in a 250 National.

Here’s a look at his 2022 250 Pro National season:

As you can see, 10th overall was his best finish last summer, but I don’t think these results tell the whole story of his speed – starts were his Achilles heal. We grabbed him for a chat this week to talk about his season and ask him what he plans to do for the future. Here’s what he had to say:

Here’s what Zach Ufimzeff had to say when we spoke with him this week. | Bigwave photo

Direct Motocross: Hello, Zach. We haven’t seen you since the end of the MX Nationals season this summer, so let’s talk about that. You grabbed a few 10th places in the 250 class this summer. Can you tell how you feel your MX series went?

Zach Ufimzeff: Hey Billy, thanks for reaching out. My dad spent all summer with me and we went to all the Nationals across Canada. By the end we were ready to head back to B.C. As far as results, my speed is better than my results show. I need to figure out some things to get to where I need to be.

Zach struggled with starts and found himself having to charge through the pack at most Nationals in 2022. | Bigwave photo

I think you’re a rider we should have seen up higher in the rankings more often. What do you think kept you from fighting for top 5’s?

I struggled with my starts, my average was 17-20th position. With those starts, I would push really hard and end up going down. I need to fix these mistakes, keep it on 2 wheels and I’ll be fine. I did that at Deschambault and got 7th in the moto. 

I agree. What have you been up to since the final round at Walton Raceway? Do you have a job when you’re not racing?

I was planning on going back to work, but that didn’t happen. One week after we got back, I raced a “Supercross under the lights” in Spokane. Had an attractive Pro purse so took full advantage of that. 

Airway Heights, Washington

Supercross #7 – August 26

Unlimited Pro Class – Overall Finish Positions  View Laptimes   View Points for this Class Points for this class
Overall Name Moto 1 Moto 2 Points Earned

1st 1st 20

2nd 3rd 16

3rd 5th 13

7th 2nd 11

5th 4th 10

4th 6th 9

6th 7th 8

Supercross #8 – August 27

Unlimited Pro Class – Overall Finish Positions  View Laptimes   View Points for this Class Points for this class
Overall Name Moto 1 Moto 2 Points Earned

2nd 1st 20

4th 2nd 16

3rd 3rd 13

1st 5th 11

5th 4th 10

6th 6th 9

7th DNS 8

8th DNS 7

We didn’t see you at any of the SX or AX races in the Triple Crown Series. Why not?

A month after Nationals I headed south to Farm14 so I missed all SX and AX rounds.

(Farm14 MX is Kevin Windham‘s track in Centreville, MS)

Zach trains at Farm14 MX in Mississippi with Kevin Windham and is down there right now. | Bigwave photo

We also haven’t seen you at any of the Future West Moto AX races in Chilliwack, either. How come?

I wanted to do the AX in Calgary, but I’m still down south, so that wasn’t an option.

Do you have plans to come home and race any of the remaining rounds?

I’ll be back in December so we’ll see about Future West AX.

How old are you now, Zach?

I turned 20 in September.

Oh, and you got yourself a road bike, finally! How has that been going? Do you see that as another tool to get you where you want to be? Are you enjoying it?

Yep. The road bike is a great tool. I’m on it quite a bit now. Took a while to get used to it, but it’s really nice to go out with a couple guys and put in the work. 

What are your plans for this coming winter?

I’ll be back for 2 months and we’ll see, head down south. Just haven’t confirmed when it will happen. 

Zach will be back at it again in 2023 but says it’s a little too early to make specific plans just yet. | Bigwave photo

And then what about the 2023 season? Are you making plans to take another run? If so, do you have a travel plan?

Yes, back for 2023, but it’s too early to make any plans at the moment.

Will you ever take a run at an AMA Supercross? Is that something you’d like to do?

I’ve done the Supercross Futures and really enjoyed it, so definitely in the plan to go race Supercross

OK, thanks for taking time with us today. Good luck and who would you like to thank?

Thank you. I’d like to thank Valley Moto Sport, KTM Canada, Fox Canada, 100%, LimeNine, Matrix Concepts Canada, Guts Racing, Acerbis, and Ryno Power.

Jess Pettis Racing in Germany

#15 Jess Pettis is over in Germany to race the ADAC German Supercross series in Stuttgart this weekend. Jess will be racing the SX1 class. He’ll be with the Sarholz Racing Team, the same group that helped Dylan Wright and Team Canada at the MXON in 2021 over in Italy.

Entry List:


1 Ryan Breece Mayer Racing United States Yamaha
3 Nicholas Aubin KAWASAKI ELF TEAM ARROW France Kawasaki
6 Thomas Ramette Team Twenty suspension France Yamaha
15 Jess Pettis KTM Sarholz Racing Team Canada KTM
20 Greg Aranda Storm Racing Team France KTM
21 Julien Roussaly Storm STC Racing Team France Yamaha
31 Adrian Malaval KMP Honda Racing France Honda
69 Tyler Bowers KAWASAKI ELF TEAM ARROW United States Kawasaki
85 Cedric Soubeyras Team Twenty suspension France Honda
108 Stefan Ekerold Visual Alz Production Germany Husqvarna
124 Mathias Tang Becker Racing Denmark KTM
137 Adrien Escoffier Visual Alz Production France Husqvarna
141 Maxim Desprey Mayer Racing France Yamaha
200 Filippo Zonta PrivateerMX Italy KTM
225 Charles LeFrancois Team Twenty suspension France Honda
412 Fredrik Goul Alfa Suspension Racing Denmark Husqvarna
511 Steven Clarke S-tech racing products GBR Honda
707 Robin Kappel Storm STC Racing Team France Kawasaki
727 Boris Maillard Johannes-Bikes Suzuki France Suzuki
747 Hugo Basaula Visual Alz Production Portugal Husqvarna
817 Jason Clermont HFour Racing Team France Kawasaki
911 Jordi Tixier France Honda
945 Anthony Bourdon Storm Racing Team France Yamaha
952 Ludovic Macler KMP Honda Racing France Honda


5 Max Lausch Team Twenty suspension Germany Husqvarna
22 Mickael Lamarque HFour Racing Team France KTM
37 Carl Massury KTM Sarholz Racing Team Germany KTM
64 Dominique Thury Team Twenty suspension Germany Yamaha
72 Lucas Imbert Storm Racing Team France Yamaha
79 Hunter Locksmith Mayer Racing United States Yamaha
99 Jimmy Graywoda Becker Racing France KTM
101 Xurxo prol PrivateerMX Spain KTM
119 Cyril Elsener Alfa Suspension Racing Switzerland KTM
145 Jeroen Bussink Alfa Suspension Racing Netherlands KTM
162 Maxwell Sanford KLmotors Racing United States Honda
170 Yannis Irsuti KAWASAKI ELF TEAM ARROW France Kawasaki
190 Lorris Bollmann Johannes-Bikes Suzuki Germany Suzuki
221 Kevin Ballanger PrivateerMX France Yamaha
252 Paul Bloy S Tech Racing Germany KTM
256 Magnus Smith Becker Racing Denmark Yamaha
259 Julien Lebeau KAWASAKI ELF TEAM ARROW Germany Kawasaki
276 Joan David Rosell Storm STC Racing Team Spain Yamaha
324 MaximE Charlier KTM Sarholz Racing Team Germany KTM
335 Enzo Polías Visual Alz Production France Husqvarna
521 Boris Blanken KMP Honda Racing Netherlands Honda
773 Thomas Thu Storm STC Racing Team France Honda
831 Brice Maylin Storm Racing Team France Husqvarna
921 Ulli Stocker Germany Kawasaki
965 Hugo Manzato Visual Alz Production France Husqvarna

Racing starts at 3:00pm (Eastern) Friday and 1:30pm (Eastern) Saturday. You can sign up to watch it live on SPYTV.

Dylan Wright Recuperating after Double ACL Surgery

Canadian 450 MX Champion, Dylan Wright. | Bigwave photo

We’ve all seen the Instagram post from our current 450 Canadian Triple Crown Series champion Dylan Wright where’s he’s post double ACL surgery addressing his fans. If not, here it is:

The above post was made over 3 weeks ago, so I figured it was time to place a phone call to see how he’s been doing since then. As you know, even one ACL surgery is a lot to come back from, but Dylan went for both after racing the 2022 season without a functioning ACL in either knee. The goal was to get both repaired at once and have him back in action to defend his title again in 2023.

I’m happy to report that Dylan’s recovery is amazing his doctors and his therapists.

Dylan was on his way to a physio appointment in Ottawa when I reached him this morning. After that, he’ll be heading to Gopher Dunes for a quick visit and to drop off some bikes.

Impressively, he said he feels like he could throw a leg over a bike already! Of course, he won’t but all signs are pointing to a full and speedy recovery.

He said he’s already been walking around on his own for 2 weeks now. He went straight from a week of being in a wheelchair to throwing away the crutches and walking without aid. He just needs to be careful with any side-to-side movement as the ligaments repair and strengthen.

Dylan is on track to be as ready as ever when the 2023 season starts. | Bigwave photo

He’s already got almost full range of motion and says the plan is to get him doing squats and strength training as early as next week.

Because of the recovery, he’ll head south a bit later than usual, but the plan is to do so some time in mid-February.

All of this is bad news for the competition as it looks like the choice to do both at once will pay off very well and have him ready for action when the series starts again in 2023. As far as all that goes, we haven’t seen an official press release from the Honda Canada GDR Fox Racing team but he’ll be returning to go for another title in 2023 and beyond.

Good luck with everything, Dylan.

Endurocross Round 5 in Boise, Idaho Saturday

Round 5 of the 2022 Geico Endurocross heads to Boise, Idaho, Saturday. Canadians Shelby Turner and Trystan Hart lead the points.

Watch all the action on RydeTV.

Live timing on Speedhive HERE.

Expert Women:

9/17/2022 9/24/2022 10/1/2022 10/22/2022  
Pos No. Name Total Diff Gap Ex Total Ex Total Ex Total Ex Total
1 1 Shelby Turner 111 0 0 21 21 30 30 30 30 30 30
2 77 Louise Forsley 105 6 6 30 30 25 25 25 25 25 25
3 417 Rachel Gutish 88 23 17 25 25 21 21 21 21 21 21
4 676 Hallie Marks 72 39 16 18 18 18 18 18 18 18 18
5 31 Allie Stambaugh 16 95 56 x x x x 16 16 x x
6 28 Mackenzie Tricker 0 111 16 x x DNS 0 x x x x
7 107 Cydney Reinen 0 111 0 x x DNS 0 x x x x

Pro Men:

9/17/2022 9/24/2022 10/1/2022 10/22/2022  
Pos No. Name Total Diff Gap Total Total Total Total
1 84 Trystan Hart 97 0 0 25 12 30 30
2 22 Jonny Walker 82 15 15 13 30 18 21
3 111 Taddy Blazusiak 82 15 0 30 16 21 15
4 2 Cody Webb 80 17 2 5 25 25 25
5 1 Colton Haaker 65 32 15 15 18 14 18
6 12 Cooper Abbott 64 33 1 18 14 16 16
7 96 Tim Apolle 53 44 11 14 10 15 14
8 513 Ryder Leblond 50 47 3 12 21 7 10
9 15 Max Gerston 46 51 4 9 15 10 12
10 6 Ty Cullins 46 51 0 11 13 13 9

Preston Masciangelo to Race AMA Arenacross

Preston Masciangelo has announced he will be racing at least the first round of the AMA Arenacross series in Albany, Georgia, November 18th. Preston rides with support from the Partzilla PRMX Team.

Chase Marquier to ride a 450 for Partzilla PRMX when Supercross kicks off. | Bigwave photo

Speaking of Partzilla PRMX, it looks like Chase Marquier will ride a 450 on the team when the 2023 Monster Energy AMA Supercross series starts in Anaheim.

Walton Raceway to Take Ownership of the Thor Kawasaki Pro Circuit Team

Following in the footsteps of MX101 and Gopher Dunes, it looks like Walton Raceway will step into the team ownership game starting in 2023 with the Thor Kawasaki Pro Circuit team.

As Huber Motorsports pulls away from the team, Walton Raceway is set to step in. We understand that the team is currently looking at several riders to fill the seats over there, so we’ll keep an eye out for more developments.

Update: We’re told Tanner Ward and Dylan Rempel will return for 2023.

2022 Final Triple Crown Points and 2023 Numbers

Place – Name
Number – Hometown
Total Points
3rd 1st 1st 2nd 5th 2nd 8th 2nd 1st 1st 2nd 4th 1st 1st 485
#64 – MANITOBA, 
1st 4th 3rd 3rd 2nd 1st 1st 1st 3rd           383 (-102)
7th 5th 5th 6th 6th 4th 13th 5th 5th 4th 4th 5th 2nd 3rd 362 (-123)
6th 3rd 6th 10th 8th 3rd 4th 3rd 4th           293 (-192)
12th 8th 9th 7th 11th 10th 3rd 4th 2nd   10th 9th     273 (-212)
2nd 2nd 2nd 5th 3rd 5th                 233 (-252)
  9th 7th 12th 9th 12th 7th 6th 9th 9th 13th 12th     213 (-272)
4th 14th 8th 4th 10th 6th       7th 5th 8th     202 (-283)
#533 – NEW ZEALAND, 
      1st 1st 9th 2nd 7th             199 (-286)
5th 6th 4th 9th 4th 8th                 185 (-300)
#66 – DUNCAN, BC
11th 13th 14th 15th 18th 16th 11th 11th 12th       9th 9th 156 (-329)
10th 11th 12th 16th 19th 15th 10th 10th 13th           150 (-335)
#12 – MISSION, 
14th 7th 15th     11th 6th           3rd 10th 136 (-349)
              8th 6th 3rd 8th 6th 5th 6th 132 (-353)
13th 10th 11th   15th 19th 9th 16th 14th           121 (-364)
      11th 13th 14th   9th 7th 8th 14th       114 (-371)
          7th 5th 12th 11th           99 (-386)
#16 – BRIGDEN, 
        7th         2nd 1st 1st     99 (-386)
      8th 17th 13th     10th 6th 12th       91 (-394)
#515 – RED DEER, AB
18th 17th 19th 19th 22nd 20th 12th 17th         11th 12th 66 (-419)
Place – Name
Number – Hometown
Total Points
1st 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st           450
2nd 2nd 2nd 2nd 2nd 2nd 2nd 2nd             350 (-100)
13th 7th 3rd 4th 4th 4th 4th 3rd 2nd   1st 4th     350 (-100)
10th 3rd 4th 5th 3rd 3rd 3rd 4th 6th           312 (-138)
6th 6th 7th   9th 7th 10th     3rd 6th 6th 3rd 6th 242 (-208)
4th 5th 8th 6th 5th 13th 5th       5th       217 (-233)
#13 – CANADA, BC
5th     9th 7th 8th 7th 13th 4th 8th 12th 10th     211 (-239)
#577 – MEXICO, 
12th 9th 5th 17th 13th 5th 11th 5th 7th           208 (-242)
9th 8th 17th 10th 22nd   9th 20th 10th       7th 9th 151 (-299)
#17 – HEARST, ON
11th 15th 10th 14th 8th 18th 18th 7th 14th           143 (-307)
#21 – BRANT, 
      8th 6th 6th   6th 9th           134 (-316)
18th 12th 11th 11th 10th   19th 17th 21st 7th 14th 13th     121 (-329)
#10 – CALGARY, 
  4th 6th           5th       9th 10th 119 (-331)
#16 – BRIGDEN, 
      3rd           1st 3rd 2nd     107 (-343)
7th 11th 9th 19th                 6th 5th 102 (-348)
                  2nd 4th 1st 10th 1st 101 (-349)
      7th   11th 6th 8th             100 (-350)
#37 – GRIMSBY, 
      12th 11th 14th 12th 16th 13th           94 (-356)
              9th   5th 10th 7th 5th 7th 94 (-356)
#24 – CANADA, ON
      20th 12th 10th 13th 11th 18th 14th 15th 14th     90 (-360)

Motocross des Nations 2023 in Ernée

It’s already time to buy tickets at discount prize!

He is back! Yes, the Motocross of Nations will be back next year at Ernée, who already met the event twice in 2005 and 2015. On October 21st and 22nd the French team will try to clinch the Chamberlain Trophy, as they did in 2015 when Gautier Paulin, Romain Febvre and Marvin Musquin won the event.

Scheduled in 2020 but cancelled due to the pandemic, the MXoN will finally be back in Ernée for the third time on October 2023. In 2005 the event was marked by the comeback of Team USA who beats teams France and Belgium for and event that the FIM called “The rebirth of the MXoN” as the event was a huge success. It was even stronger when the French Team line up in 2015 with the numbers 1,2 and 3 on their bikes, and won it for the second year in a row thanks to Gautier Paulin, Romain Febvre and Marvin Musquin. Teams USA and Belgium, once more, shared the podium with the Frenchies.

What can we expect for 2023? It’s too early to do any prognostic, we just know which numbers will have the teams as USA won the 2022 edition, followed by the French and the Australian.

Less than one-year prior the event, the MC Ernée make a special offer to the fans who will buy their tickets before January 31st

Adult weekend: 99€ (instead of 150)

Kid (12-17 years) weekend: 40€ (instead of 65)

Adult Sunday: 75€ (instead of 115)

Kid (12-17 years) Sunday: 35€ (instead of 50)

Adult Saturday: 40€ (instead of 65)

Kid (12-17 years) Saturday: 20€ (instead of 35)

The paddock is included in the ticket for kids

For adults it will coast 40€ for the weekend or 30€ just for Sunday

To buy tickets please visit:

Supercross of Paris 2022

The stars are back at the main European SX

Paris Supercross has a long and rich history and after two frustrating years due to the pandemic the show is back in town with many of the best Supercross riders in the world including Eli Tomac and Cooper Webb, the last two US champions! But it will not be a two-horse race as they will face strong opposition from Ken Roczen and Marvin Musquin, each of whom have also confirmed their presence in Paris on November 13th and 14th.

As in the previous 38 events since the very first edition in 1984 the Paris Supercross has attracted the same overwhelming public interest; the Saturday evening show has already been ‘sold out’ for several weeks even though the Paris La Defense Arena is one of the largest indoor stadiums in the French capital. French and European fans clearly don’t want to miss this year’s event; only in Paris can you see such a great event with such a strong line-up.

Eli Tomac is back in Paris

For the fourth time in his career Eli Tomac will race the Paris SX and never in the past has he been coming off such a great season! Eli doesn’t cross the Atlantic so often and the goal of the reigning US Supercross AND Motocross champion, winner of the MX of Nations with Team USA and a 56-time US Supercross winner will be to take home another French trophy after his win at the 2014 Paris SX. Cooper Webb has previously only raced in Paris once – in 2015 – but since then he has claimed two US Supercross titles – 2019 and 2021 – and won nineteen Main events. Eli and Cooper, the winners of the last four editions of the US Supercross series, will line up alongside two of their regular opponents. Ken Roczen will race in Paris for the very first time while French idol Marvin Musquin has already been a three-times winner at the Paris SX in 2016, 2017 and 2021. Each won a round of the 2022 US championship and the Transatlantic delegation is completed by Justin Brayton – on the podium last year at Paris – Kevin Moranz and Alex Ray.

The French riders

As usual the best French domestic riders will be present and once more they will fight for top results. Last year Cedric Soubeyras joined Musquin and Brayton on the podium, and he will again lead the French team alongside Greg Aranda, Maxime Desprey, Thomas Ramette, Anthony Bourdon, Adrien Escoffier and Julien Roussaly in the SX1 class. There will be even more Frenchies in the SX2 class as Paris is a round of the French SX Tour. The top ten riders in the standings will be present (after the first three rounds Brice Maylin is leading the classification ahead of Lucas Imbert and Yannis Irsuti) and for this event several wild cards have been selected by the promoter: Chris Blose, Jace Owen, Justin Starling and Cullin Park from the USA, Australian Matt Moss, Spain’s Anders Valentin and France’s Quentin Prugnières and Enzo Polias will give an international touch to the French series.


In Paris the show has always been one of the priorities for the organisers, and of course the FMX riders will enthrall the fans during their appearances; Spaniard Edgar Torronteras, Swiss Matt Rebeaud, Belgian Julien Vanstippen and Frenchies David Rinaldo and Nicolas Texier will put on two big-air shows! Racing, show, lights, FMX, music, that is the combination which will once again make the Paris SX such a huge event. If you want to experience the event live then don’t lose time as there are only a few seats still available for Sunday afternoon; the show start at 3 pm, but all tickets give access to the stadium for the practice sessions.

The fans will be able to watch the races live on:

There will be a live timing, all the details later next week on

For more information and to buy tickets please visit the website


Start at 51€

Special rates for kids on SundayAll tickets give access to the stadium for the practice sessions 


Saturday November 12th at 7.00 pm

Sunday November 13th at 3.00 pm All information on:

We’ll leave you with a couple GoPro videos shot from a beautiful Wednesday in November over at Gopher Dunes. See you there this coming Wednesday!

OK, it’s time to sit on the bike trainer and watch some German Supercross! Have a great weekend, everyone.

Sorry. See you at the races…