Frid’Eh Update #46 Presented by CANADA, EH!

By Jeff McConkey and Billy Rainford


Kyle Regal Sand Del Lee 2015

Week #46 belongs to Texas hotshot, Kyle Regal | Bigwave photo

Welcome to week 46 of the calendar year here at Direct Motocross. When we see the big #46, I think most of our minds go straight to multi-time world Moto GP champion, Valentino Rossi, or perhaps even up and coming Canadian amateur riders, Marco Cannella and Tyler Gibbs. However, although we never got to see him run it, #46 in the Canadian Rockstar Energy MX Nationals was none other than Kyle Regal.

Kyle Regal Gopher Dunes 2015

Kyle raced Gopher Dunes, Sand Del Lee, and Deschambault in 2015 (shown here talking with Brett Metcalfe at Gopher Dunes). | BIgwave photo

That’s right. The 2015 Amsoil Arenacross champ raced a couple times in Canada in 2015 and earned enough points to take #46. I remember showing up at a pre-season ride day at Gopher Dunes and thinking to myself, “Hey, that guy looks an awful lot like Kyle Regal…nahhhhh.” Well, it turned out it was indeed Kyle on a Husqvarna 250 2-stroke that he figured he’d race in the MX2 class here. (Loud buzzer sound) Nope. He wasn’t eligible to race the 250 2-stroke in the MX2 class and had to run it in the MX1 class with the 450 4-strokes. He was at a definite disadvantage but did what he could.

Kyle Regal Gopher Dunes 2015

We were surprised to see Kyle putting in laps at Gopher Dunes on a Husqvarna 250 2-stroke when we showed up for practice day back in 2015 | Bigwave photo


Gopher Dunes – 9-17 10th

Sand Del Lee 14-11 11th

Deschambault 16-12 14th

Not exactly the results someone like Kyle Regal was hoping for when he came north of the border, but not bad on a 250 2-stroke in the MX1 class.

Kyle Regal Gopher Dunes 2015

If we can get in touch with Kyle, watch for an interview with him here on the site | Bigwave photo



Hi, guys. First of all, I would like to thank all of the great men and women for my Past, Present, and Future Freedoms! Remembrance Day is very important to me, and I’m pretty disappointed that it is not a statutory holiday. Let’s be serious, we wouldn’t have a ‘Family Day’ here in Ontario if it weren’t for all of the heroes that we need to pay tribute on November 11th.


We are nearing the 3rd week of November and that means Supercross prep is in full effect. The practice tracks are busy and the preseason races are underway. There are races going on everywhere. We have Ryan Lockhart and Kyle Springman racing over in Finland at the Tampere SX.

Then we have 3 racers, all with strong Canadian connections racing the German SX series.  Canadian National  #7 Cade Clason, former MX2 National Champion Austin Politelli, and AX Tour Canada main event winner Steven Mages. All 3 of these guys will be flying the flag for Meyer Honda in the super competitive German series.

Dylan Wright to Honda Canada GDR Fox Racing for 2017-18

How about the big news of Dylan Wright signing a 2-year deal with Honda Canada GDR Fox Racing?! GDR wants to win both titles in 2017, and they just upped their chances  big time! Dylan has always had that ‘wow’ factor. He’s a multi-time amateur champion, and he really stepped up his game in 2016.


Leading into 2016, Dylan spent his winter in California with Matt Goerke, Shawn Maffenbeier, and Keylan Meston. What ever they did, it worked! All 4 guys had great seasons and I think they really need to thank each other for pushing and making it happen. Dylan rolled into round one and shocked a lot of people by winning the very first moto of the season. Dylan was unable to secure the championship, but he solidified himself as a contender. Moving to the powerful GDR team will be good for Dylan. MX101 has a great program, but sometimes change is good. I feel the new team and teammate will help get Dylan to the next level. Almost like JSR and Blair Morgan helped a young Colton, I feel like Colton will show Dylan the way. Now for MX101.

First thing they need to do is lock Jess Pettis in for a few years, and then go after a guy like Shawn Maffenbeier. In my opinion, Jess is the next guy in line behind Dylan. He has been absolutely flying in AX, and I feel it will continue throughout the season. Shawn had a very good season, finishing 2nd overall for 2016. I kind of remember seeing Maffenbeier shaking hands with MX101 FXR Yamaha’s Kevin Tyler at RJ’s.

20160813- Shawn Maffenbeier Kevin Tyler

Shawn Maffenbeier to MX101 FXR Yamaha? | Jeff McConkey photo

But wait… I think I seen him shaking hands with Monster Energy Alpinestars Kawasaki’s Jason Hughes as well.


Shawn Maffenbeier to Monster Energy Alpinestars Kawasaki? | Jeff McConkey photo

Where will ‘Lil’ Muff’ end up? Your guess is as good as mine. Only time will tell.

One guy I would like to see land on a team up here would be Dakota Alix. I feel this guy could be a championship contender, no matter who’s in the class. I guess we will have to wait and see.

Short and sweet for me this week. A big congrats to Bill Van Vugt Sr.. Bill finished a solid 2nd in the plus 70 class at the World Vet Championships at Glen Helen. Bill is one badass old dude and I don’t see him letting up anytime soon.

Some sad news, our close friend Seth Rarick lost his father, Marty Rarick, this week. Our deepest condolences to Seth and his family. A Happy Birthday  shoutout to Tim Tremblay. I’m sure he’s in full Snocross mode getting ready for the ’17 season. Have a great weekend everyone, and #smileforBC!


Well, since Jeff touched on just about EVerything in two sentences, I guess there’s nothing more to say. Have a great weekend, everyone.


OK, OK, I guess I can come up with a couple more things. We’re about to take a break to head down to the Remembrance Day ceremony here in downtown London, so we will continue once we return from that.

How’s THIS for a war story that needs to be made into a book and movie?

My grandfather, William ‘Reg’ Rainford the 1st, was an officer in WWII. He broke his back when they rolled their Jeep after realizing they were going to be late for ‘high tea’ back at the base in North Africa. He was a tail-gunner and shot down over the desert in Africa. He survived for 6 days without water, got picked up by the Arabs (who kept him drunk the entire time), handed over to the Italians, went to a POW camp, did the classic ‘make up a holiday so they could check on the enlisted men’ trick, escaped from camp, crossed the Alps, had 2 Italian girls sneak them across the checkpoint, made it into Switzerland where we have photos of him playing drums in a band at a bar in Arosa (we have photos of all of it, actually!), raced the bobsled in the Wartime Swiss Championships, did a classic 11th-hour burst into the courtroom with evidence that put away a couple high-ranking German soldiers for war crimes, and then worked as a bartender at an all girls college until he passed away. This guy could tell a story or two! He actually kept a very detailed journal (which I have). I took a run at writing his story but got totally bogged down in the actual history of the North African campaign and it has kept me from really digging into it. I vow to get it done before it’s too late!

2017 Rockstar Energy MX Nationals Making a Stop in Prince George, BC

Yes, we will indeed be heading to Prince George, BC for round 2 of the 2017 Rockstar MX Nationals next summer. I spoke with all three parties involved in the decision (Mark Stallybrass from the CMRC, Dave Taschuk from the Wastelands in Nanaimo, and Kourtney Lloyd from the PGMA in Prince George) and will give the story the attention it deserves in an article once the Update is finished.


Mark Stallybrass commented that it reminded him a little of the track in Ernée, France, in that it sits on the side of a hill and you can see 95% of the track from one place in the pits and stands.

As I alluded too above, yes, this means we will not be heading to Vancouver Island to Nanaimo in 2017. The math works out with distances and losing the cost of the BC Ferries. More on this later.

Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Champion Ken Roczen to Serve as Honorary Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Champion Ken Roczen to Serve as Honorary

One More Round for Cole Thompson


45th Mini O’s Are Coming

2016 Mini O's

What to Watch this Weekend





Future West Arenacross Championships Schedule



2015 Scott Speedster FOR SALE. $999 takes it!

Speedster 10 (15)
Built by:
Available Sizes  XL / 58cm
Bottom Bracket Shimano 105
Brakes Shimano BR-561 Black Super SLR
Cassette Shimano 105, 11-32, 11-speed
Chain KMC X11
Cranks Shimano FC-RS500 Black Hyperdrive, 50/34, 172.5mm
Fork Speedster carbon, 1 1/8in alloy steerer
Fork Offset 4.5
Frame Material Speedster Aero 6061 aluminium
Front Derailleur Shimano 105
Front Tyre Kenda Kriterium 23mm
Front Wheel Weight 1330
Handlebar Syncros RR2.0 Anatomic 42cm
Head Angle 72.5
Headset Type Integrated cartridge
Rear Derailleur Shimano Ultegra
Rear Tyre Kenda Kriterium 23mm
Rear Wheel Weight 1890
Saddle Syncros Road Endurance
Seat Angle 74
Seatpost Syncros R1.4, carbon/ alloy, 31.6mm diam
Shifters Shimano Ultegra Carbon Dual Control
Stem Syncros FL2.0 11.5cm
Trail 5.9
Weight (kg) 9.32
Wheelset Syncros Race 27 Aero, Formula Team hubs
Weight (lb) 20.55
Bottom Bracket Height (cm) 28
Chainstays (cm) 40.5
Seat Tube (cm) 54
Standover Height (cm) 79.5
Top Tube (cm) 54
Wheelbase (cm) 97.5

Canadian Shelby Turner Will Try to Take 2016 Endurocross Title Next Weekend in California



Take a look at the Canadian content in a couple of last week’s round in Boise, Idaho. Not bad, Canada.

screen-shot-2016-11-11-at-3-43-54-pm screen-shot-2016-11-11-at-3-44-07-pm

Happy Camper Podcast | Episode 8 | AX Training and Jacob Williamson

In this episode of the podcast, I talk about my AX training this week at GPF, and then after the break, Jacob Williamson joins on the podcast to talk his plans for AX in 2017 and what’s going on down at GPF.

Mitch Goheen Moves On in Racer X Film Festival

Congrats to Mitch Goheen of Just Giver Productions on winning his semi final round in the Racer X Film Festival.


OK, everyone, have a great weekend. There’s lots of Supercross action to keep tabs on from around the globe tonight and tomorrow night, so be sure to check back as we bring you the results.

I’d like to add my personal condolences to our good friend Seth Rarick on the passing of his father, Marty. We’re thinking about you north of the border, Seth.

The weather in these parts should be pretty good for some late fall riding. I hope things are also good wherever you find yourselves. Thanks for reading.