Photo Report | FWM Canadian AX | Here’s What Happened on Weekend #1

Photos and Captions by Billy Rainford

Presented by KTM Canada

We got underway in the 2020 Future West Moto (FWM) Canadian Arenacross Championships at Chilliwack Heritage Park in Chilliwack, BC this past weekend. Racing took place Saturday and Sunday for Rounds 1 and 2.

With the pandemic ongoing, I really wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised at the turnout of fast Pro riders (285 riders altogether). The series has always given us topnotch racing and the same can be said for what we have in 2020.

John Wren working the inhouse mic and also hooked up to our live broadcast. Thanks, John.

We are broadcasting the races live on the FWM Facebook page, so I wasn’t able to go too far from our “booth” to snap photos. Please keep that in mind as you look at a lot of photos from the corner that was closest to our spot.

Matt Koeleman was the guy behind the camera for the broadcast. Thanks, Matt.
OK, time to go…

Pro Am Lights

I’ll organize this by combined points from Rounds 1 and 2 by their finishes. (NB: On the official points page, riders without a MRC license are not scored in the overall points total.)

#381 Jake Piccolo KTM

Unfortunately, we lost #381 Jake Piccolo to a practice crash early in the day on Saturday. We hoped we’d see him on night 2, but he decided to sit out the rest of the weekend. He hit his head pretty good, is what we’re told.

12. #819 Dawson Gravelle YAM 10 points

#819 is Dawson Gravelle from Mission, BC. He ended up 11th on Saturday but I didn’t see him back on Sunday. He was one of the few riders out there on a 2-stroke.

11. #177 Josh Nay KAW 12-11 19

#177 Josh Nay from Saskatoon, SK finished 12th and 11th and sits 11th in points.

10. #52 Blake Osatchuk YAM 10-10 22

Blake Osatchuk is also from Saskatoon. He loves to race indoors and makes many trips south of the border to do so when he can. He was in some good battles with #12 Luke Svensson on both nights and now sits 10th.

9. #12 Luke Svensson YAM 9-9 24

Luke Svensson is an Intermediate rider from Langley, BC. He was 9th on both nights.

8. 30 Devyn Smith KAW 8-8 26

I like the progression I’m seeing from Devyn Smith. He was a standout in the Junior class at the TransCan last summer and is looking better and better on the bike. He was 8-8 and sits 8th.

7. #700 Codie Rouse KTM 7-7 28

Another 2-stoke on the track was Codie Rouse from Weyburn, SK. He and Yates had some good battles and he sits 7th after 7-7 finishes.

6. #133 Tyler Yates KTM 6-6 30

Tyler Yates is from Duncan, BC on the island. He and fellow Intermediate Smith had some good battles. These races will pay off in the future. 6-6 puts him 6th.

5. #737 Tea Perrott YAM 5-5 32

I couldn’t take a bad shot of Tea Perrott this past weekend! He had to make some good passes on his way to 5-5 finishes.

4. #36 Parker Eales HON 4-4 36

Parker Eales is a big kid on a 250F indoors. He was in a nice battle with Teren Gerber on Saturday before going down and having to pass his way back to 4th. 4-4 and he’s 4th.

3. #482 Teren Gerber KTM 3-3 40

Teren Gerber got out to 3rd place starts both nights and that’s right where he finished.

2. #170 Julien Benek YAM 1-2 47

I think I speak for everyone when I say that I’m impressed with what I’m seeing from young Julien Benek. He’s grown up in this barn and it shows; he looks comfortable. Sure, he crashed hard early on but he’s now tied for the lead with 47 points (1-2).
This one could have been worse for Julien.
  1. #77 Casey Keast HQV 2-1 47
Casey Keast also grew up in this barn. He grabbed the holeshot on both nights and a stumble cost him the Round 1 win. He’s tied with Benek at the top with 47 points (2-1).

Open Pro

#16 Brett Turcotte KTM

Brett Turcotte was signed up in the class but we never saw him out there. He raced the +30 class though.

11. #291 Dylan Delaplace KTM 15 points

I hadn’t seen Dylan Delaplace race in a while so it was great to see him back out there and up to speed on the big 450. He got great starts but trouble took him out on night 1. He rebounded and took 6th on night 2. He sits 11th.

10. #36 Parker Eales HON 4-DNF 18

Parker Eales keeps getting faster and took a solid 4th on night 1. He crashed awkwardly in this jump/corner and was out for the main on night 2 after getting out to a poor start and trying to move up.

9. #177 Josh Nay KAW 9-10 23

Josh went back and forth with Osatchuk 9-10 and now sits 9th.

8. #52 Blake Osatchuk YAM 10-9 23

Blake sits tied with Nay at 23 points but his night 2 finish gives him the early nod.

7. #700 Codie Rouse KTM 8-8 26

Codie stayed consistent in the Open Pro class with 8-8 mains.

6. #737 Tea Perrott YAM 7-7 28

Tea got into some nice battles in the Open class and took two 7ths.

5. #482 Teren Gerber KTM 6-5 31

Teren was always a factor in the mains. He was in a nice battle with Benek on Saturday. 6-5 puts him 5th.

4. #170 Julien Benek YAM 5-4 34

Julien is fast but he’s going to have to prove himself against the older, more experienced riders in the Open class. 5-4 puts him 4th.

3. #2 Brock Hoyer YAM 2-3 42

I was actually surprised to see Brock here racing. He’s also racing the +30 class and has more experience in the barn than anyone else in the class. He got into an entertaining game of cat and mouse with Meston on Friday night, taking 2nd, and moved himself up to 3rd on night two. The former champ is 3rd.

2. #10 Keylan Meston HQV 3-1 45

Keylan was oput front on Saturday but ended up 3rd. He came back to win night 2 after a great battle with Keast.
This is how close they were at the flag. He’s 2 points out of the lead in the class.
  1. #77 Casey Keast HQV 1-2 47
Casey sits at the top of both classes after two rounds. I think it’s going to be tough for anyone to wrestle this one away from the speedy rider from Kelowna, BC.
He was all over keylan at the finish on night 2 and the battle had its moments, for sure.

We’re back in the barn again this coming Saturday and Sunday. We’ll be there broadcasting the whole thing live on the Future West Moto Facebook page.

Jamie Hellam says, “See you at the races...”