By Billy Rainford

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. I hope you’re all reading this during a little downtime from visiting with your family and/or other people who are important in your life. Emily and I did the family visits Saturday and Sunday that took us from Waterloo to Burlington and now back home in London in perfect Fall weather.

The weather is perfect again today to get out and do some two-wheel riding, whatever type that is for you. I know some of the local tracks are open around here and are showing perfect conditions on their Instagram pages, so get out there and have some fun.

2023 Yamaha YZ450F.

Greg Poisson and I were at Sand Del Lee near Ottawa, Ontario, on Thursday and Friday trying out the all-new YZ450F from Yamaha Motor Canada. What a great road trip that was, so thank you to Justin Balkos from Yamaha and to Kevin Tyler for hosting the event at his track in Richmond.

There was a bit of rain in the area timed perfectly for our two ride days that meant there was a bit of extra moisture in the dirt that, I’ll admit, threw me off a little when I got out there on the track.

I think the best comment of the trip came from MX101 FXR Yamaha rider #3 Shawn Maffenbeier when he simply said that he loves seeing us out there on the track. He could see that I was struggling a bit with the soft conditions and had a big smile on his face when he said that.

No, I didn’t take it as an insult. I’ve known Shawn a long time and it’s totally fine for him to say that. Greg and I were on 250F’s at the time and when Shawn caught up to me he slowed down and we had a few seconds of fun out there.

On Friday, I managed to stall the 2023 250 2-stroke in the corner that leads up to the tunnel jump (the infamous Dylan Wright/Phil Nicoletti jump) and it put me off balance and to my left. As the face of the jump goes up, it leaves a nice little area on the left perfect for a very low-speed tip-over fall, and that’s exactly what I did.

When I came down, I managed to line up the handlebar just above my boot and beside my shin guard/knee pad and into the soft flesh to the inside of my shin. It hurt and, of course, the next rider to come by was Shawn with a big smile on his face. He could tell I wasn’t really hurt so it was OK to share a laugh at that moment, but it was funny that it would be him who happened to be riding by right then.

Just never forget who has the cameras, Shawn, 🤣

Thanks to Leatt over at Kimpex for the 2023 Citrus Tiger kit. And thanks to Chris Pomeroy for the video clip from Thursday. Yes, that’s all you really need to see.

We’ve got an embargo on the 2023 YZ450F review and opinions so we can’t really say anything until October 23rd. We’ll get our review up on that day, so be sure to watch for that.

Future West Moto Arenacross Championships

We’re almost ready to get started for the 2022 Future West Moto Canadian Arenacross Championships out at Chilliwack Heritage Park in Chilliwack, BC. You just never know who will show up to this series. Year after year, it proves to be some of the best indoor racing action seen in the country, so get out there if you can.

Here’s a look at the schedule:

Steve Simms Ride Day at The 15 Practice Track

From The 15 IG page:

Come out and help us support one of our fellow rider Steve Simms!! He was injured doing what he loves. We will be donating all riding fees to help him and his family. This will take place here @the15practicetrack on Wednesday October 12th 2022 riding will be 10 till dusk. Hope to see you all here.

A GoFundMe page has also been started:

Shelby Turner Wins again in Endurocross

Canadian multi-time champion Shelby Turner was back to her winning ways last week in the Geico Endurocross series.

Shelby leading the way in Denver. | Jack Jaxson photo
Women’s podium: Shelby Turner, Louise Forsley, Rachel Gutish. | Jack Jaxson photo

Shelby is sitting first overall going into round 4 with 3,1,1 scores from the first 3 rounds.

Next round is in Prescott, Arizona – October 22.

World Supercross Round 1

Did you tune in to watch round 1 of the World Supercross Championship? I watched it live on Youtube and enjoyed the racing. Sure, there were a few things that will need to be ironed out, but we had some pretty high-level racing to watch in November, and that’s cool.

To point out the obvious, Eli Tomac was there, so you’re not going to get any higher level than that right now. Unfortunately, we had a couple of our elder statesmen go down hard with some mechanical issues that took them out hard.

Chad Reed and Josh Grant are the two I’m talking about.

Heal up, guys.

Like everyone, I saw the same issues with the broadcast. I was actually pretty happy to get the chance to listen to Jeff Emig and Ralph Sheheen call the action but there was some sort of disconnect there. Let’s hope it was just shaking the rust off.

And poor Joseph Allen wasn’t able to get out of his own way, it seemed. He’s a really nice guy and I always talk to him at Supercrosses down south so I felt bad for him at this one. He’s actually really good at hyping up the crowd at any race I’ve ever seen him at, so let’s call this one a little blip on his resume.

And now I know why all those little microphones AMA SX has mounted all around the stadium pointed at the crowd are so important. It makes a huge difference when you can hear them on the broadcast. Sitting at home watching on TV it seemed like the crowd was at a golf tournament! Again, let’s hope they also see this and make some changes heading into Australia.

Eli was a machine, as always, and took all 3 Main wins. I don’t really think anyone was surprised by this and I hope everyone in Wales appreciated seeing the best of the best in action in their home arena.

Canadians Kourtney Lloyd and Scott Jeffery were over there with their Club MX FXR Yamaha team, so that was really cool to see. We’ve got a deep connection with the gang at Club MX so it’s cool to see them taking a run at this new series.

Here’s a look at the result:

WSX Results | Round 1 – Cardiff, Wales

SX2 – Race 1

1#48Mitch OldenburgHonda4:33.820
2#66Chris BloseKawasaki+3.321
3#102Matt MossKawasaki+4.382
4#12Shane McElrathYamaha+4.814
5#53Dylan WalshKawasaki+8.554
6#910Carson BrownYamaha+8.557
7#19Aaron TantiYamaha+9.045
8#384Lorenzo CamporeseHonda+11.038
9#41Derek KelleySuzuki+11.557
10#715Phil NicolettiYamaha+13.476
11#99Max AnstieHonda+13.960
12#141Maxime DespreyYamaha+14.746
13#20Wilson ToddHonda+15.659
14#45Henry MillerYamaha+17.058
15#40Dilan SchwartzSuzuki+20.009
16#773Thomas DoHonda+21.968
17#200Cole SeelyHonda+25.813
18#275Dylan WoodcockSuzuki+27.945
19#401Jace OwenYamaha+12.946
20#79Derek DrakeKTM+1 Lap
21#11Kyle ChisholmYamaha+2 Laps
22#891Justin BogleKTM+3 Laps

SX2 – Race 2

1#99Max AnstieHonda4:36.032
2#141Maxime DespreyYamaha+1.226
3#12Shane McElrathYamaha+2.551
4#66Chris BloseKawasaki+4.025
5#20Wilson ToddHonda+5.730
6#41Derek KelleySuzuki+6.565
7#910Carson BrownYamaha+7.002
8#891Justin BogleKTM+7.812
9#19Aaron TantiYamaha+8.931
10#53Dylan WalshKawasaki+10.942
11#79Derek DrakeKTM+11.887
12#401Jace OwenYamaha+12.136
13#715Phil NicolettiYamaha+13.458
14#40Dilan SchwartzSuzuki+14.648
15#45Henry MillerYamaha+15.746
16#275Dylan WoodcockSuzuki+18.829
17#11Kyle ChisholmYamaha+19.342
18#384Lorenzo CamporeseHonda+32.770
19#48Mitch OldenburgHonda+40.358
20#200Cole SeelyHonda+1 Lap
21#773Thomas DoHonda+4 Laps
22#102Matt MossKawasaki+4 Laps

SX2 – Race 3 (Super Final)

1#48Mitch OldenburgHonda7:44.942
2#200Cole SeelyHonda+2.594
3#19Aaron TantiYamaha+6.412
4#910Carson BrownYamaha+7.415
5#12Shane McElrathYamaha+10.287
6#891Justin BogleKTM+12.242
7#41Derek KelleySuzuki+13.113
8#66Chris BloseKawasaki+14.586
9#401Jace OwenYamaha+15.835
10#99Max AnstieHonda+16.344
11#102Matt MossKawasaki+17.381
12#20Wilson ToddHonda+18.012
13#11Kyle ChisholmYamaha+18.770
14#141Maxime DespreyYamaha+19.680
15#715Phil NicolettiYamaha+21.624
16#384Lorenzo CamporeseHonda+27.144
17#45Henry MillerYamaha+27.431
18#40Dilan SchwartzSuzuki+28.537
19#53Dylan WalshKawasaki+31.884
20#773Thomas DoHonda+32.747
21#275Dylan WoodcockSuzuki+40.783
22#79Derek DrakeKTM+4 Laps

SX2 – GP Overall Points

Shane McElrath won the SX2 2022 British GP with 54 points, ahead of Chris Blose in second and Mitch Oldenburg in third.

1#12Shane McElrath18201654
2#66Chris Blose22181353
3#48Mitch Oldenburg2522552
4#910Carson Brown15141847
5#19Aaron Tanti14122046
6#99Max Anstie10251146
7#41Derek Kelley12151441
8#141Maxime Desprey922738
9#20Wilson Todd816933
10#102Matt Moss201030
11#53Dylan Walsh1611229
12#200Cole Seely4112228
13#891Justin Bogle131528
14#715Phil Nicoletti118625
15#401Jace Owen291223
16#384Lorenzo Camporese133521
17#45Henry Miller76417
18#40Dilan Schwartz67316
19#11Kyle Chisholm4812
20#79Derek Drake11011
21#275Dylan Woodcock358
22#773Thomas Do516

WSX – Race 1

1#3Eli TomacYamaha6:08.145
2#19Vince FrieseHonda+4.435
3#94Ken RoczenHonda+5.251
4#10Justin BraytonHonda+9.251
5#75Josh HillYamaha+11.877
6#941Angelo PellegriniHonda+12.535
7#26Thomas RametteYamaha+13.798
8#15Dean WilsonHonda+14.286
9#155Jack BrunellGasGas+16.732
10#14Ryan BreeceYamaha+18.895
11#137Adrien EscoffierKawasaki+21.463
12#85Cedric SoubeyrasKawasaki+22.791
13#61Freddie NorenSuzuki+24.071
14#945Anthony BourdonYamaha+25.216
15#911Jordi TixierHonda+25.904
16#65Grant HarlanYamaha+34.031
17#78Cade ClasonYamaha+36.196
18#60Justin StarlingSuzuki+56.735
19#17Joey SavatgyKawasaki+3 Laps
20#18Luke CloutYamaha+5 Laps

WSX – Race 2

1#3Eli TomacYamaha6:03.574
2#94Ken RoczenHonda+2.246
3#19Vince FrieseHonda+4.787
4#85Cedric SoubeyrasKawasaki+7.080
5#17Joey SavatgyKawasaki+8.545
6#10Justin BraytonHonda+9.062
7#75Josh HillYamaha+12.592
8#137Adrien EscoffierKawasaki+14.053
9#61Freddie NorenSuzuki+16.227
10#26Thomas RametteYamaha+21.002
11#78Cade ClasonYamaha+23.150
12#911Jordi TixierHonda+25.141
13#941Angelo PellegriniHonda+27.976
14#14Ryan BreeceYamaha+29.189
15#945Anthony BourdonYamaha+31.367
16#155Jack BrunellGasGas+35.013
17#65Grant HarlanYamaha+35.712
18#15Dean WilsonHonda+32.158
19#60Justin StarlingSuzuki+4 Laps

WSX – Race 3 (Super Final)

1#3Eli TomacYamaha9:10.723
2#17Joey SavatgyKawasaki+1.747
3#10Justin BraytonHonda+3.171
4#94Ken RoczenHonda+4.639
5#19Vince FrieseHonda+14.148
6#85Cedric SoubeyrasKawasaki+23.801
7#75Josh HillYamaha+27.394
8#941Angelo PellegriniHonda+29.388
9#911Jordi TixierHonda+31.681
10#945Anthony BourdonYamaha+35.860
11#61Freddie NorenSuzuki+36.049
12#137Adrien EscoffierKawasaki+38.278
13#14Ryan BreeceYamaha+40.430
14#26Thomas RametteYamaha+43.350
15#65Grant HarlanYamaha+46.564
16#155Jack BrunellGasGas+50.671
17#78Cade ClasonYamaha+1 Lap
18#60Justin StarlingSuzuki+8 Laps
19#15Dean WilsonHonda+11 Laps

WSX – GP Overall Points

Eli Tomac won the WSX 2022 British GP with 76 points, ahead of Ken Roczen in second and Vince Friese in third.

1#3Eli Tomac252512576
2#94Ken Roczen20221861
3#19Vince Friese22201658
4#10Justin Brayton18152053
5#75Josh Hill16141444
6#85Cedric Soubeyras9181542
7#17Joey Savatgy2162240
8#941Angelo Pellegrini1581336
9#137Adrien Escoffier1013932
10#26Thomas Ramette1411732
11#61Freddie Noren8121030
12#911Jordi Tixier691227
13#14Ryan Breece117826
14#945Anthony Bourdon761124
15#155Jack Brunell125522
16#78Cade Clason410418
17#15Dean Wilson133218
18#65Grant Harlan54615
19#60Justin Starling3238
20#18Luke Clout11

Full results HERE.

I know it’s not moto, but did everyone see that Gustav Iden from Norway ran a 7:40 Hawaii Ironman on Saturday?! That’s 11 minutes faster than the record and a ridiculous time. Even if you’re not a fan of Triathlon, check out these highlights:

I’m heading back out to Kamloops, BC on Wednesday to take over mom-care duties and give my sister a well-deserved break for 10 days. There’s half a chance I end up in Chilliwack for some post-race interviews, at least, but we’ll see how my mom is doing. She doesn’t really enjoy long car rides like she used to, so I’d say it’s a 50/50 thing right now.

Have a great week, everyone.

Sebastien Racine and Kevin Tyler make it official – Sebastien signed with the MX101 team for 2023. See you at the races…