Off the Cuff with Jacqueline Ross | September 2022

By Jacqueline Ross

Greetings, humans.

I’m sitting down typing this 4 hours post knee surgery. When inspiration calls I always pick up! So helloooo and welcome to September’s column!

I feel that every personal challenge that I’ve faced and overcome along with every race/event that I’ve entered has prepared me for this moment, the “rebuild of my left knee.” I share this from my own personal experience and highest form of vulnerability. My hope is that it helps to inspire at least one person to believe in themselves and have hope for a brighter day. Also, I believe not enough athletes share their stories about what it takes to get through those dark and lonely nights that sometimes turn into days, weeks, months, and maybe even years.

Over the last few weeks, prior to my knee surgery, I feel back into a downward spiral of depression. Not sure what triggered this, but, I was down in the dumps, and contemplating my entire life. A few of my closest friends reached out and tried to be there for me, but I wasn’t ready or willing to listen. I still needed time to feel what I was going through. A check up from the neck up was in order…literally.

At first, I slept…a lot. One day I slept for 16 hours! Perhaps I was making up lost sleep from my past 65-hour work weeks of the bartending/restaurant life. Who knows the reason why, but it was definitely what I needed. I then dug deep within and got myself into action. I became more consistent with my meditations, got together with my friends, worked out, rearranged my thought loop, and tried my best to make peace with these internal demons. Safe to say, things are going well and it’s the start of a beautiful new friendship. Haha

It’s hard to keep your spirits up when dealing with adversities. Heck, life all by itself can be quite the challenge! So congratulations on making it through another day! Give yourself a high five. I am serious! We’re all going through something or maybe you’re fighting an internal battle that no one knows anything about. Whatever your hardship, never be afraid to ask  for help. The helpers are always around and they may be from the people you would least expect.

Back to the “rebuild of my left knee.” My surgery was a success.  I’ve got a long road to recovery, but I’m ready and looking forward to the enduring journey. I’ve got to podium speech this, so here ya go! Huge thank you to Dr. Steve Jordan and his team at Andrews Institute for Orthopedics & Sports Medicine. Dr. Jordan, thank you for pursuing your gift. My guy, Dr. Luga Podesta for the hook up with Dr. J! My amazing nurses: Tina, Laura, and Hillary. Thank you for your care and patience. Also, everyone that reached out to me. I felt all the love, energy, and good vibes. I’m so grateful for you all! 

Og Mandino once said, “Search for the seed of good in every adversity. There is always a seed of good. Find it and prosper.”