Out of the Blue | Britt Gagne | Brought to You by Schrader’s

By Jensen Amyotte

Brought to you by Schrader’s

Name: Britt Gagne

Date of Birth: July 7, 1993

Hometown: Dummer, NH 

Occupation: Account Manager at Motosport.com

Race Number: 265

Bike: Yamaha YZ250f

Classes: Womens, 25+, 250B 

This week, we feature #265 Britt Gagne. | Jeannie Fancher photo

Who/what inspired you to get into the sport of motocross and how long have you been racing/riding? 

My dad used to race when he was growing up and he got my younger brother into riding. I was more into horses at first, but once my parents got me a bike when I was 10 years old, all I wanted to do was ride my bike.

When not on a dirt bike, how do you keep yourself busy? Are you involved in any other sports or extracurricular activities?

I started powerlifting a little over 2 years ago and I love it. I competed in my first sanctioned meet about a month ago and it was a blast. I also like to go hunting and fishing. 

As a racer, are there any obstacles you feel a female racer has to deal with that maybe a male racer does not?

From my experience over the years, The Canadian Series does a great job promoting women’s racing and giving the women the “screen time” that they deserve. They did away with the Women’s Pro series in the states and it’s unfortunate because there are definitely a lot of fast women out there that could make a good series if it was promoted correctly. 

From your first ride to where you are now what is something you never thought you would be able to overcome but have?

I’ve had some great opportunities to race and ride all over the US and Canada. When I first started riding I didn’t think I would have met the amazing people and been to all the places I’ve been. I also never thought I would have hit an 80-foot ramp with Axle Hodges

Who is your all-time favourite rider and why?

All time.. that would be my brother, Lane (Gagne). I enjoy watching him ride and race more than anyone else I’ve ever watched. Aside from him, Ricky Carmichael and Eli Tomac

What is your favourite track and why?

That’s a tough one.. there are a lot of tracks out there that I’ve gotten to ride that are awesome. MX207 (Maine), Monster Mountain (Alabama), MX191 (Florida), RiverGlade (Moncton). 

What event do you look forward to most every year, one you don’t ever want to miss?

Maine Event at MX207. I also had a great time at the Day in the Dirt Down South.

I miss racing in Canada. I am not vaccinated, so traveling up there is not an option right now. 

Who has been your biggest inspiration/hero on and off the track? 

My dad would be my biggest hero. He has taught me so much about riding and life in general. He’s the hardest working person I know and he has supported even my wildest goals since day one. 

Britt was 2nd in the Canadian West WMX Championship back in 2017. | Action Shot MX photo

Tell us about your 2022 race season.  

I worked a lot in 2022 and missed a few races I had wanted to go to. But I did get to race some fun races and some different tracks. Loretta’s was probably the biggest race I did. I had the speed to run in the top 10, but either got caught up with another rider and went down or went down on my own. 

What are your biggest accomplishments to date?

I placed second for the Women’s Canadian West championship in 2017. I also won the Women’s class at the MX207 Maine Event 3 years in a row.

What is the biggest lesson that motocross racing has taught you so far?

Moto has taught me a TON of lessons. I could write a book just on that. Haha. Moto has taught me you get out of it what you put into it. Hard work, dedication, the worth of a dollar, consistency, teamwork and so much more. 

What kind of track/dirt do you feel you excel at most and why? 

I’m usually good at tracks that are rutted and jumpy. 

If you ever have children will you give them the option to race as well? 

I recently got engaged and my fiancé has a daughter, now my step daughter. We got her a bike and gear and she has started riding. 

If you could give 1 piece of advice to a female of any age who wants to start riding what would it be?

No matter what level you’re at, just keep doing it and have fun. 

What was your first fear when you started riding and how did you overcome it? 

I honestly don’t remember. But if I had to guess it would be jumping a double. 

What was your first race number and how did you choose it? 

561. It was my dad’s old race number. 

Do you see yourself ever competing in the Canadian WMX Triple Crown series again? 

Man, I really hope I can get up there again. I miss all my Canadian friends! 

What are your thoughts on the Canadian WMX Triple Crown series? 

I miss it and would love to come back up and race again. 2019 was the last time I went and I really enjoyed racing up there. 

Maybe we’ll see Britt back racing in Canada again one day. | Paul Buckley photo

What do you like to do in the off season? 

Now that I live in Alabama I can ride all year round. There might be a few weeks out of the year it’s a little too cold to ride, so there really isn’t an extensive amount of time I’m off the bike. 

What do you want to be when you grow up? 

Still figuring that out. Haha. 

Who would you like to thank? 

My parents, my brother, my fiancé, my grandparents. Mayhew, FXR, 6D Helmets, Flow Vision Goggles, JBI Suspension, MOTUL, P3, Engine Ice, UFO Plastics, MotoClown Designs, Motosport, ODI, Mika Metals, DT1 filters, Enamel Brand, MichaelJKicks Designs, Traction MX, Klean Freak, Pat Gagne Logging, SME, EVS, FMF, Works Connection, Hammerhead Designs, OGIO. 

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