Photo Report | 2016 MXON | Maggiora Italy

By Billy Rainford

Photos by James Lissimore


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Wow! That’s pretty much all you can say after being at a MXON in Europe. I woke up in a cold sweat last night having nightmares of bladeless chainsaws revving out at 12000rpms, and megaphones, and horns, and anything you could modify to make an already loud machine even louder. I forgot to put in my earplugs and if someone could answer the phone, I would really appreciate it.

Anyway, we missed the race in 2015 and were back this year in Maggiora, Italy. This is the famed track that saw the aptly named ‘USA Dream Team’ of Ricky Johnson, David Bailey, and Johnny O’Mara dominate 30 years ago in 1986. The team they sent this year in an attempt to bring the Chamberlain Cup back to the USA consisted of Cooper Webb, Alex Martin, and Jason Anderson. They didn’t win, but they almost did.

Team Canada Manager, Kourtney Lloyd, was at her first big dance and put together a team that would see Kaven Benoit, Shawn Maffenbeier, and Tyler Medaglia go straight to the A Finals and put on an incredible show.

With a reported 85 000 screaming fans in attendance, the steep hills and deep valleys of Maggiora MX Park hosted an amazing weekend of top level motocross racing. Here’s a look at some of the action through the lens of official Team Canada photographer, James Lissimore.

2016 Monster Energy Motocross of Nations Maggiora MX Park Maggiora, Italy September 23, 2016

I remember following along with this event 30 years ago (no, not live) and to actually be here was really something special.


This hill doesn’t look all that steep here or in the videos. I went around the back and then stood just to the left of that SMX sign there. I had to lean on the structure or I was going to actually tumble all the way to the bottom!


If you walk just past the top of the track, you actually end up in downtown Maggiora. Pretty cool.