Photo Report | Who’s Leading Each Amateur Class Heading into Final AX Weekend? | Yamaha Motor Canada

Photos and Captions by Billy Rainford

Presented by Yamaha Motor Canada

With a full schedule of amateur racing, the days have been packed at each round of the 2020 Future West Moto Canadian Arenacross Championships. Judging from some of the high quality racing, I’d say the sport is in good hands for the future.

We’ve got just one weekend left of racing to determine champions, so here’s a look at each class and who’s leading them.

Tyke 50

#10 Zaiden Gilmore leads #23 Matteo Giusti by just 4 points in the Tyke 50 class.

50 (4-6)

#728 Baelen Macklem is unbeaten in the 50 (4-6) class.

50 (7-8)/50 Open

#518 Parker Hatt from Calgary leads both the 50 (7-8) and 50 Open classes.

65 (7-9)/65 Open

#10 Braxton Zeitner is undefeated in both the 65 (7-9) and 65 Open classes.

65 (10-11)

#15 Dexter Seitz has yet to lose a race in the 65 (10-11) class.

85 ( 7-11)

Dexter is also undefeated in the 85 (7-11) class.

85 (12-16)/Supermini

Blake Davies was on crutches coming into Sunday’s racing after hurting his right leg/foot, but he still leads the 85 (12-16) and Supermini classes.

Young Ladies

#32 Aisha Picotte from Langley leads the Young Ladies class by 1 point after #936 Peyton Belisle missed the final main.

Ladies/Open Beginner

#84 Payton Bruvold is slowly being chased down at the top of the Ladies class by #09 Annalyse Lopushinsky, who is unbeaten after joining the series at Round 2. They are now separated by just 4 points. This will be a good class to pay attention to this weekend. She has a nice 35-point lead in Open Beginner.

New Kid Beginner

#729 Logan Lawrence leads the New Kid Beginner class and has a solid 35-point lead.

250 Junior/Open Junior

#574 Charles Charlton has yet to drop a Main in either Junior class.


#15 Tyson Dubuc from Mission leads the Schoolboy class, after winning all 6 rounds.

250 Intermediate/Open Intermediate

#234 Zach Ufimzeff has been untouchable in the Intermediate classes. If you watch the live stream this week, pay attention to just how smooth this guy is.

Under 30

Keylan Meston has been having some fun beating up on the Under 30 class.

+30 Vet Master

#2 Brock Hoyer has been doing the same thing in the +30 Vet Master class.


#541 Geoff Brown from Port Alberni leads the +40 class.

We’ll be back in The Barn this Saturday and Sunday.

Full results HERE.