Shawn Maffenbeier Update

By Billy Rainford

Shawn Maffenbeier getting carried off the Hamilton SX track after his heat race crash. | Bigwave video screen grab

If you remember back to the Hamilton Supercross, Kamloops, BC racer #3 Shawn Maffenbeier crashed hard on the first lap of his 450 heat race at FirstOntario Centre.

The crash caused a red flag restart and saw Shawn get carried off the track.

He went to the hospital in Hamilton and was told he would likely need surgery to repair the damage to his left tibial plateau and that there was a good chance there was also ligament damage.

Shawn feared the worst.

He flew home to Kamloops where he also went into the emergency department to get assessed. They, too, told him he would need surgery.

Next, Shawn went to see an orthopaedic surgeon who told him there was nothing wrong with the top of his tibia (Shawn said there is just a hairline crack) and that he could actually start walking on it!

They did all the usual pulling and prodding to asses possible ligament damage, and Shawn said he was told it felt a little “soft.”

At this point, they’re waiting for all the swelling to go down before they can perform an MRI to be sure.

The past couple weeks have been a rollercoaster ride for him, and he’s looking forward to a final diagnosis so he can get on with his training…and life.

Good luck, Shawn.