Canadian Team PRMX Sees All 4 Riders Make Mains at SLC SX #1

By Billy Rainford

Four reasons to celebrate in Salt Lake City for Julien Perrier. | Brendan Goldstein photo

It was a historic night for Canadian Julien Perrier and his PRMX Wossner Deep South Kawasaki Team as all 4 of his riders made their Mains at Round 16 of the Monster Energy AMA Supercross series.

Julien and his team have been making improvements over the past few seasons and it all came together for them at SLC SX #1 this past Saturday.

Said Julien, proudly, “It was a first! We are the only private team in the pits with all their respective riders in the main.”

In fact, he added, “No other team had four riders in the main, including factory teams.” Not bad.

Here’s a look at how the riders did:

#125 Luke Neese 11th 250 East Main | LS2 photo
#170 Devin Simonson 12th 250 East Main | LS2 photo
#280 Cade Clason 17th 450 Main. | LS2 photo
#519 Josh Cartwright 22nd 450 Main. | LS2 photo

Congratulations to Julien, crew, riders, and sponsors:

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