Faces at the Races | Sand Del Lee 1 | Presented by Fox Racing Canada

By Billy Rainford

Photos by Bigwave

Presented by Fox Racing Canada

I decided to make time for my favourite column of the racing season – Faces at the Races. This column tries to have some light-hearted fun while showcasing many of the characters that make the Canadian Moto Scene the best in the world.

Here’s a look at some of the people who were at Round 4 of the Rockstar Triple Crown Tour MX Nationals at Sand Del Lee.

Kevin Tyler is the man behind the Sand Del Lee round(s). Let’s all hope they get some good weather when we head back to finish off the MX season this weekend.
Tim Tremblay was back in action as fill-in for Cole Thompson. His weekend went nothing like he had planned. Let’s hope we see him back this week for some redemption.
If you’re a motocross nut, even a shot of someone taking a bike off a stand is a great photo.
Kyle Springman is here in Ontario but he’s not racing after taking a hard hit to the head. It’s always fun to have him around, so I’m sure his Holeshot team is happy to have him.
Matt Bannon digging the trench around the GDR pit.
The crutches in the DaSilva pits weren’t for either rider. Watch that first (only) step!
Josh Cartwright and Julien Perrier remembering when Josh pulled the holeshot here last season.
Derek Schuster and Matt Bannon probably texting each other. Kids today…
Dylan Wright pops on some fresh glasses to do his TV interviews.
If you look up the word “Preposition” in a Quebec dictionary, it will likely say, “Anything a 5-time champ can do to a hay bale.”
The Wandering DaSilva is the provincial flower of Quebec. Nah, I think Christopher was just looking for his goggles.
Your bike washing days are numbered, if Jacob Piccolo keeps riding like that, Dan.
Take your shoes off before….ah hell, take it all off!
You ever see the Leslie Nielsen movie clip where he’s the baseball umpire?
Megan Brodeur was proud to be repping a Ski Doo umbrella.
‘Motocus Daderi’ in his natural habitat.
Don’t make me dust off a Whoopie Goldberg reference here ’cause I will!
With Jared Petruska’s thumb injury, he had more time to keep Dominique’s bike ready. Thanks for the use of your MiFi. I get almost zero cell service at that track.
Turns out, that wasn’t a shortcut back to the pits…
They may not be drying but at least they’re getting rinsed.
Artsy chair shot.
A few years ago being FXR brand guy wouldn’t have been a very busy job. How times have changed. Just ask Andy White.
Peace, Yanick Boucher.
The birthday girl limbering up.
Al Dyck is down to one rider for the final round. He should suit up if it’s going to be another mudder!
Oh hi, Cale Foster.
Jeff Gaynor high-stepping across the make-shift bridge.
Oliver Benek from BC.
A quiet moment for Cindy Trudel before the gate drops.
“And it’s a 450 holeshot for #76 Bryan Cormier!!!”
Muddy Faces at the Races with #105 Ani Ferguson.
Chad Goodwin’s 450 riders were always wheel-to-wheel this week. That had to be stressful.
Back in the day, you’d just loop out. We didn’t have your fancy, new-fangled de-vices.
Hang loose, Tyler Shewchyk!
Thomas Rendall ready to do his first Pro/Am race.
These two have forgotten more about Canadian MX than most people know!
We’re heavy on the DaSilva content this week!
Paul Gibbs grew up at the same Grand Bend beach I was at every weekend back in the day. Wonder if we were ever in the small jail together…
Nick May was the Racer X Canada ‘Factory Rider for a Day’ way back in…the day.
Artsy gear hanging shot.
With only one rider, Julien could really get Josh’s bike clean.
Josh approves.
Richard Taylor has left his team and will likely be on the line down south in the 450 class soon.
Ryan Surratt can take the big chair if he wants now.
Davin Grose raced the Pre Mix class and then kept Eric Schildt’s bike ready for action.
AMP Construction was on board for the MX101 team at Round 4.
I actually had to say no to some of Michelle Halstead’s cooking this week. I think that was a first. Please, do not stop offering!
What has 2 thumbs and is living in his cargo trailer?
Quinn Amyotte on the other side of the fence.
Wyatt Waddell could really use a good weekend to end the MX season this week.
“One of these things is not like the other…” Was that Seseme Street or Electric Company?
Casey Keast celebrates his first-ever podium with Jess Pettis.
Moto 2 was a first for both of these BC riders.
Unfortunately, it looks like Casey may have injured his knee during practice this week.
Half of Team Piazza has its game face on.
That’s #90 Travis Barrette.
And that’s #194 Cody McKague.
Reece Rendall was showing me this exact shirt from his memorabilia collection. We were talking about how many colours they put on it. That must have been an expensive screen job!
Greg Poisson taking in some racing action by the lake…
Check those gogs out!
Jake and his dad celebrating one of his 2nd place motos.
I’m pretty sure this is the first time Sally Cannella actually volunteered for a photo! Mark the date!
Dylan signing a sweatshirt for a fan.
Justin Roney making sparks.
I assume the cheese and gravy will go on later, right Quinn Amyotte?
Even injured, Tim Tremblay helped with some of the heavy lifting in the KTM pits.
After basically forcing Scott Jeffery to put the graphics on the rad shroud of Eric’s bike, I kinds have to end this week with a shot of it. Thanks for looking. See you at the races…
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