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By Billy Rainford

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Keylan Meston
Week #10 belongs to Keylan Meston from Calgary, AB. | Bigwave photo

Welcome to Week #10 of the DMX Frid’Eh Update this week brought to you by Husqvarna Motorcycles Canada. This one comes to you from Asheville, North Carolina, as I make my way from Club MX over to Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana, for the next round of Monster Energy AMA Supercross.

My plan was to make it there for Press Day today but when I pulled over for a snack just outside Chesterfield, SC on Thursday, I smelled brake pads and rubber burning. I assumed it had to be coming from the car next to me, since I just had the brakes done in August when the same rear tire blew up from overheated brakes on the way home from Deschambault. Nope, it was me.

I limped my way into Pageland and a place that looks like a juvenile detention centre called Tire Country. The lady on the phone in the office had some sort of combination South African/South Carolina accent that was very unique. She was juggling 2 or 3 calls and 5 or 6 in-store customers at once. They were swamped and she was impressive.

I felt bad trying to bud my way into the repair queue, but she pointed me to a separate building and the nicest dude ever had the DMX Van up on a hoist in less than 5 minutes. He even asked me about motocross and talked about an old buddy of his who was the “fastest in the area” back in the 1970’s.

He called me over and showed me that the parking brake was sticking. I thought you were supposed to keep using your e-brake to STOP it from seizing up! He said, “Yes, but that’s for drum brakes.”

He freed it up and lubed it and had me on my way in about 15 minutes. Not only that, but he wouldn’t take any money from me! Not even a can of Coke!

I just want to give them a shout out and thank them for being so helpful, even though they were lined up out the door.

So, now I’m sitting in North Carolina trying to get a few things up on the site and on our social media channels before I put my head down again and complete the drive to Indy. I may actually look for a good place for a MTB ride between here and there and enjoy some decent weather before getting home to more late-season snowstorms.

Week #10 belongs to the rider we’ve known for many years. Keylan Meston is from Calgary, Alberta, and has been a staple on the circuit for a long time. Recently, he’s hit the part of his career where he’s not always sure he’ll return for another full season of Canadian MX Nationals racing. The sport sees riders come and go every year, but the loss of Keylan and his big personality will be missed when he finally decides to hang them up.

We got in touch with him this week to find out what he’s been up to and what his racing plans are for the future. Here’s what he had to say.

Keylan Meston
Here’s what Keylan had to say this week. | Bigwave photo

Direct Motocross: Hello, Keylan. I saw you down in San Diego for the Supercross recently, but we didn’t really have a chance to chat. Let’s start this interview with your 2022 season. It wasn’t without its bumps, so would you mind summing up the MX portion of the series? 

Keylan Meston: It was awesome, man! I spent a killer month with my best friend in Cali. Had another best friend alongside me at the races. I entered races with (Ryan) Dungey, (Antonio) Cairoli, (Zach) Osborne and (Eli) Tomac. Earned an AMA point with no back brake. Also, had a ton of fun at the few Canadian rounds. I love the atmosphere at the races and everyone there. There was some tough shit of course that flusters you in the moment, but at this point you just have to expect it.

And then you came back to finish out the series by hitting the final 2 rounds of AX. Can you tell us about those where you finished 9th and 10th?

Horrible. I blocked those nights out of my mind. My pizza and pint at Craft Beer Market after the mains was absolutely delightful though.

Speaking of San Diego, you were in California but just for a holiday, right? You didn’t bring a bike at that time or did you?

Oh ya! Ran down for a little trip with a friend and had an amazing time! One to remember for sure. I borrowed Parker Eales‘ bike and sent the bloody thing to the graveyard, not my finest moment as a “professional” MX racer. The jumps on the Pala Vet track are way too dangerous and way beyond my skill level.

Keylan Meston
Keylan at the Wild Rose National in Calgary back in 2012. | Bigwave photo

Ooh, I forgot about that! Can you tell us what you’ve been doing since then?

Working. Skiing. Partying. Closet training hard. Contemplating life.

Lately, we’ve been joking about who’s coming back, who isn’t, and who finds themselves at “the crossroads.” Which category are you in these days?

I’m in the void of the unknown. I might move to Mexico and open a taco stand and try to teach beginner surfing lessons to tourists or sell oregano.

So, at this point, your plan would be to race some eastern rounds but would be open to more if some support came along?

Mexico is South man…

Keylan Meston Parker Eales
Keylan did a number on Parker Eales’ bike when he rode it at Fox Raceway this winter.

OK, I can see where this is going. LOL But let’s say you didn’t race the entire series. Looking back over your career, what are a couple highlights for you?

Seeing Tyler Medaglia behind me at a lot of races. Also racing a lot of bad dudes and being one of them with lots of great results. Racing for some sick teams and making some amazing connections, friends and memories along the way with some incredibly supportive people. The one day in 2018 at Calgary where I became really emotional was really memorable because it felt like I got over a hump and a monkey off my back and to do it in front of so many friends and family was wonderful. 

I remember that and have the video and photos to prove it. Are you and Jared Petruska still doing your podcasts? 

It’s on coals. We would like to, just struggling with some transitions in life to stay on top of it. But I don’t think Bent Methods is dead.

You’re a guy who’s been around a while. What do you think of the state of our sport and our series these days? 

I think it has the potential to be strong in Canada but it seems like it lacks some openness to work together and have strength in unity. But it’s not easy trying to unite an entire community when there are so many varying opinions on direction. I think the pro pool is starting to have some depth again and these younger/newer names are becoming world class talent and don’t quite get the recognition they deserve. I love to see a lot of younger families being right into it, but I’m not fond of when they lose sight of why we do it and it starts looking like a job at the age of 12 and not a hobby. The “dream” will be there when it’s ready for you to arrive… KEEP THE LOVE, BABY! 

Keylan Meston
Will we see Keylan on the line in 2023? Who knows! But probably… | Bigwave photo

Did you get up to any adventures this winter? I know you’ve done some backcountry stuff in the past.

I have been skiing my face off. I LOVE it. I plan on being on the Freeride World Tour by 2024.

What is it that keeps you coming back? The drive to do better than before? The simple thrill of racing? The travel? The friendships? The fear of facing the “real world”? Something else?

All of the things I stated above. The grind and seeing what kind of hell you’re capable of enduring. The people and community. The outlet to focus energy and passion is probably the biggest one. Beyond racing, I find just the simple act of riding very therapeutic, it seems to be one of the few moments in a day where my mind is just clear and in that flow state. Nothing better.

Well, I always like to dig into that brain of yours and ask you for your latest life lesson you can pass on to the younger generation. Do you have one for us this time? 

More than 2500 left-handed people are injured every year from using equipment meant for right handed people, so ride a dirt bike where it doesn’t really matter.. Imagine an injury from playing the wrong direction golf club or hockey stick..

Classic, Keylan. So, I guess we didn’t really find out what your plans are for 2023 though, but I always appreciate your time. I hope we see you all summer and fall in 2023. Good luck with everything. Is there anyone you’d like to thank before we let you go?

I would love to thank Kevin Tyler, Brent Carlson, Brad Peake, Azraie Dumont, Ben Fooks, Shawn Maffenbeier and the rest of the people that have brought me to this great point in life!

3 Canadians Racing KJSX at Indy SX

We’ve got 3 Canadians to keep an eye on in the KTM Junior Supercross this weekend at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis:

#3 Damien Godbout – Valleyfield, QC

#7 Carter Lagace – Midland, ON

#11 Maddox Genereux – Saint Cesaire, QC

Guillaume St Cyr Lands More Supercross Support

#551 Guillaume St Cyr will ride next to our old friend Cheyenne Harmon starting this weekend at the Indy SX on the RRCZ KTM Team in the 250 East class. Guillaume has been racing his KTM 350 in the 450 class up to this point, so he’ll drop back down to the 250 class.

From his IG Stories:

Guillaume St Cyr Supercross

MVP Sky Racing Back with 2 Young Guns

Al Dyck and his MVP Sky Racing team returns in 2023 with 2 young, up-and-coming racers in Tanner Scott and Blake Davies.

Blake Davies
#58 Blake Davies. | Bigwave 202 photo

Blake is from Mission, BC and comes in as a highly touted Intermediate rider.

Tanner Scott
#46 Tanner Scott. | Bigwave 2021 photo

Tanner is the rider from Oro Medonte, ON and comes in after 2 very successful years at the TransCan at Walton Raceway where he was 9 for 9 in the Junior classes and then came close to it again in 2022 in the Intermediate classes. He won the Bronze Boot two years in a row and also the Rick Joseph Award in 2022 as the most promising B rider.

It will be interesting to watch them both progress as they move their way up through the ranks of the pros.

Watch James Stewart Freestone Spring Classic LIVE

You can watch all of the action on the James Stewart Freestone Spring Classic LIVE on their Youtube channel:

Dylan Wright and Jake Piccolo interviews at the Lawrence Brothers’ Track in Dade City, Florida

I also stopped in to see Honda Canada GDR Fox Racing riders Dylan Wright and Jake Piccolo training at the Lawrence Brothers’ place in Dade City, Florida. Check it out:

Jake Piccolo (sorry for the wind noise):

Jeremy McKie at WW Ranch

I wanted to check in with #20 Jeremy McKie at WW Ranch on my way north. Jeremy is on the WLTN Kawasaki team in Seven gear on a 450 and I wanted to make sure I saw this! He looked solid and comfortable on the big, green machine, so I expect him to be a great addition to the fast end of the class this summer.

Videos from Club MX this Week

I stopped into Club MX in South Carolina on my way over to Indy. Check out some of the videos from my stop:

I still have a lot of content clogging up my laptop’s hard drive, so I will continue to post things up as I find time to do so. I’m going to have to hit the road now and complete this drive to Indy. According to Google Maps, I’m still 7 hours away! That’s not what I was hoping to see. Anyway, enjoy the races and I’ll see everyone in the Great White North, most likely snowblowing the 5 or 6 driveways around us on our crescent.

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