Frid’Eh Update #25 | Guillaume St Cyr | Presented by Race Tech

By Billy Rainford

Presented by Race Tech. In Canada, contact Adam Robinson at AGR Suspension.
This week belongs to #25 Guillaume St Cyr from Victoriaville, Quebec. | Bigwave photo

Welcome to Week #25 of the DMX Frid’Eh Update this week presented by Race Tech. We are now just one week away from the start of the 2021 Canadian Triple Crown Series! That year seemed like both the longest and the shortest at the same time.

Riders are all starting to show up in my neck of the woods here in London, Ontario. It’s great to be able to drive less than an hour and see most of our top pro riders putting in their laps and getting ready, but more on that later…

Two riders always remind me of our old friend, Jeff McConkeyCade Clason is one and #25 Guillaume St Cyr is the other.

Jeff always made sure Cade had enough Starburst candies on race days. In fact, Cade was staying at my house on the morning we got the news of Jeff’s suicide.

Guillaume was also one of Jeff’s favourite riders. We’d always laugh about how Jeff used to call him “Gullimer” because he thought that was what it said on the results sheets. Man, I miss that guy and his quick-witted one-liners.

[OK, this was really weird. I have a Rewind channel on the Radio Player App and as I finished that sentence the Platinum Blonde song “Somebody Somewhere” started playing. “Somebody somewhere will change your mind…“]

Guillaume is a rider that will quickly admit he’s more of an indoor guy. Of course, he’s good on the outdoor tracks, but he’s more comfortable doing the tricky rhythm sections and big jumps of the SX tracks. He’s lined up for Monster Energy AMA Supercross races and plans to continue doing so.

Unfortunately, he got injured last year in Orlando and that brought his season to an abrupt end. Here’s a look at his Canadian series from 2020:

Check out Guillaume on his Instagram page ( guillaumestcyr55 ) and scroll to a video clip of him doing my favourite jump – The Oppo (I posted one below). I enjoy them so much I had to ask him specifically about it!

We got in touch with him this week to see what he’s been up to and what his summer racing plans are. Here’s what he had to say:

Here’s what Guillaume had to say when we spoke to him this week. | Bigwave photo

Direct Motocross: Hello, Guillaume. Let’s get started by talking briefly about your 2020 season. You did the last two MX nationals. How did they go for you?

Guillaume St Cyr: Yeah, I did! It was all right. I didn’t really get much prep for outdoors since I was working during the week, but overall I was happy with getting top 15 pretty much every race.

And then you did the whole SX portion of the series and had some good results, your best being a 2nd. How would you say that went for you?

It went amazing. Haha I was pumped I got to lead some laps and show everybody my SX skillz! I got my first podium ever and 3rd in championship.

What did you get up to when the series ended?

I worked all week as much as I could and rode on weekends until it started snowing.

Then you went down south and raced AMA Supercross again. You ended up hurting your wrist in Orlando. Can you tell us how things were going for you down there?

It was going good. I had so much fun out there with my good friend, Jay-F Labranche, as my mechanic and driver!

Guillaume is most comfortable racing Supercross and he plans to do more. | Bigwave photo

What were you able to do with your injury? Do you have a 9-5 job?

After my injury I was off for a while. I came back home one week after and had to stay 2 weeks in quarantine. Then I saw my doctor and he told me I had a fractured scaphoid, torn cartilage, and tendonitis. I stayed home almost 2 months.

I work for my dad. He owns an apartment block. I do renovations so I fix everything that has to be done inside and outside. I keep everything clean. I’m pretty busy all week. It keeps me in shape though.

So, now you’re back on the bike. What have you been doing this spring?

I’ve been working 3-4 days a week and riding the others days trying to get ready as much as I can.

You’re getting pretty good at my favourite jump – the Oppo. Are they fun to do and what is your favourite jump to do?

They the sickest to do for sure!! And that one big jump at MX Tring Jonction!!!

The world needs more Oppos!

What are your racing plans for this summer?

I’m going to be racing couple SXQC rounds here in Québec. Then, I’ll be doing some outdoors nationals. I’m doing Gopher Dunes, Sand Del Lee, and Deschambault. After that I’ll race the Triple Crown SX Series.

Is Walton just too far or are you not up to 100% yet?

It’s far for me and since it’s pretty expensive to race AMA Supercross I just thought I would skip those races and save some money.

Who is helping you this summer as a mechanic/man-friend?

Usually for outdoors here in Canada I go old school with my dad. Haha.

What are your goals for the series?

Outdoors top 10 every time I’m on the track and SX top 3.

He’ll race a few MX Nationals and then the entire SX series before turning his attention south of the border for AMA SX. | Bigwave photo

Who do you train with?

Mostly by myself.

So, you’ll race AMA Supercross again in 2022?

100%! I’m all in! AMA SX is the way to go.

Hey, what kind of music do you listen to, anyway?

Rap music all the way!

Will your cat be traveling with you this summer?

Not for the summer but hopefully for Supercross 2022. Haha.

OK, I’ll see you at Gopher Dunes on July 10th. Good luck and who would you like to thank?

Thanks, Billy. Yeah, I’d like to thank:

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So, as I said in the intro, there are a lot of our pro riders in the area right now as they put the finishing touches on their pre-season prep and testing. I was over at Gopher Dunes on Thursday. I wasn’t going to make the drive but then Derek Schuster sent me a simple message: “Would be a good day for u to stop out at the dunes.” That was all it took.

We will do our 2021 MX Nationals Preview Show but I wanted the chance to see most of our top riders on their new rides and in their new classes before making any sort of prediction or analysis on what we can expect to see this summer. Mission accomplished!

On Thursday, I got the chance to watch Dylan Wright, Cole Thompson, Marshal Weltin, Parker Eales, Marco Cannella, Ryder McNabb, Davey Fraser, and Darian Sanayei.

Here’s a lap with Cole:

#30 Jake Piccolo was there with his parents but he was just finishing up his quarantine. He didn’t hit the track that day but was heading up to Walton Raceway later that afternoon to ride the track that will host the first weekend of racing next week.

Jake and #157 Darian Sanayei are the two biggest question marks in the 250 class for this coming season. And I mean that in a good way.

We all saw what Jake was capable of last summer when he looked comfortable running the pace at the front. If he can stay consistent, he’s a championship threat, for sure.

On paper, #157 Darian Sanayei has what it takes to win the 250 class. | Bigwave photo

As for Darian, he’s got the pedigree to be “The Guy” in the class, but we’ve yet to see him on his race bike and in the 40-rider field. When you look at his credentials on paper, you’d have to assume he’ll be fighting for wins every week. We’ll get our answer soon enough!

In the 450 class, we’ve got a few riders that should be scrambling up the top 6 results each week. Will anyone have anything for defending MX champion Dylan Wright? I’m going to use an old cliche here and say that the only person who can beat Dylan is Dylan himself.

Will anyone have anything for defending 450 MX champ Dylan Wright? That’s the question. | Bigwave photo

If he stays on two wheels, stays out of any turn one chaos, and avoids any weird mechanical issues, he’s the one everyone else will be chasing all summer, for sure.

Cole really wants to put himself up on the top step in Motocross. He knows, just like we all do, that he’s got what it takes to win the SX series, but he wants to add the MX title to his list of accomplishments.

How will 2020 250 MX champ Jess Pettis adapt to the 450? | Bigwave photo

The question mark for me in the big bike class is 2021 250 MX champion #15 Jess Pettis. He’s coming off another ACL reconstruction and may not be quite at 100% when we drop the gate next weekend.

I found it interesting when I spoke with Marshal Weltin Thursday at Gopher Dunes that he thought I should be adding Jess’s name into the mix for top guys on my list. He should know, he had to go head-to-head with him all last summer! It’s not that I don’t think Jess has what it takes to win, I just haven’t seen him race a 450 yet and I have to see if he’s up at 100%. If he comes out and goes after Dylan and Cole at Walton ONE, we’ll have our answer.

It may just be pre-season riding, but the intensity was at 11 between #46 Marco Cannella and #18 Ryder McNabb at Gopher Dunes. | Bigwave photo

Again, I’m not going to do a full prediction post here. We’ll save it for our Preview Show, but I’m starting to get a good impression of where I think everyone will be this summer.

Also, #84 Tanner Ward is still nursing a bum leg (knee) from his crash at the season opener at Gopher Dunes. He was at the track on Thursday but not riding. Hurry up and heal, Tanner! This is the year that big things are expected from the duo who has been building towards this since they were 10!

WaltonONE Need to Know – It Isn’t a Party Unless Everyone Is Invited!

The motorsport community is prepared to blow the roof off for the 2021 Walton ONE Canada Day MXTour National in Walton, Ontario. A three day motorcycle vacation (#motocation) in the heart of Huron County, Walton, Ontario —affectionately known as Motocross Town.

This first of its kind event will incorporate 4 different brands of racing, Ontario Offroad Racing, Pro National Motocross/Amateur Motocross, Dirt Track Racing and UTV Racing all in one weekend July 1-2-3-4 2021. Creating a common scene for the entire industry and attracting some of the Canadian Off Road industry’s biggest stars. Broadcast live on Fox Sport2 and FloSport Network it will be a weekend of celebration and great racing.

The event will be produced in Stage 2 allowing spectators under capacity limits and camping! Friday July 2.2021

Walton may be a drive from Toronto, but as thousands have learned over the years it is close to many great getaways for the perfect #motocation. 

You may want to head for the beaches of Goderich or Bayfield just 45 minutes away. Great restaurants, shopping and beaches are the hallmarks of those welcoming communities. If you are in Bayfield check out Windmill Lake Waterpark, home to one of Canada’s largest land wake parks! Say hi to Jen, she is a huge action sport junkie.

Looking for something closer to Walton? Check out the great golf at Seaforth Golf Course, 15 minutes from Walton raceway. The course is home to the Country Classic, a PGA Canada-endorsed tournament. It is an immaculate course, just a short drive (and a putt) and boasts a wonderful patio. 

OR check out Cowbell Brewery located just 10 minutes from Walton Raceway. The 40,000 square foot brewery is one of the largest in Canada. Great patio, indoor dining and place to explore. While you are in Blyth fill up at the UltraMart. Both businesses love the motocross community and we consider them friends!

Exploring cannot be easier with the G2G Trail on our doorstep. Stretching from Guelph, Ontario, to Goderich, Ontario, it is perfect for biking, hiking and some country air. The Trail is located 100 METERS from Walton Raceway’s front gate. It has become a point of pride for Huron County and if you find Chris Lee — he will happily take anyone for a bike ride down to Blyth. If you are looking to explore by motor, Walton’s Huron County Gravel Runner is our Walton Raceway “insider” map of our favourite spots. Perfect for Adventure bike riding in Huron County. Take back roads to hidden spots, soak in great country scenery on the road less traveled. Huron County is one of the great undiscovered gems of adventure bike touring.

Walton ONE is the Holiday you’ve been waiting for!

Changes May Happen — Welcome to COVID Times

Walton One Schedule:

Wednesday, June 30.2021

– Early Camping Entry – Free with weekend purchase. Click HERE

Thursday, July 1. 2021 – CLICK HERE TO BOOK CAMPING

–  Move in and Camping Open.

–  Ontario Offroad Championships Rd 1.

–  7:00pm Series Introductions Grand Opening — Live Entertainment.

Friday, July 2. 2021 CLICK HERE TO BOOK CAMPING/UTV Registration

– 9:00 am 50cc and Introduction to Motocross classes.


– 4:00 pm – 6:00pm UTV Open Practice

– 7:00 pm – 9:00pm UTV Race

Saturday, July 3. 2021 CLICK HERE TO BOOK CAMPING

–  Saturday Parts Canada Cup Amateur Day.

–  1:00pm-5:00pm Dirt Track Practice and Heats

–  6:00pm-9:00pm Dirt Track Race

–  Canada Day Fireworks



–  Qualifiers based on OA results from Friday National.

–  3-moto format

–  15 +1 motos 

Weekend Pricing


Weekend Camping $40.00 per vehicle 


Adult $60.00  (Gate Opens 10:00am Thursday)

Youth $40.00 (Gate Opens 10:00am Thursday)

Photo Credit: James Lissimore

Another Walton Update:

So much happening and as we move to STAGE 2 so many exciting things are happening. It feels like we are headed for a magical place called normalcy. Take a look. 

We are producing what we believe will be one of the top motorcycle racing events in Canada. 3 National level events, 2 provincial level events. For the first time since 2019 motocross will have spectators. Walton camp areas and parking will be allowed to welcome spectators. 

Let’s dig in point by point. Lots to read.

Amateur Racing final motos will be televised at WaltonOne on FloSports. Thanks to the col operation between the Parts Canada Amateur Open Series and the AMO Ontario Provincial Series, amateur racers will have their final motos streamed live. What a cool memory.  What an amazing, cool experience.


Province of Ontario News Release June 24, 2021: Ontario Moving to Step Two of Roadmap to Reopen on June 30


Outdoor sports without contact or modified to avoid contact, with no specified limit on number of people or teams participating, with restrictions;

Outdoor sport facilities with spectators permitted at 25 per cent capacity;

Outdoor concert venues, theatres and cinemas, with spectators permitted at 25 per cent capacity;

Outdoor horse racing and motor speedways, with spectators permitted at 25 per cent capacity;


Thankfully we are open to hosting up to 25% of our facility capacity. We are blessed with this amazing vast outdoor space that will allow a great race and plenty of space to enjoy.

The first priority is weekend reservations, open now. 

Weekend booking will be the exclusive offering until June 29.2021, or until facility capacity is met with online pre-bookings. Priority is being given to weekend attendees to increase race organization and reduce interaction with guests and staff.

Capacity permitting, on June 30.2021, we will accept online pre-booked day visits. When we reach our 25% capacity limit – – we will close all entry for the weekend.

Pre-booking allows proper planning, compliant safety procedures and contact tracing.

TRY RACING CROSS COUNTRY!!!  Ontario Off Road will be hosting round one of their provincial series at Walton One July 1.2021. You do not need to change your bike at all. Very Affordable entry fee. LONG Motos. Day Passes. Check out the Ontario Off Road Racing scene.  This is a cool opportunity. Click HERE


We will say it again. Walton One is shaping up to be one of the most exciting weekends of racing in Canadian motorsport history.

  • Ontario Provincial Off Road Championships
  • Ontario Motocross Championships
  • 2 Pro Nationals, including first every three moto formatt. 
  • 1 Canadian Flattrack National Championship. 
  • The First UTV Off Road closed course race.

All in one weekend.

Weekend Passes are online and available. We are making a massive effort to make this the most complete motorcycle weekend experience. All we need is your support. Buy your weekend pass and let’s get behind what we think will be something very special.

June 30.2021

5:00pm Early Camping Entry – Free with weekend purchase.

Thursday July 1. 2021

–  Move in and Camping Open.

–  Ontario Cross Country Provincial Round 1

–  7:00pm Series Introductions Grand Opening — Live Entertainment.

Friday July 2. 2021

– Season Opener Round 1 MXTOUR PRO NATIONAL

– 7:00pm – 9:00pm UTV Race

Saturday July 3. 2021

–  Saturday Parts Canada Cup Amateur Day. 

–  6:00pm -9:00pm Canadian National Dirt Track Championship Race 

–  Canada Day Fireworks

Sunday July 4. 2021


–  Qualifiers based on OA results from Friday National.

–  3 moto format 

–  15 +1 motos 

Walton Raceway is open this weekend!

So here is why we are excited about this weekend. Last weekend before WaltonOne

June 25.2021 4:00pm- 9:00pm CANCELLED

June 26.2021 10:00am-5:00pm

June 27.2021 10:00am – 5:00pm (National class practice– National Prep)

 We are open every weekend in June.

Camping is open!  2021 Rates are same as 2020

Before you know it…It will be the 2021 WaltonTransCan Grand National Championships

Get your Early Entry Pricing. Sign Up today, 

ANQs:  Due to COVID-19 many regions may not be able to have ANQs.  As a result, gate positions will be assigned per region based on the date of entry for those regions that will not hold an amateur national qualifier.  For those regions with ANQs, regular qualifying procedures remain (i.e. Ontario)


Please note, at the time of the 2021 Walton TransCan GNC we will be following all current COVID-19 restrictions, if applicable.

WAIVERS: In your registration confirmation email, you will be provided with a separate link to sign your mandatory digital waivers.  Every single person who will be arriving in your vehicle and staying at your campsite must sign the waiver.

ENTRY FEES (per class):

March 12 – June 23rd: $95

June 24th – July 25th: $115

July 25th – Event: $125

NEW FOR 2021

In 2021 there will be changes to the classes that will line our gates for the 29th year. There has been a lot of discussion, debate and hard decisions made around all changes at Walton TransCan GNC this year. We know some will be welcomed while others will be tougher to hear – please understand we have based these decisions on three years of consistent data.

There will not be 450 Junior or 450 Intermediate classes in 2021 at the Walton TransCan Grand National Championships (GNC). This is due to the changing trends in motorcycle racing: young riders are not as comfortable on the larger bikes, older riders are focused on Pro and age classes. The changing cost in racing means fewer riders can afford multiple bike options. All this translates into fewer 450 riders. 450 can still race age classes and Open classes at the Walton TransCan GNC.

The Youth Class will be now open to Intermediate/Junior/Beginner classified athletes at Walton TransCan GNC. It is not open to Pro-level riders.

Schoolboy 2 12-17 is being reintroduced for riders aged 12-17 on a 250F. There are large numbers of athletes in this bracket and it is a really exciting class to bring back to the National level. Regions will not hold qualifiers for this class. Entry will be accepted as first-come, first-served. 

The Fox Racing Instinct Bronze Boot will include points from the Youth class and SchoolBoy (1+2) 12-17 classes. 

UPDATE March 29, 2021: Girls 9-16 has been added back to the event roster on a trial basis for 2021 and the class will be revisited prior entries opening up for 2022.

50cc 4-6 will move to the small track in 2021. This small track is being developed and expanded. Riders in 50cc 4-6 can still compete in 50cc GP on the large track. This addresses the racer intimidation of the big track and safety issues raised by parents in 2020.

+30A will no longer be an available class (see ProAm and +25).

+50 will have their own Gate in 2021.

ProAm is being added to the schedule. There has been a renewed interest from fast riders to compete at Walton TransCan GNC. Also with the removal of 450 Intermediate, this class offers additional race options for riders on a 450. 

The Tyke Class is back for 2021, and will be following the same rules and regulations as AMO: Tyke class is strictly 4-8 years of age on training wheels, or no training wheels, CRF, TTR, PW, etc. ONLY. No KTM, Husky, Gas-Gas, or Cobra bikes in Tyke for 2021 and beyond. 

The Edge of Walton Challenge Course will be welcoming your little ones for a free camp experience Wednesday – Friday, 9:00am – 12:00pm ages 4-8. Please register your camper below as numbers will be limited due to increased demand!

The refund procedure for the 2021 Walton TransCan GNC can be found here.

Weekend forecast for Walton, ON

A lot of riders are wanting to turn some laps up at Walton Raceway this weekend. I know that Brett Lee and the crew have cancelled practice for Friday in hopes that they can open it up for riding on Saturday and/or Sunday. Be sure to check with them before making the trek.

I’ve still got some stuff to work on from Thursday at Gopher Dunes, so I’ll get to work on that for the remainder of the afternoon. Have a great weekend and when the Update is posted next Friday we’ll be racing!

We’ll let the BC boys say it this week. Take it away Dan Piccolo, Jake Piccolo, Kyle Springman, and Parker Eales! On three. 1..2..3…”See you at the races… | Bigwave photo
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