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By Billy Rainford

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Catching Up with Yanick Boucher from Hearst, Ontario. | Bigwave 2019 photo

Yanick Boucher is the hard-working rider from the fairly remote town of Hearst, Ontario. Whenever I mention Yanick, I always make sure to point out where he lives because it’s just so impressive to me that someone can make it as far in our sport and be from somewhere so removed from high level racing. Growing up, any time he wanted to compete it involved a very long drive. Kudos to his family!

Yanick is one of our year-round racers who slaps on a snowbike kit and goes racing Snow BikeCross through the cold months up here in the north. He had another successful season in the snow and we were sure to talk about that in our conversation.

He always found himself in some of the best racing on the track last summer. There were always a good group of riders fighting for positions around him. It was fun to watch.

Here’s a look at his 2021 Canadian Triple Crown Series:

450 MX: 11th

450 SX: 6th

Here’s our conversation with Yanick this week. | Bigwave photo

Direct Motocross: Hey, Yanick. As we always do, let’s go back to last season for a minute. You finished 11th in the 450 MX series last summer. You were one of the riders in a nice group fighting weekly. Can you sum up the MX portion for us?

Yanick Boucher: Hi, Billy. Yes, I had a good season last summer. Started off a little slow with my riding being a little off at round 1 but we made some adjustments and improved all throughout the season and got some good results to finish 11th overall. Pretty happy about it!

You also competed in the entire SX series too, finishing a very consistent 6th overall. How did you like that series at Gopher Dunes?

It was my first time doing the full SX series. I had a lot of fun learning Supercross and racing on the tighter tracks. My main focus was to have fun with it and not get hurt.

I don’t think you’re a rider who will be chasing AMA Supercross though, right? Or am I wrong about that?

That’s definitely something I would love to try and comes through my mind, but with my winters consumed by snowbikes it would be tough for me to find time to properly get ready and try an AMA Supercross event.

And then, you’re one of our top riders who has a serious full-time job up there in Hearst, Ontario. Did you get back to work after the series ended? And remind everyone what it is you do for a “living.”

Yes, when I go home between seasons I work as a licensed plumber and gas technician for the family business. After the last Supercross event I went home and got busy installing heating systems as the cold weather was coming.

Yanick will upgrade to #17 when he races the full Canadian Triple Crown MX Series in 2022. | Bigwave photo

But then you’re also one of the riders who somehow doesn’t have an “off season” because you race Snow Bikecross. How do you make time for all of this?

Right?! Haha It’s more of a work and prep season for me. Between work and getting everything ready for the next season it’s definitely pretty busy! But I seem to enjoy always being on the go.

You landed on the podium in the Amsoil series and were in a tight battle with fellow Canadian Troy Horbaty from Manitoba. Can you take us through that series? Highlights? Lowlights?

Yes, I definitely had a good time racing Snowbikes south of the border this past winter. Definitely had a lot of mishaps and things not go my way at some of races which cost me valuable points in the championship. However, we got better towards the end of the series end ended up winning the final race which was definitely the highlight of my season!

How close were you to eventual series winner Jesse Kirchmeyer? How’s the competition these days?

Me, Jesse and Troy we’re all so close every round. We had many great battles all season long.

Yanick at the Winter X Games in 2019. | Bigwave photo

How much has that sport felt the effect of not being in the Winter X Games these past couple years? 

I’d be lying if I said it hasn’t affected it. With X Games not having Motorsports last couple years the number of racers has gone down. Riders that usually use the race series as preparation for X Games don’t come out anymore.

Has there been talk that it will return and would that immediately become your main focus?

There’s always talk but nothing that is for sure. One thing that is for sure is the sport needs it and I would be pumped to go back to X Games and compete.

With our series going cost-to-coast again, finally, what are your racing plans this summer?

It’s really good to see the full series back on the schedule. Lots of driving to come but I’m excited to follow the series coast to coast this summer!

How long will you keep chasing this before you “settle down” and become a full-time working stiff?

That’s something I’m still not sure of. Haha. I have a lot of fun racing dirt and snow year round but I also really enjoy what I do for work so I look forward to chasing that when the time comes.

See you in Kamloops, BC, Yanick. | Bigwave photo

Will you do some pre-season racing before the Nationals start?

I plan on leaving the frozen grounds in Northern Ontario soon to head south and start riding on wheels again, but not sure about any races yet.

Well, good luck with everything, Yanick. See you in Kamloops! Who would you like to thank?

Thank you, Billy! I just got to give a big thank you to everyone for supporting me again this season getting me out to all the races: Bailey Motorsports, Husqvarna Motorcycles, Yeti SnowMx, Fly Racing, Motul, RMR Suspension, Hall Race Fuels, Renegade fuels, St.Onge Recreation, Boucher Plumbing, Goodale Marine, Flybyu Motorsports, Wallace, C3 Powersports, Rekluse, Flo Motorsports, 139 Designs, Scott, Atlas, Gaerne, Mobius, Seco seat cover.