McThoughts: 250 West Supercross – A1

By Jeff McConkey

Photos by Tyler Spikman @spikman


The 250 West kicked off on Saturday night. In what looked like it was going to be a mudder, actually turned into a pretty decent race. Most of the top guys finished around where they should and there was no real drama (compared to the 450 class). Let’s have a look at the results and see my thoughts:

250 West

1st Cooper Webb: Webb showed everyone why he has the big red #1 on his bike. He calmly reeled in Nelson, then left him behind. Cooper is a man among boys in the 250 West.


#1 Cooper Webb

2nd Jessy Nelson: Nelson kept saying he had more left in the tank on the podium. Well, this is a short series and you can’t be spotting Cooper Webb any extra points. He did look good sprinting away until Webb caught him and then proceeded to leave him. To take this championship away from Webb, you won’t be able to just settle for a podium.

3rd Zach Osborne: Zach was off the pace quite a bit in the main. To still secure a podium is a gift. He will need to be much faster to challenge the top 2.

TSP_0360 5

#16 Zach Osborne

4th Jimmy Decotis: If I told you last summer that ‘Jimmy D’ was going to be the highest finishing Geico rider at A1 with a 4th, you would have called me an idiot. Well, it happened and Jimmy D looked great out there on his way to a career best.

5th Jordan Smith: Smith had a podium ride going, and guess what happened next? He hit the dirt. This guy has so much raw speed, I just hope he can figure it all out soon.


#39 Jordan Smith

6th Alex Martin: I honestly think Martin would have got this sameĀ  finish on last year’s non-factory equipment. I was a little shocked to see him go backwards. Still, not a bad finish, but not great either.

7th Colt Nichols: Great result for Nichols. I didn’t really see him out there. He came close to matching a career high finish of 6th in Detroit last season.


#69 Colt Nichols

8th Joey Savatgy: Joey didn’t have the speed to win, but he would have been on the box if it weren’t for a bad move by Christian Craig.

9th Mitchell Oldenburg: Nice top 10 ride for Mitchell. As the series goes on, I’d like to see him fighting closer to the top 5.


#42 Mitchell Oldenburg

10th Kyle Peters: Solid start for Peters in a very good West Coast line-up.

Biggest Stud: Jimmy D is my stud. I’m just really pumped on his attitude and effort, and his results are showing it.

Biggest Dud: Christian Craig is my dud. He looked like a squirrel out there. He was riding over his head and ruined and title hopes for Savatgy. He’s lucky to be walking away un-injured.

TSP_0395 5

#38 Christian Craig

Biggest Surprise: No real surprises in the 250 class at A1.