Photo Report | 2016 Mini O’s | Saturday – Finals Day

By Billy Rainford

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After a long week of racing and whittling down, we finally made it to Saturday of the 45th Annual Thor Winter Olympics, better known as “The Mini O’s.” With 2284 entries, the crew had their work cut out for them to keep everything running on schedule. You just never know what can happen when we’re racing motocross, but they kept it all moving to its conclusion Saturday. 

We had a fair number of fast Canadians in attendance this week, so it was a great time to be a fan and watch some great racing. Congratulations to everyone who made the effort to get to Florida and line up against what have to be most of the fastest amateur racers in the world. 

Here’s a look at the racing from Saturday at Gatorback Cycle Park

20161126-img_2462 Garrett Marchbanks

#82 Garrett Marchbanks started the day off by winning the 250B Ltd. title.

20161126-img_1920 Nick Romano Evan Ferry

Nick Romano looks over and tells Evan that he’s never heard of his dad.

20161126-img_1933 Preston Masciangelo

#22 Preston Masciangelo takes a face full of roost in the 85 (9-11) final moto. He finished 35th overall.


Romano and Leblanc go at it. Matthew would take the class title.


85’s being ridden this fast are fun to watch!

20161126-img_1958 Riley Clapp

#852 Riley Clapp and his dad get set for 51 (7-8) Ltd. Riley took 33rd.

20161126-img_1995 Drew Adams

#300 Drew Adams took the win.


Nice battle to the flag.

20161126-img_2015 Sam Cannella

Sam Cannella walks #34 Westen Wrozyna’s bike to the line for 250 A.

20161126-img_2014 Westen Wrozyna

Westen picks his gate.

20161126-img_2028 Challen Tennant

Whatever he said, worked.


Brandon Hartranft ready to go.

20161126-img_2066 Westen Wrozyna

Westen got taken out in the 2nd turn, re-fired his bike and charged his way up to 20th for 17th overall after taking 14th in the first moto.

20161126-img_2081 Challen Tennant

Tennant won the second moto and took 2nd (3-1).

20161126-img_1984 Sean Cantrell

Sean Cantrell’s 1-2 gave him the title.


I was feeling a little under-gunned all day when I brought a knife to what was clearly a glass fight.

20161126-img_2011 Jordan Bailey

Jordan Bailey getting his mind right before the gate drops. His 2-3 put him 3rd.


Been there, done that.


Carson Mumford warms up for the Supermini 1 final moto.

20161126-img_2141 Bjorn Viney

Canadian #53 Bjorn Viney finished 10-8 for 10th.

20161126-img_2138 Matthew Cemovic

#101 Matthew Cemovic made it in and finished 37th.

20161126-img_2146 Mathew Cemovic

Matthew comin’ in hot!

20161126-img_2152 Dilan Schwartz

#74 Dilan Schwartz took the title with 3-1 motos.

20161126-img_2118 Matt Crown

While they were ripping it up, #45 Matt Crown was preparing for his Senior 45+ moto.

20161126-img_2169 Matt Crown John Grewe

Matt tried to get in the middle of the usual #31 Barry Carsten/#70 John Grewe fight. Grewe took the win and Matt finished 4-4 for 4th.

20161126-img_2189 Jalek Swoll

Jalek Swoll took the Schoolboy 1 title.

20161126-img_2191 Nathanael Thrasher

Nathanael Thrasher split wins with Jace Kessler in 85 (12-13) Ltd. and took the title.

20161126-img_2203 Thomas Rendall

Thomas Rendall had 10-14 motos for 16th.

20161126-img_2207 Eve Brodeur

The final WMX round motos were scheduled for 10 and noon. Sylvain says, “Well, I do declare!” in his best southern belle voice.

20161126-img_2232 Eve Brodeur

Eve blasts into turn 1 sitting in 5th for the series.

20161126-img_2252 Hannah Hodges

#172 Hannah Hodges had all she could take of #65 Kaitlyn Morrow in the first moto but took the win.


Defending champ, Kylie Fasnacht was nursing a blown ACL but knew what she had to do and gutted out 2 motos.

20161126-img_2260 Eve Brodeur

Eve crashed on her shoulder in a College moto the day before and was nursing it for 5th at the flag in moto 1.

20161126-img_2271 Haiden Deegan

Brian gives Haiden Deegan some encouragement before a moto.

20161126-img_2274 Noah Viney

Noah Viney gets set for the final 65 (7-11).

20161126-img_2275 Vincent Fortin

Canadian #8 Vincent Fortin trying to get his head in the game before a start…

20161126-img_2278 Vincent Fortin

And BOOM! The ice water is down the back.

20161126-img_2328 Vincent Fortin

Vincent was actually #81 for this event and finished 16-37 for 34th in 65 (7-11).

20161126-img_2311 Adler Caudle

Here comes Noah #43 into the chicane before the drop into the gator pit. It was #86 Adler Caudle who took the title.

20161126-img_2335 Haiden Deegan

Haiden Deegan had a rare miss and had to fight back to take 3rd in the final moto after winning his heat. He was 2nd overall.

20161126-img_2324 Vincent Fortin

Viney trying to keep Deegan behind him. It’s not easy…in most most classes.

20161126-img_2338 John Grewe

#70 John Grewe won every time he was on the track…and that was a lot! 8 motos, 8 wins on the mx track last week.


He’s got to get out of his zone.


I’ve seen this guy every year since I’ve been going to Gatorback. Good old what’s his name…

20161126-img_2345 Brandon Hartranft

‘B-Hart’ ready to rep one of our sponsors.

20161126-img_2353 Nolan Heppner

I really wish I’d wandered to the first turn for this moto because the FXR guys came out 1st and 2nd. Coulda been the cover shot, Andy!

20161126-img_2349 Challen Tennant

Whatever he said, worked. Challen Tennant is fast! 3 moto wins in the A/Pro Sport classes for #71 on the mx track, but no overalls.

20161126-img_2382 Matt Rice

Darn kids and their phones, eh Matt.

20161126-img_2385 Estrella Cemovic

#65 Estrella Cemovic needed good starts to finish where she belonged in the Women 14+ motos.

20161126-img_2391 Chloe Metcalfe

#196 Chloe Metcalfe was in the same class and finished 25-23 for 25th overall.

20161126-img_2398 Jordan Jarvis

Nobody was going to touch #30 Jordan Jarvis.

20161126-img_2388 Estrella Cemovic

Estrella’s 8-6 put her 6th.

20161126-img_2425 Tanner Ward

In Schoolboy 2, #184 Tanner Ward finished 10-11 for 11th. with a good start, Tanner had the speed to chase for podiums.

20161126-img_2454 Marco Cannella

Same goes for #46 Marco Cannella who took 2nd in his heat but then struggled in the final moto for a 33rd and 24th overall.

20161126-img_2462 Garrett Marchbanks

Garrett Marchbanks took this one.


Just waiting to race.

20161126-img_2485 Eve Brodeur

The WMX had their final moto of the season at noon on Saturday, and that meant #141 Eve Brodeur was back on the track.

20161126-img_2505 Eve Brodeur

She pushed harder in this one after crashing earlier in the week and popping her shoulder.

20161126-img_2483 Hannah Hodges

Hannah Hodges won both motos Saturday but wasn’t in the title chase.

20161126-img_2484 Kaitlyn Morrow

Kaitlyn Morrow took a solid second and had Hannah looking over her shoulder quite often.

20161126-img_2482 Kylie Fasnaucht

#1 Kylie Fasnaucht just had to keep it on two wheels to take the title and she did just that. She just cruised around with her blown out knee until Hannah came around to lap her. Then, she’d put on a charge to show her she had her speed but had to let off in the whoops section. She did what she had to do and took her 2nd title.

20161126-img_2504 Eve Brodeur

Eve finished 4th overall in points for the series. You can drop 4 motos so that’s why she will actually be 6th in the record books. 

20161126-img_2511 Matthew Cemovic

Meanwhile, back in the Cemovic pits, it was business as usual…

20161126-img_2512 Harold

That’s Harold from MotoPlayground.

20161126-img_2513 Mackenzie Tricker

#28 Mackenzie Tricker from Australia.

20161126-img_2518 Hannah Hodges

Hannah Hodges gets her face time.

20161126-img_2522 Austin Watling

Austin Watling was up next in the final 450B Ltd. moto.


As some future champs wait their turn.


I was extremely impressed with the condition the track stayed in. They were in the middle of a pretty solid drought in Florida and the track was perfect all week.


Austin fights to stay with #50 Austin Winslow.


Austin was up in 7th early in the moto.

20161126-img_2551 Austin Watling

He pushed hard and took 5th at the flag for 5th overall (3-5). #529 Kobe Heffner took the title.

20161126-img_2559 Thomas Randall

Reese Rendall (Anyone ever seen the Ramones movie, Rock ‘n Roll High School? The lead character’s name is Riff Randall) preps the gate for Thomas.


Good luck, bro.

20161126-img_2564 Kaeden Amerine

Kaeden Amerine stretching it out before the Mini Sr. final moto.


It was a long track maintenance break so riders did what they could to rest.


And waited…

20161126-img_2568 Thomas Rendall

Thomas keeping the wrists loose.

20161126-img_2581 Thomas Rendall

Thomas finished 18-29 for 30th in the class.


In the following 85 (9-11) moto, this guy was so excited to be up front that he slammed straight into this big roll of hay. He was ok, but a little embarrassed, I think.

20161126-img_2587 Preston Masciangelo

#22 Preston Masciangelo didn’t get out to a good start and then didn’t come around again for lap 4. We were all a little worried but it turned out he’d snapped a chain and took a DNF in this one.

20161126-img_2595 Nikko Capps

OK, this is Nikko Capps. His dad is the keyboard player for the classic band, 38 Special. That’s pretty cool…and he’s fast! He finished 2-9 for 7th.

For you, Sean Bowker:

20161126-img_2589 Matthew Leblanc

#329 Matthew Leblanc took the title.

20161126-img_2605 Marco Cannella

Marco Cannella dropping into the gator pit in 250B. He finished 13th overall with 4-16 motos.


#327 Brandon Gourlay and #317 Cooper Larche drop into the pit at the same time in the 250B final. Cooper took 30th and Brandon was 24th.

20161126-img_2650 Austin Watling

Austin finished 6-7 for 7th in the class.

20161126-img_2447 Tanner Ward

Tanner Ward was 2nd in his heat but had bike issues and took a DNF in the final for 28th overall.

20161126-img_2459 Ricky Renner

#133 Ricky Renner took the 25+ class. His baby had his back.

20161126-img_2674 Carson Mumford

#122 Carson Mumford leads the charge in the final Supermini 2 moto.

20161126-img_2712 Matthew Cemovic

Matthew Cemovic took 28th in Supermini 2.

20161126-img_2723 Bjorn Viney

#53 Bjorn Viney grabs a tear off over the finish line and took 13 (9-11).

20161126-img_2727 Seth Hammaker

The win and the title went to #510 Seth Hammaker (1-1).

20161126-img_2747 Max Filipek

#343 Max Filipek heads out in the final 450B moto of the week.

20161126-img_2758 Max Filipek

Max launching over the finish line to put another lap in the books.

20161126-img_2781 Max Filipek

He pushed to the flag for 15th overall (12-15).

20161126-img_2772 Cooper Larche

Cooper Larche didn’t get out to a good start and finished 26th (10-29).

20161126-img_2785 Tanner Ward

Tanner had some issues and nursed it around to finish 27th overall (6-34).

20161126-img_2754 Austin Watling

Austin Watling was in around 16th spot on lap 2 and worked his way up to 10 at the flag. 4-10 gave him 7th.

20161125-img_1415 Marco Cannella

Marco Cannella was up in 12th on lap 2 and moved up to 9th. His 7-9 motos gave him 9th.

20161126-img_2790 Carter Halpain

#128 Carter Halpain’s 1-2 beat Garrett Marchbanks’s 3-1 in 450 B.


A victorious hug for Connie Millsaps and Gavin Gracyk.


Welcome to Florida!

20161126-img_2800 Carson Mumford

Carson Mumford took Mini Sr. (12-15).

20161126-img_2816 Munoz

Munoz and Swoll battle in the final 125 (12-16) moto. They were out front and then didn’t come around again! I didn’t see it but whatever happened must have been exciting.

20161126-img_2819 Austin Black

#55 Austin Black said “Thank you” and took the title.


20161126-img_2834 Thomas Rendall

Thomas Rendall was back on the track one last time and finished 20th in 85 (12-13).

20161126-img_2830 Kaeden Amerine

#32 Kaeden Amerine was fast but came up just short for the title. #428 Nathanael Thrasher took it (1-1).



Almost looks like a sequence shot to end the week in the College class.

20161126-img_2886 Greye Tate

I waited until I could frame #14 Greye Tate in his camo FXR gear in this gun billboard.

20161126-img_2872 Brandon Gourlay

Brandon Gourlay was in the final moto of the week. He finished 10-12 for 12th in the College class.


Then it was time for the awards.



One of these was what everyone wanted.


One last night of work for 2016 Miss Mini O’s.


I have a Gatorback shirt from 1985 that looks an awful lot like this one!


No takers…


This looks very familiar if you’ve ever been here before.


Same with this.


They set out some food while we waited and it was gone in about 30 seconds!

20161126-img_2921 Carter Halpain

That’s Carter Halpain talking with Jeff on the stage. He was up there a few times.


Haiden Deegan went on stage and punked Jeff with something or other. I couldn’t tell what happened…

20161126-img_2923 Matthew Leblanc

Matthew Leblanc came on stage without even a Friends reference. Well done, Jeff, you showed terrific restraint.

20161126-img_2924 Carson Mumford

That’s Carson Mumford.

20161126-img_2925 Hardy Munoz

#73 Hardy Munoz came across like a really solid and humble guy in his stage talk with Jeff.


Raise it high, #930 Seth Dennis.

20161126-img_2928 Luke Fauser

#462 Luke Fauser takes a win.

20161126-img_2930 Jo Shimoda

That was #47 Jo Shimoda’s first race on a 250. Not bad.

20161126-img_2799 Preston Masciangelo

And with that, we all wandered in different directions toward home. Thanks for a great week, everyone! See you next year.

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