Photo Report | TransCan Thursday | Presented by KTM Canada

Photos and Captions by Billy Rainford

Presented by KTM Canada

Here are some photos to tell some of the story of what went down on the track today at the TransCan at Walton Raceway in order of the motos.

OK, take it away, Tim Lee…
#164 Wyatt Kerr rode the wheels off his 2-stroke in the Schoolboy first moto to take the win over #24 Cameron Wrozyna, who snagged the holeshot.
#174 Zane Mellafont is here from BC and finished 2nd to Sebastien Racine in the 450 Junior first moto.
#15 Dexter Seitz from Calgary took the win in the 65 GP class ahead of #27 Alek Guadagno who had some troubles and dropped back in this one/
Everyone in the Intermediate classes is trying to get a piece of #164 Ryder McNabb. He took the win in Open Intermediate ahead of #170 Julien Benek, who seems to be the most likely candidate to take a win from him.
#138 Dylan Rempel was leading the 85 (12-16) moto when his bike quit on him. #95 Evan Stewart is the rider who was battling Dylan for the lead and then took the win. These two have gone head to head a lot!
#54 Ben Leclair took 2nd place to #46 Tanner Scott in the Youth Beginner/Junior moto. And this was also when my one camera started acting up…
#58 Blake Davies from BC is the one to beat in the younger 85cc class.
#77 Casey Keast just headed out last in Youth Intermediate/Pro to test out his wrist. He still finished 14th.
#54 Phil Nicoletti took the win in the moto ahead of #9 Dylan Wright, who was definitely not giving it 110.
#2 Sebastien Racine took the Open Junior first moto win ahead of #441 Colby Older.
#107 Ryan Gauld took the Vet Plus 40A first moto win ahead of #250 JC Seitz and #99 Brett Cormier, who kept him honest out there.
#322 Herbert Frederic was 2nd to #17 Less Nemeth in the Plus 40B moto.
The 2 Stroke moto may have been the race of the day. The Roberts boys, #807 Drew Roberts and #810 Travis Roberts, put on a heck of a show and ended up sandwiching #24 Cameron Wrozyna at the flag.
#9 Chandler Powell got the 50 (4-6) win ahead of #114 Ryan Taylor.
#1 Braxton Zeitner got the win in the older 50cc class.
#4 Beckett Burke didn’t hit the ground here in the Tykes race.
You may recognize this last name and race number. That’s #10 Keagan Facciotti.
Would it shock you if I told you Eve Brodeur won the Ladies moto? DIdn’t think so. #33 Malia Garant was 2nd and #105 Ani Ferguson looked and sounded like she was going fastest out there on her 2-stroke.
This is what happens when you sign up for Vet 30A and Phil Nicoletti and Matt Goerke show up. Phil took the win.
#10 Keylan Meston looked good out there and ended up grabbing 2nd when Goerke pulled off.
#22 Scot “Donk” Donkersgoed holding his own out there. He took 6th. But you won’t be seeing Phil, Keylan or Matt in the other 30A motos as it was decided not to have them race that class. They were with a mixed gate with 50+ riders and it was just too dangerous. And no, they weren’t going to split the motos up and the guys weren’t upset about it.
Here’s Matt describing what happened.
#26 Dan Tricco took the Vet 50 moto win and simply said, “Finally!”
#164 Wyatt Kerr grabbed the 250 Intermediate 2nd moto holeshot but the other #164 McNabb got by and took the win.
#2 Brandy Mclarty was impressive in the Girls (9-16) moto. She held off #27 Maya Legare to the very end after leader #33 Malia Garant tipped over in a rut. Legare grabbed the win by 0.0002!
50GP belonged to Braxton Zeitner.
I’ll admit I don’t usually pay super close attention to the +30B class, but #738 Steve Simms and #208 Devin Train are making it a lot of fun to watch! This will come down to the 3rd moto as they’ve now split wins.
#27 Alek Guadagno killed the 2nd 65 (7-9) moto.
You know you’re in tough when #2 Sebastien Racine rounds the first corner like this. He won the 250 Junior 2nd moto ahead of #441 Colby Older and #17 Josh Bryan.
With only 7 riders on the gate for the 2nd 450 Intermediate moto, there weren’t a lot of riders on the track but it was fast! #170 Julien Benek is such a natural on the big bike and got around early leader #223 Austin Jones for the win.
#46 Tanner Scott held on for 2nd behind #95 Evan Stewart in the Supermini moto, which was the last one of the day.
He could barely hold onto the bars after tweaking both wrists in a near fall.
We’ll get to some 3rd motos on Friday. Dave Bell says, “See you at the races, and…cock-a-doodle-doo!!!!

Full results HERE.