Ryno Power Awards | Round 7 at River Glade

By Billy Rainford

Brought to you by Ryno Power Canada

Here are our Ryno Power Canada Privateer Performance awards for Round 7 of the 2022 Canadian Triple Crown Series MX Nationals at River Glade in Moncton, NB.


In the WMX class, I’m giving #5 Brook Greenlaw the award. She stood out as having a great round and was super-consistent with her lap times in the first moto and then busted out a lap that was 10 seconds faster than her average on the last lap!

I went up and told her she had a good first moto when she was lining up on the gate for moto 2. That’s when she told me she was having some terrible tooth pain and needed to get some work done. That couldn’t have been fun.

She then went out and just missed the carnage in the first turn before having another consistent moto in pain for a very steady 8-8 for 8th place.


In the 250 class, #66 Tyler Yates is one of the riders who is all the way from BC. In fact, he had to take a ferry to get out here! He’s from Duncan, BC on Vancouver Island.

Tyler stood out as having a banger of a day and was up in the mix with riders who we seem to talk about every week. I was really impressed with his improvement and how he looked like he belonged up in the mix this week, especially.

He was also very consistent, going 11-11 for 11th overall. Keep the ball rolling, Tyler.


In the 450 class, a 250 2-stroke with Pro plates stood out to me as it sat in the pits almost right next to where I parked the DMX Van. Next, I noticed the Michigan license plate and had to go up to chat with whoever it was that owned it.

#168 is Cale Kuchnicki from Michigan. He’s a computer programmer who finds himself with the time to be able to chase his moto dreams. He was by himself all the way out in Moncton sleeping in his van.

He raced moto 1 on the 250 but said he started worrying that it was about to let go, so he grabbed his 450 out of the back of the van and raced it in the 2nd moto.

A few of us were worried about the way it sounded as he headed out for his sight lap, but it was fine. He finished the day with 16-20 motos for 17th overall.

It’s stories like these that make this sport great. I think he deserves some props for his efforts and for the fact that his 250 sounded amazing as he did practice starts.

Safe travels, Cale.