The MiniBike Triple Crown is Coming!

Welcome to the First Annual MiniBike Triple Crown (MTC), presented by Parts Canada and Royal Distributing, which takes place May 15th 2021.

The MTC is a one day event that takes riders through 3 disciplines of riding; Arenacross, Motocross and Supercross for MiniBikes. This event is for riders from 4 years old and beyond, and all skill levels.

The whole day will be captured LIVE on FloRacing app (FloSports), as well as a portion on REVTV Canada, which is a First in Canadian Motocross history, to have a TV Network broadcast Pit Bike (MiniBike) racing.

The one race-day format will be broken into 3 segments starting with a tighter Arenacross track, before moving into the more open track of Motocross and concluding at the Supercross portion, much like the Professional series of the Triple Crown.

Practice will be at 10am on all three track layouts, followed by 3 main-event style races (1 main on each track layout). Mains go LIVE on FloRacing at 1pm.
125-150cc Experienced
125-150cc Amateur / Youth
70-110cc Experienced
70-110cc Amateur / Youth
50cc Experienced
50cc Amateur / Youth

LIMITED TO 20 riders PER CLASS, first come first serve basis.
Shady Oaks MX
1612 Oil Springs Rd
Brigden, ON
N0N 1B0
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